Anyone Been to See Bobby Drinnon?
Jane Benson

Lenoir City, TN

#226 Aug 20, 2010
Atheist wrote:
Wisdom from the almighty, all for only $200/hour. Jesus sure is expensive these days.
You contradict yourself. Your name is Athiest yet you speak of Jesus? I thought athiests were non-believers? I have been to see Bobby twice and paid $95.00 once and $100.00 once. To my knowledge, Bobby Drinnon has NEVER claimed to be Jesus! He's actually a very nice man!
Jane Benson

Lenoir City, TN

#227 Aug 20, 2010
Joel R wrote:
Ive known bobby about 8 years. I just read the last couple pages, but Iíd like to comment on a few of the ridiculous and, well, to be frank, funny things I've seen here:
As far as statements regarding him "claiming" he has a gift; I have never heard him say he has any more ability than the next person; in fact, I believe that is how he put it to me when I asked him of it. I do know that he spends a lot of time working on his clarity of consciousness and sense of self, which any person can, but few do. I am envious of him in this aspect because I wish I could commit to it the way he has. He is by the far the wisest, kindest and least prejudiced person I have ever met. However, he does not wear any of it on his sleeve. Therefore, I sadly believe most of these negative assertions Iíve read here tonight are simply out of ignorance and fear of the unknown.
There is this:
<quoted text>
This is im sure someone who has no idea what he or she is talking about. Iíve never seen bobby wear a watch, so unless Rolex has a new invisible model, I am sorry to say that this is incorrect.
<quoted text>
I wondered about him charging before I really knew him (I've never been a client, fyi). However, I thought about it and if he lived in a shack in the middle of the woods, do you think anyone would take him seriously or he would be able to help the amount of people he has? Let's be real here.
Also, as an atheist, do you often use Jesus' life and Christian ideals as a standard of basis for your arguments? Or is your "Atheist" moniker just there for fun and games? And in presenting yourself to the discussion as an atheist, why would you be worried about Bobby in this regard? Just out for a good old-fashioned round of skepticism?
<quoted text>
Where do you get the idea he "refuses" help to people? I for a fact know he has helped many, many people outside of his office on his own time, which is quite limited. I think if he didn't have the limiting factor of his office and secretary, he would overwork himself and be quite overwhelmed.-That- is the kind of person he is, rather than the "corrupt" assertion of which you gave no evidence for.
<quoted text>
There are surely charlatans in every walk of life; no disagreements there. Believe me, if anyone's a skeptic, I am, and a charlatan he is not. If he were, he would not be doing what he does and for so long. He would have been run out of the community long ago. Now, he and I don't really discuss what he does very much, but he is the most empathic person I have ever met. As far as his "gifts," he has something beyond what I know, but I think a lot of people will create a straw man out of him and assume what he is for him. If someone were to do that to you, what room would you have to err? None of us are beyond human and Bobby would be the first to admit that about himself. The point is is that he is a very kind, compassionate and humble person and if you want to commit character assassination based on rumors or assumption, feel free to do so, but -that- is not who he is. Hopefully one day you may see that when you weave with a false thread, you create a blanket of untruth for us all.
....and if you really knew bobby, why don't you say who you are and/or how you him?
I have only met Bobby twice (as a client) but I was so impressed at what a kind, gentle, caring, and humble man he was. I refuse to let someone who hasn't met Bobby change my mind about him! Every time I see a rainbow I say a prayer that Bobby will be able to use his gift for God's glory.
Linda Mullins

Tazewell, TN

#228 Nov 1, 2010
I saw Bobby several years ago when we had a bond jumper. He gave me information that was totally accurate. He also told me things about myself that no one knew. He said I had a white auro around my head and ask to touch my hair. He is genuine, and Godly and I highly respect him. My husband died in the last four months and am trying to get in to see him as soon as possible. I need his guidance whatever that may be. He can tell you things about yourself that even you don't know..If you haven't been there, please dont judge this man...he is sent to help people, maybe by God..I dont know, just know I fully trust him..God Bless Bobby Drinnon
CW in NC

United States

#229 Nov 26, 2010
I saw Bobby the first time in 1984 and a couple of more times up to 1996. I actually ended up taking people with me that had not planned on going because the people that I made the appointments for could not keep their committment, being that it was usually 2 years later. Needless to say, everyone who has ever gone with me came out truly stunned and grateful they went.

