Has anybody heard from poor old Raynella? Is she adjusting well? Is the food good down yonder? Who's taking care of those huge properties out in Solway? Some man I heard a man was a takin care of it for her. I wonder if I heard right that she big loves him. If she does I'd run. How about you?? She is so messed up in her mind. I'm thinking she has got herself in a real dilly of a pickle this time. She's going on 60 years old and has to do about 51 years before she comes up for prole. Then she's got another trial ahead of her still for Ed Dossets death. What ever became of the civil Suits brought by the children of Leath? Will they finally get the family farm back? I hope so. It just seemed so fake on her part when she was a layin on the ground out yonder on that farm. Pretty much the cop had to nudge her back into reality with his shoe. She jumped up from there with her mind all screwy a-sayin "Help Him! HELP HIM!! How much help can you be to a man that has just shot at hisself 3 times a-tryin to kill hisself. Then she'd shot at some guy trying to get Ed Dossetts love chile recognized by the estate and Pore ole Raynella snapped and told him she'd kill them parents and raise little Doss all by her lone some. If she hadn't had to go to the pen I was considering asking her out on a date. But now I guess I'll have to put it in her commissary acount down at the pen.