Knoxville woman found killed had orde...

Knoxville woman found killed had order of protection

There are 6 comments on the WATE-TV Knoxville story from Oct 19, 2011, titled Knoxville woman found killed had order of protection. In it, WATE-TV Knoxville reports that:

KINGSTON - Investigators say a Knoxville woman found shot to death in Roane County had an order of protection against a man.

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#1 Oct 20, 2011
Miss Daisy H responds to this Channel 6 News Report by Josh Ault.

Is this story a result of investigative reporting vs. being spoon fed the news on this murder by RC Investigators?

By Josh Ault - 6 News Reporter stated:
KINGSTON (WATE)- Investigators say a Knoxville woman found shot to death in Roane County had an order of protection against a man.

Miss Daisy H responds:

What investigators and what county was this order of protection allegedly obtained?

If RC, them may I suggest that an unbiased, competent, and non-corrupt officials be brought in from the outside to conduct this murder investigation. By “outside” I mean “outside of Tennessee” which is the #1 corrupt state in the country based upon a Harvard University study. RC appears to have ongoing corruption issues relating to other murders, including the Hampton and Cofer murders from August 2007 where plea deals and false murder indictments were used to cover-up the public corruption.

The advise I have for this young woman’s family is to NOT accept just anyone as the real murderer, because Roane County says so. Check out everything RC officials “claim” to be true, and make sure no evidence or documents are manufactured or doctored, etc. Make sure no one is covering up any incompetence or corruption regarding the murder investigation. Better yet, I would hire your own private investigators from outside of Tennessee, get them licensed in TN, and then conduct your own investigation if you can afford it. The TN FBI or TBI “might” be helpful if there is no public corruption associated with this murder. Otherwise, I believe you can just "hang it up". They do not appear to be interested in investigating any of their corrupt good-ole-boys in local LE or the courts. They have to live in TN too and many appear to “fear” corruption in TN. The innocent and the corrupt are all subject to “street or jail hits” by murderous thugs who get paid by corrupt officials to do their dirty work.

By Josh Ault - 6 News Reporter stated:
"Anytime we have a murder investigation, we like to get something solved on it pretty quick if we can," said Roane County Chief Deputy Tim Phillips.

Daisy H. responds:
What a Joke, Mr. Phillips. I won't even all you a "detective"! Again, let’s all be reminded of those two August 2007 murders of Faye Hampton and Boone Cofer where no legitimate investigation took place on Boone’s murder other then damage control based on what appears to be their own involvement in it, and then a 2009 deliberate false murder indictment to cover up all that 2007 corruption regarding Boone Cofer and Faye Hampton’s murder. Even Daniel Hampton benefited from the authorities seeking to cover up all that corruption associated with her and Boone's murder.

By that am referring to Danial Hampton being made and allowed to “plea out” on a 1st degree murder charge to 2nd degree murder to avoid all the corruption that would likely come out in a Roane County murder trial, and consequently, into the hands of the media.

I have to wonder how stupid Detective Tim Phillip and other RC officials thinks we all really are? I have the same question for D.A. Russell Johnson, and the Mynatt “family”, that appear to run the Roane County jailhouse, the Sheriff’s Department, and the courthouse.

Also, perhaps Mynatt even runs the Dept. of Child Services considering how he routinely threatens to take a mother’s children away from her if she won’t lie or snitch for him on his drug investigation subjects that appear to me small time addicts, while he ignores the drug kings like JG in Rockwood that gets arrested for "show" occasionally and let out a few days later. Is the lady who is helping Mynatt with these set-ups also a mother? Has he threatened to have her kids taken away if she doesn't help with these set-ups. Is her life at risks like Faye Hampton's was? Is he doing the same thing to her as he did Jennifer Kane and Stacey Hughes?


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#2 Oct 20, 2011
I wonder if Sheriff Stockton is aware of all Mynatt has done to women. I have the same question for the local media?

By Josh Ault - 6 News Reporter stated:

Investigators are looking at Shawn Nelson Smoot, a Knoxville insurance agent who works for Allstate....
(and the article continues)...... investigators also discovered that Smoot owns a .32 caliber hand gun. Shell casings near Morris's body were the same caliber. Officers collected ammunition and other items from Smoot's home, but they didn't find a gun.

Miss Daisy H responds:
IF Roane County investigators are telling the truth to this reporter, then it doesn’t look to me like there is any public corruption associated with this woman’s murder since there is no mention of drugs, drug dealing, illegal profit, or cover-up .

Without these corrupt activities,“maybe” they are really investigating this poor young lady’s murder. I suggest the family of this murdered young woman keep their eyes on Roane County officials and their so-called investigations. They appeared to be investigating Boone’s murder “in the media” back in 2007, but in real life and behind the scenes, they were not and they lied a lot about that. And they are still lying and in damage control mode on the Boone murder.

I recommend anyone interested in corruption and murder, look back on the threads on Boone Cofer’s and Faye Hampton’s murder in 2007. See below links for these discussion boards.

Boone Cofer’s murder:

Faye Hampton’s murder:

There is evidence of lies and public corruption regarding both murders and both murder investigations on these threads. Therefore, I think outside investigators should be brought in on this lady’s murder investigation based on Roane County’s reputation for ongoing corruption with regard to murder cases. Especially if any drug dealing, payoffs, seized property, or any sign of any corruption is suspected. Profit and/or cover-up appears to be the motive for most of the corruption in Roane County and the surrounding area.