He is truly an amazing and genuine person with only good intentions to help guide people.

United States

#230 Dec 14, 2010
CW in NC wrote:
I saw Bobby the first time in 1984 and a couple of more times up to 1996. I actually ended up taking people with me that had not planned on going because the people that I made the appointments for could not keep their committment, being that it was usually 2 years later. Needless to say, everyone who has ever gone with me came out truly stunned and grateful they went.
He is truly an amazing and genuine person with only good intentions to help guide people.

I am trying to decide if I what to go. How much of what he told u was true? I am in a rough spot in my life and i dont know where to go. thanks very much.

Gainesboro, TN

#231 Dec 14, 2010
information wrote:
<quoted text>
I am trying to decide if I what to go. How much of what he told u was true? I am in a rough spot in my life and i dont know where to go. thanks very much.
I've heard many good things about him - never have gotten a chance to see him but my best friend did a few years ago and he actually gave her an accurate description of me & was very accurate on future events.
His waiting list is horrible - he's worth the wait but seems like you need someone now.
I did get a reading recently with Sylvia Browne (she was on Montel) & she was wonderful! She told me things that were true & there is no way she could have guessed. Her son Chris also does readings (little less $ & waiting time). Go to if you cannot get in with Bobby. The $ she & her son gets for readings is used in 3 of her organizations - she does not use her gift for profit.
There are a lot of con artists but any of these 3 psychic are great.
I pray that things work out for you. Good luck & God Bless.
mary katherine

Knoxville, TN

#232 May 15, 2011
AALL I CAN SAY IS YOU HAVE TO BE OF THIS ILK TO GET IT. IF NOT, DONT GO. IT WOULD NOT BE A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY TO GO, I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT, BC I CAN PERSONALLY SAY HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE AND TOLD ME THINGS THAT NO ONE PERSON HAS EVER HEARD ME ATTEST TO, BUT IF YOU'RE NOT SURE AND A SKEPTIC, THEN AT LEAST TEY AND GO INTO IT WITH AN OPEN MIND. And be ready to hear the hard truth or practices that you may not be eager to set into place or patterns that need to be eliminated, because sometimes he gives you advice as to standards you should try and live by- generally speaking and sometimes he will look at you and look into your soul and give you a nugget of insight and truth into something very personal and you will be floored. He allowed me solace when tragedy struck my life, he was the light at the brink of despair, because what he offered my soul thru his gift allowed me to know there was hope and a reason for such pain..So with all this being said just remember that LEAVING inhibitions behind when you make the appointment up until the day you are greeted by his jovial authentic smile would be my best advice because you wont leave there able to become God (some may think so and that is fine< to each their own) but you will leave there more equipped and for that and for that alone, I will sing his praises and always honor his spirit and the footprint he has left on my life this far.

Grand Prairie, TX

#233 May 16, 2011
I cannot compare Bobby with some like Sylvia Browne. I believe she is a charlatan. Many of her "predictions" were false, and then, in a radio interview with Geogre Noory of Coastto Coast, she backpedaled and claimed she had predicted an entirely different outcome than what happened! Guess she thought folks wouldnot notice. Georg said he probably would not have her on again.

Chicago, IL

#234 Jul 21, 2011
I called Bobby several years ago, he answered the phone himself... I asked him about my father, he told me that he would live for 2 years. He did, and it gave me the time I needed with my father. Time to do,and say the things I needed too. Thanks to Bobby.

Elizabethtown, KY

#236 Jan 4, 2012
Um, he's got a gift.. Not to be too.. Open, but I know of a few times before I ever physically met him that he predicted stuff about me he couldn't know-stuff my boyfriend didn't. Like, he predicted-to the day..-when I'd be on my period, he told him a lot on my insights and when I finally met him he sensed how I felt about him-didn't relay to me but to my boyfriend and I was astonished as he and I barely even made eye contact and didn't touch or talk but to say hello and stayed separated. As for the cost, to set up appointments, if it were free... How in the world do you think that he could see everyone? There would be no order-strictly chaos.. He's very very good, and you shouldn't state any thing but fact about him if you don't actually know him. See for yourself, get a reading. You tell me how 40 miles away, without ever actually meeting me that he knew.. So .. much.. SO much, which I won't go into detail about as it involves not only me, but one I love and Bobby himself. You should be ashamed of bashing a man who is trying to help. Maybe he wasn't "accurate" to you because you don't want to believe what he said because it wasn't so positive? That's my guess as anyone can see that mans aura is honest. I hope for you that your eyes will open soon and your heart as well.
meet him

Monroe, NC

#237 Jan 6, 2012
I agree with you.he doesn't need me to defend him but im not a dumbass and I know he's honest and he's for real.he changed my life and im forever grateful.

