Why are american women so fat and ugly?

Augusta, GA

#102 Feb 3, 2012
Everything is relative, American women have more affluent, comfortable lives that their Asian, South American, African, Middle Eastern and Southern European counterparts yet they live unhealthy lives in sedentary, stressful workplaces and eat lots of processed food, often with little choice. They also live in an isolationist society that is infested with commercial media and lacks the intimate social contact and solidarity found elsewhere. While I was born in NYC, I lived and married overseas, and coming back to the 'states was a shocker. I too was amazed at the poor physical and psychological condition of most American women I met, until life back in the U.S. started taking a toll on ME, and I'm a man. It was a wakeup call to drift away from the mainstream U.S. lifestyle and somehow go back to the level of outdoor activity, relaxation and healthy, home-made eating that I grew accustomed to in South America (although making a group of tight, simple friendships like I had seems as it will be a challenge). You still make more money in the U.S., but everything has it's price.
G Man

San Diego, CA

#103 Feb 21, 2012
I have to say that I travelled to many states in the USA and there are alot of over weight women. In addition, I do see alot of over weight men too. America is full over weight people. This is a fact. The problem is convenience.......... It is more convenient to go out and eat or purchase microwave meals than to "cook" a healthy meal at home. Oh well, being fat does not occur over night.. Apparently, these over weight people are not concerned about their health, and it is not natural to be over weight... Is not a natural way of life. America is full of "Over Weight People." I don't see this when I go over seas to S.America or Asia!

Bedford, OH

#104 Feb 28, 2012
The average American woman is 5.4" and weighs 165 POUNDS!!!!!!!! This is up from the 80's where it was 5.4"Tall and 145 lbs. Anyone who thinks this is not OBESE is in serious denial. American women are FAT, LOUD, BRAY LIKE DONKEYS and VERY IGNORANT. I am sad to be part of the Amercian culture and make a conscious effort NOT to be like my fellow country women. I do not blame all these guys that are bringing back mail order brides from other countries. Where else can they find truly feminine women ...... the kind God intended them to be.


#105 Mar 7, 2012
Man, all this anti-American talk really brings me down :( I think I will go eat something.


#106 Mar 7, 2012
We Americans are eating too damn much corn based food that is high in sugar and low in nutrition. When we are feeling down, we want a legal drug that is quick, good, and cheap, that is, corn chips. We are starting to think of frys as a vegitable and eating chile on top, thinking it is a meal. We wash all this crap down with our favorate corn syrup based soda. We need to eat kimchi and nato beans three meals a day and run five or more miles everyday.


#107 Mar 7, 2012
...and though we are one of the biggest farming nations in the world, we Americans are dying of malnutrition. There is actually a shortage of quality food in the USA.
Average young male

Indianapolis, IN

#108 Mar 13, 2012
I both disagree and agree with this post, american women do have a horrible sense of entitlement. Most are too judgemental. The bigger women tend to have lower standards, and as a result they get laid, are happy about it, and dont change a thing. I dated a girl, i cared and still do care about her. she was slender and beautiful, and fully american. she took care of herself, and no makeup! she was naturally beautiful. Im a 5'10.5" male who weighs about 165. granted this is mostly muscle since i work construction. Anyways I cant stand most of our women, they think all black guys are hung like crazy, think they deserve everything, their parents dont know how to punish them, and oprah and the view tell them its ok, we are all here for you. your not fat your Natural. bleh, doesnt anyone realize how disgusting cellulite is. yuck.i can appreciate a curvy woman, not a gut hanging over skinny jeans wearing a tank-top with all your arm fat hanging out, but a woman who has a curvy hourglass figure.

