A new "American" Wonder Girls album was supposed to come out in January 2011. It was "postponed" until early 2012 - the reason: The movie on TeenNick was going to be used as a promotional tool for the US album.

That never happened. Now there is an official announcement that "major broadcasting companies" are interested in the Wonder Girls because of the TeenNick movie.

Ha ha ha ha ha! The Wonder Girls have been on US TV before - and nobody cared.

Their TeenNick movie scored among the LOWEST rankings of a cable TV show in America. Major broadcasters are clammering to do TV shows with the Wonder Girls?

Give me a break! Also, if the music they want to offer were any good, they wouldn't need special promotions. Just out the music out there!

But, if JYPE just put the music out there, they would fail in America AGAIN.

They have been failing with these girls for several years now.

Please let these girls go home.