If neither applies to this lady’s murder, then the best the family can hope for is a legitimate investigation where they will still probably have to deal with incompetence, if not corruption. The corruption will come later in order to cover-up the incompetence.

Also, this woman’s murderer should not be offered any plea deals like Daniel Hampton was when he murdered Faye Hampton with a gunshot to the head. The “plea deal crap” appears to be the means by which Roane County keeps a murderer from going to trial. The purpose for this is to either “save money” or “cover-up Roane County corruption and incompetence”. Maybe both. Clearly, Roane County does not want any courtroom and media exposure on any case where their corruption will be identified.

The families of some of these young women being murdered in Roane County should start checking into the history of some of these murders and murder investigations. A good example of ones with evidence of public corruption and lack of attention by the cops is the Faye Hampton and Boone Cofer murders just two weeks apart in August 2007. Both victims shot in the head. The links for these were previously provided. Reading the entire threads reveals much about Roane County and murder investigations!

The family members of young women being murdered in RC should start demanding some answers. RC appears to be a very dangerous place for some young women, especially if they have children and have ever known any man to use or sell drugs. This is very possible since there is so much drug use in Roane County.


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#3 Oct 20, 2011

The major traffickers are allowed to walk if they become snitches for the cops for arrests on small time “addicts”. This appears to be a lot of Det. Mynatt’s work on drug enforcement. To achieve his goals in arresting addicts and/or small dealers, he hunts down young woman with children and intimidates them to snitch or lie for him on the subject of his drug investigations (the addicts and small petty dealers), while allowing the drug kings to operate under the radar in exchange for snithcing, lying and who knows what else.

His threats toward young mothers to take their kids away from them and/or throw them in jail in order to get them to snitch or lie in court on his subject’s is outrageous! I suppose any arrest he can get this way makes it appear as if he is successful in his drug investigations . But getting “addicts” while allowing major traffickers and murders to “walk” in exchange for snitching and/or lying in court, doesn't appear to be success in the war on drugs to me. Arresting and prosecuting “so-called” major drug kings appears to be nothing more than grossly trumped-up charges when the evidence doesn’t match the charges on the indictment or in the evidence. For example, if someone is a major drug king, I want to see the evidence. Not some “blanket statement” without the evidence to back it up. The majority of Lewen’s 2008 drug indictment is nothing that would ever justify a life sentence. Therefore, I have to wonder what good-ole-boy friendship or “professional favors” Lewen and Phillips have that would result in such an outrageous and agenda life driven sentence? There is an answer to be found to this question if O’Neal’s appeal is sabotaged and the false murder charge is pursued.

The egregious side issue to this is a story has to do with Kris Mynatt intimidating, using, and ultimately victimizing “women” and “children” in his agenda to either mitigate any involvement he has in the corruption and to make it appear as if he is doing his job as the drug enforcement officer, when he is not. The whole drug enforcement tactics would make one LOL if it wan't so dangeous for women to be targeting in this way by LE who should be protecting them, not putting them in harm's way under duress like Mynatt did to Faye Hampton in 2007.

Using female mothers as informants in exchange for custody of their children is one of the most egregious scams I have ever seen. And this is getting women killed, just like it got Faye Hampton killed, and Mynatt is still using this tactic even though it got Faye Hampton killed.

I hope this newest murder victim in Roane County is not a victim of this scam or any other corruption scam or cover-up. But if she was, you can count on corrupt Roane County officials covering it up even to the point of falsely charging someone with murder, like they did O’Neal. They would probably falsely charge O'Neal for this one too if they thought they could get by with another false murder indictment.

Based on what I have read and found out about Roane County and the Hampton and Cofer murder cover-up issues, if I were this young lady's family and friends I would hire private investigators first, and also get the FBI on this. But you have to stay on the FBI for “an honest investigation” because they have been reported to have “ignored” TN corruption if they can get by with ignoring it.

Just Google corruption in Tennessee and you will see what I mean. It goes back years and years, and Roane County murderers "walking" is nothing new under the sun. People even get falsely charged so real murderers can "walk" and corruption can be covered up.

May God be with all involved in this murder and may justice be done.

Nashville, TN

#4 Oct 22, 2011
...Gotta' be proactive even with an order of protection...she Invited HELL(him!) into her world,nuff said!
a pink handgun would have rocked his world...!
my cousin dated a junkie. even with an order of protection...he cut her Head clean off...xP
I too am an H

Speedwell, TN

#5 Oct 22, 2011
My corruption story is from Union County. At age 14, A good ole boy hurt me. The sickening cops took pix, my clothing, amd all. My attempt to press charges resulted in myself being placed in states custody under the accusation of drug-dealing. Multiple charges were pressed against my brother, by the family of my attacker. During my state visit, I got a letter (at my home address,not my state institution address) from the DA stating that a plea deal had been made. This man, 3X my age, got simple assault, 30 days unsupervised probation, ending once paid in full. Not even assault to a minor. Sick. I am a tax-paying citizen. He and his entire family, 14 years later, were busted by the TBI. I thought Poetic Justice. I thought wrong. Although several felonies stuck, several more were Nolle Prosse. Sentence: ON PAPER! Probation! Thats hilarious to me, since so many of the officers can hardly and

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#6 Apr 15, 2012

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