Battle Creek, MI

#109 Mar 31, 2012
I hate to admit it as a person who loves America, but it's true the weight problem in our country is epidemic, now I can see if a woman has had a few kids or is over 40 with a slowing metabolism having a few extra pounds but the young women have no excuse, where I work we have about 100 employees I've done the math 32 of them are women under 35 yrs old out of those 32 their are 6 that are fit and not overweight just 6. To be fair their are 26 men under 35, 2 are hugely fat, and 8 more are overweight, so 16 would be considered normal or fit. This is not a good trend I'm sorry to say. In the 1940's and 50's there was always that one fat kid in the crowd now it's totally reversed and there's one fit kid in the crowd, what a shame.
uglyamericanwome n

São Paulo, Brazil

#110 Apr 1, 2012
I lived in america for years. Now I live in brasil , the women in america are but ugly , the slop tons of makeup on their faces. They think they are the best thing to walk the earth. If you tell an american girl you like her she will just run away like a stuck up snob she is . Its a fact american women are fat and ugly

Náfplio, Greece

#111 Apr 20, 2012
I'm a Greek girl and i think american women are beautiful.I'm sick to hear all the time that Russian or slavic women are beautiful.We have plenty of slavic women in Greece and most of them work as prostitutes.They are not attractive at all.They have strange facial features,wear cheap clown make up, burnt bleached blonde hair and dress themselves terrible.I have seen Canadian and American women and they were very beautiful.Also the most beautiful and succesful singers/actress are American.
Response to Melina

Grimsby, Canada

#112 Apr 29, 2012
You must be insane! I'm not even going to mention how unattractive Greek people can be.
Our Slavic women are the most beautiful women in the world. I grew up in the West & when I went back home for the first time, I was amazed.
By the way, the women who work as prostitutes in Greece are usually trafficked promised jobs of waitresses or nannies & your Greek men purchase them for sex, meanwhile it's rape, therefore you have no clue what you're talking about.
Maybe educate yourself about "Human Trafficking".
Whenever I meet people who have traveled to Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland or Czech Republic, they always say that the women are gorgeous.
I live in Canada & I have to say it's not that much different here in terms of the US.
Except in Toronto, the most multi-cultural city in the world.
You get to meet all sorts of people, unfortunately many adopt this North American stuck up attitude & it all goes down hill.
Even the older North Americans are extremely rude and view immigrants as shit meanwhile they are awful people.
I moved to an all Canadian town for school and can't believe the difference from Toronto. In Toronto you learn something about everybody because everybody is different. Here learning about cultures & different types of people in general is frowned upon. Extreme judgments & stereotypes.
I grew up with East Asians, and they are great people as well. Even though I'm Slavic, there is a comfort level amongst us Slavs, Asians & Latin Americans that most Westerners like yourself (since your Greek) will never understand.
Doesn't matter how long I've lived here, I still don't fit in. My family tried very hard to keep me from this disgusting North American culture, and I am so proud of that.
So proud that after I'm finished my schooling, I'm gone.
It's not just American women that are the problem, American men have also become a major problem, because they treat their women horribly.
This is of course a problem everywhere, but watching this is pretty bad.
However, there are more good American men than there are American women.
You will find more and more Canadian men marrying foreigners too because they no longer can stand the disgusting attitude North American women carry.
One more thing that everybody else is talking about...
It is really insane crossing the border and seeing the difference between the sizes. Massive burgers the size of peoples heads and the difference in pricing between healthy and unhealthy food.
Same problem in Canada, and the gov'ts want this.
Unhealthy people are more easily controlled.
In Canada there is an increase in obesity and it is becoming sick.
I completely agree with media playing a role & same with feminism - and I'm a female. Curvy and fat are 2 very different things, seeing girls/women justify the way they act and look all the time is gross.
I honestly can't wait for the day to leave this place. Canada has given me opportunity and I'm grateful for it, but again it's over stolen land.
I'm truly disgusted by North American culture.
To all of you American men who truly want to be happy and find yourself a nice woman, good luck & go abroad. There is a great supply of women in many parts of the world that would love to be a wife and are just waiting for a good man.

Monroe, LA

#113 May 4, 2012
I am an American woman, and I agree that most women here are major bitches. They have overinflated egos that can never be satisfied. I look at the poor saps married to these overbearing creatures and feel pity for them. As far as obesity levels, it is the food and lifestyle that has changed the physiques over the years. Fast food is the plague of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Vancouver, WA

#114 May 8, 2012
Everyonee on here says that everyone else is judgemental and bitchy ....... jdjfjfignridhfifjrjfjf... walking around with your mind shut and mouth open
Singleman4loving girl

Ashburn, VA

#115 May 8, 2012
The problem being American men are having a hard time finding women who they want to commit to. First women are almost always overweight and with age become more so to the point its repulsive to even contemplate touching one of them.

