Man accuses judge of extortion, theft

On Tuesday, the sentencing of a man convicted of sexual assaulting his daughter was postponed because both the judge and the man are represented by the same law firm in separate matters. Full Story
Elmer Fudd

Hampton, NH

#1 Apr 3, 2009
Google this guy. He's a crackpot. An electrical contractor who sued the electric company. He's filed four separate lawsuits in this one case.

United States

#2 Apr 3, 2009
he's going to get to him in jail the same treatment that he has been dishing out. around brat he's known for years to be a lover of all but with his on daughter thats sort of a twist of his history and as for business style he seems to be in the junk business first and running extension cords he's well known around town and his truck has 100 gears he's so shifty but not very good in a clutch

Little Rock, AR

#3 Apr 3, 2009
Well I can tell you Charlie Chandler is a rip off artist and a huge scammer. He requires to be paid in full up front and consistently screws people out of money by not finishing work or by doing electrical work not to code. Been there done that, He took me for about $5000, thank god I put some of it on a credit card otherwise it would have been more like $8000.

United States

#4 Apr 3, 2009
this idiot tried to sell his story that the sheriff dept tried to shake his money tree for cash donations to make life easy. with his past he got better luck surviving going over niagara falls in a barrel with 50 steak knives
chandler electric

Barre, VT

#5 Apr 3, 2009
Is this the same chandler that is advertising all the time as Chandler electric?

United States

#7 Apr 4, 2009
ya that is him. he installs poles on your property instead of the utility co.don't get to close to him or his work. he known to like good wood
Laura Austan

Brattleboro, VT

#8 Apr 4, 2009
I wish someone had edited this article. It's confusing and as published, backasswardsly written. Had to read it three times to sort it all out.

United States

#9 Apr 5, 2009
whats hard to read he's a jerk and continues to prove it jail is what he wants all those boys
Sunday morning editor

New Haven, CT

#10 Apr 5, 2009
Ditto on the editing. This is why I can't bring myself to buy the print edition. Sloppy.

The judge also broke the law when she allowed four Vermont State Troopers to "invade" Chandler's home "to commit the crime of armed robbery and to take private property ... " on Oct. 3, 2008, wrote Chandler, in his court filing.

I really loved the above paragraph. It starts out by telling you that the judge broke the law. By putting the source last and an inflamatory statement first, it gives the impression that it is a statement of fact.

BAMS has a few good English teachers who could work with the staff of the Reformer. This may be one of their worst 'spin it to sell it' examples.

Worcester, MA

#12 May 11, 2009
he's going to get to him in jail the same treatment that he has been dishing out. around brat he's known for years to be a lover of all but with his on daughter thats sort of a twist of his history and as for business style he seems to be in the junk business first and running extension cords he's well known around town and his truck has 100 gears he's so shifty but not very good in a clutch
He was such a cruel man to his other son and daughter that visitation was suspended in 1991. I know for a fact that he has had no contact with these children since and wouldn't pay child support until forced by the courts.
My opinion is he is a really sad excuse for a person.

Hardwick, VT

#13 Apr 12, 2010
Charlie is a good person with strong beliefs. I know him both personally and professionally and have had no problems in any way. I find it appalling that people would anonymously crawl out of the woodwork to throw pointless accusations in his direction. Plain Jane, you sound very bitter, but I won't cast aspersions on you, as you're doing to him. Can the crap about "young boys," though - it's totally and completely wrong, and CRUEL of you.
Ben Franklin

Hardwick, VT

#14 Apr 26, 2010
Plain Jane sounds like a shunned ex whatever , for everyone that read the article it does not involve Mr. Chandler other than in a different case Mr. Chandler had an issue with Judge Carroll a known civil Rights violator. To all of the folks that don't know Mr. Chandler , he is a very generous, kind , and highly professional Electrical contractor. His Ex-wife is an alcoholic that beat his children . Mr. Chandler did everything legal to protect his children from his nut case ex-wife AKA plain Jane . As for the Brattleboro Reformer , they are a disgusting tabloid and they always print slanted and one way articles.

Waltham, MA

#15 Jul 29, 2010
Hey Ben, talk about getting your not getting the facts straight. "Mr. Chandler is a very generous, kind and highly professional" as you state. How come he never supported his children and visitation was suspended in 1991 and he has never made an attempt to contact them. If he was such a 'nice man', how come his 'nut case, alcoholic ex-wife' got full custody of the children. Why was his 3rd child in state custody, for what 4 or was it 5 years, before he finally won custody. You do not have facts and you sound like the shunned one not Plain Jane. These are not pointless accusations, these are facts. Go to the court in Brattleboro and ask Hedy Harris about the wonderful Mr. Chandler. Mr. Chandler has always tried to antagonize the law and I think his day is coming soon. I know I will be glad to see it.
not 2b fooled

Santa Clara, CA

#16 Aug 4, 2010
it is amazing how souless mindless people believe anything just because a judge or court says so. it is sad how they are lead by the establishment instead of their own minds. question athourity! wake up! courts, judges, laws, lawers(liers for hier), are all a fraud! the word schiester is german for lawer. the whole court system and the bar that lawers have to pass is all part of brittish law thrust upon this illeagly!
Ryan Dean

Brattleboro, VT

#17 May 1, 2013
You All Obviously don't know chandler, I personally know him and worked for him for several years. He is one of the nicest guy you will ever meet. He works very hard and is a great father and is not going to let the state push him around. you people have no business talking bad about this man, get your facts right before you start running your mouth.

Athol, MA

#18 Thursday Sep 18
So let's update this. Chandler was so cruel and abusive to his third child(son) that he threw him out. He has physically, emotionally and mentally abused this child to the point that he has stated,'I can not live with him anymore... I am so tired of him screaming and yelling at me. The other day he came at me and was so angry I though he was going to kill me. I ran for my life.'

So you keep dealing with Chandler, guarentee it is just a matter of time before he takes advantage of you. Oh and if you are really lucky he might even sue you too. Seems like he is suing everyone.

Just to clarify also, the alcoholic ex-wife has been sober for 24+ years. Her children are very successful and they are still have not heard or seen their seed donor(Chandler) since 1992. They have not received one birthday card(he doesn't even remember when they were born, this was taken from court documents)' Christmas present/card, congratulations on graduation from high school or college.

This is all my opinion, based on written facts that anyone can google to get or obtain court documents at Brattleboro Family Court,(ask Hedy Harris).

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