Secondly women don't cook or do anything like this anymore. I am pretty bad at cooking, naturally I am just not inclined to cook...where are the women who love and look after their men? Who are about what they eat and when they eat? I would do anything for a girl I love, lay down my life, fight for them, and worry about them. Aren't there women who are hung up on this feminism thing and give a krap about the diets of their guys?

Third, the divorce courts are unfair and biased against men to the point who wants to get married? Why should I marry an overweight bitchy American girl who will probably get bent out of shape or feel that her entitlement mentality has been violated and file for divorce. Then the courts will reward her with half of everything I have ever earned...and MORE. Not to mention they may become so fat as to be so undesirable I would have to figure I will live the rest of my life will sex or love. Life is too short for that.

The next time you are looking for that great guy think about what you are bringing to the table....because American women on the whole have rigged marriage to be nothing but a financial trap for men and at the same time they bring nothing but attitude to the relationship.

For me I have lived and been overseas....American men have it so bad here it's not funny. I can't imagine the joy of having a healthy looking, sweet, loving wife. Overseas you can find them..not in the States. Once you see how the rest of the world lives you will never want an American woman again.

Millington, MI

#116 May 15, 2012
Im fat and i hate my life fml
Large problem

Morrison, TN

#117 Jun 18, 2012
Women in America have become lazy they have realized all they have to do is sit eat and bitch. Why I don't I cant stand to even be next to a large woman and i mean large not just chubby or have a beer gut i mean those sweaty ass cows with there tits souped out over there shirt no body wants to see that shit so put it back they smell like a mix between feta cheese and fish it disgusting i cant stand them and i am called an ass whole for not caring for them. while a child in Africa is dying right now of starvation you have Mia Tyler and her fat models telling every one its okay to be fat its not its UN healthy and a load of crap GET OFF YOUR ASSES WOMEN AND QUIT BEING A FAT BITCH OH AND NO ONE CARES THAT YOUR MAN LEFT YOU AFTER WHATEVER AMOUNT OF YEARS OF MARRIAGE HE LEFT YOU CAUSE YOUR FAT I LOVE THAT MOVIE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS STARVE A FAT BITCH IN A WELL THEN SHOOT HER IN THE HEAD A SKIN HER FOR CLOTHING
Joe Smith

Brooklyn, NY

#118 Jun 30, 2012
logic wrote:
You are truly a Neanderthal. I honestly hope that you do not expect people to believe that ALL American woman are overweight and all attitude. Would you prefer people to think all Asian men had small penises? Because that is your stereotype. But then again, maybe that is why you seem so hateful toward American women....they laughed at your wee-wee.
Typical disgusting American Miss Piggy logic. You are part of one of the most disgusting anti-darwinistic cultures in history honey. You are part of a culture that has effectively gone backwards in evolution. One for the history books.

Los Angeles, CA

#119 Jul 31, 2012
i believe people are people and should be treated as such according to personality not pants size.the one who sounds self centered is you.just to let you know 5 foot 6 and 150 is healthy not obese or fat,i believe being 105 or 99 pounds can be healthy if you eat right,but starving to maintain that no its not.my opinion is that i have seen a lot of different races like different things fat,skinny,ugly etc...i have seen some preety ugly thin women in my life and the same for some fat in that reguard,i thought facial features was what determined beauty?now its weight?and sorry to tell you not all asians are attractive especially without makeup with those down syndrome eyes,i call having to put on makeup artificial beauty if you have to do it to look attractive.you cant just put one group as the majority for being this or that its called ignorance.
been seen

Laramie, WY

#120 Aug 1, 2012
Lot has been said here. The truth is somewhat around the initial statement. Americans can argue but unfortunately that is the fact. Two main reasons for that, America is a "beef" country, "no movement". People drive car to buy a can of coke 2 blocks away. That being said, well, our girls are indeed (averagely speaking) a bit beefier than other countries.
The comment regarding self-esteem and seeing shrink, that is a bull... Comparing to other countries, americans have too much self-esteem and are frankly speaking selfish. Sorry guys, but I have traveled all over the planet and that is the truth.

Jangseong, Korea

#121 Oct 23, 2012
There are fat people in every country, you ignorant people!

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