Chatsworth, GA

#238 May 10, 2012
I saw bobby drinnon 14 years ago. I too was a skeptic. I gave him no information and sat quite still.. He gave me a powerful reading. I say that because, alot of what he said took years to come to fruition,. But, come true they did..........I was not living day to day wondering if they things he said would come true...but he provided me with a tape..........and last year i revisited the conversation..all i have to say is wow. To let you know i could of avoided some detrimental happenings if I would of revisited that comversation at an earlier time........I wish to see him again.

Dallas, TX

#239 May 25, 2012
I went to visit Bobby for the first time last week. Little does Bobby know, he wrote down the name of the guy I am dating before we ever talked about him and it is not a common name. I went back and listened to the tape while reading his notes and could not believe what he was saying about me and my aura - who would be my ideal person. An engineer minded guy who was not as adventurous as me. Someone who would reel me in a bit. He drew a circle with a guy on top pulling me out of the sky with a rope. In the circle was this guys name..pretty incredible. I did not offer any personal information. He knew me well. He offered some great advice..I look forward to speaking with him again.

Brentwood, TN

#240 Jun 7, 2012
What do u guys think of Steve Frampton from Rhama he is supposed to be a psychic medium, his readings are $100 hour.
School Friend

Lenoir City, TN

#241 Jun 22, 2012
I went to school with Bobby in Morristown. I've also been to see Bobby after not seeing him for twenty years. he told me things about myself and some of my co-workers that no one could have know. I believe in Bobby. Bobby does not have a mean bone in his body. Loved him as an elementary schoolmate and love him now! Don't bad mouth Bobby Drinnon. He is the real deal.

Charlotte, NC

#242 Jul 15, 2012
Restless Spirit wrote:
For stories/comments about him, both good and bad, visit the Morristown forum posted above. Bobby has been doing this for many years and the thread about him is interesting if nothing else. Whether he has a gift or not is s I I omething each person has to decide for themselves.
Steve Frampton

United States

#243 Oct 18, 2012
Wondering wrote:
What do u guys think of Steve Frampton from Rhama he is supposed to be a psychic medium, his readings are $100 hour.
Hi there - please come and see me free of charge - that way you can answer the post ;-)

Oakvale, WV

#244 Oct 29, 2012
I had the privilege to speek with bobby drinnon once it was in the 1980,s . I did not have an appointment,there was two ladies that needed a driver to go see him , I myself had never heard of him, but one of the ladies said that if he would let her she would give me part of her time. Turns out, he new I was there, He new I was hunting my mother wich I had been estranged from for more than 20 years.He told me I need to stop looking in the south, that I would find her in the north. He said there will be a red headed woman come to me unexpected and tell me all I need to know .That is how it all happened he told me a lot in a short time. Some great advice came from this wonderfull man .I hope I can see him again one day . It was a highlight of my life. Debbie

United States

#245 Oct 30, 2012
Where are u located at?
Steve Frampton wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi there - please come and see me free of charge - that way you can answer the post ;-)
You would be lucky to see

Nashville, TN

#246 Oct 30, 2012
I first went to see Bobby in the mid 90's. One of my wife's friends called her the night before, as they were unable to go to their appointment. Considering the years people have to wait to see him, we jumped at the chance. He did not know our names or anything about us when we walked in. Bobby walked out and asked to see me first. Upon entering his office I gave him a blank tape, as he will record the entire meeting.
Skeptical, I leaned forward to see the way he writes on a piece of paper as he speaks. The first legible thing I could make out was my name, which was inconceivable considering the circumstances. I could go on about all the amazing things we discussed, but it can never be as special as it was to me. I have had a precious few experiences in my life that were beyond explanation. The 30-45 minutes I spent with Bobby was, by far, the most amazing of my 47 years.
If you have an opportunity to meet him, take it. I feel so sorry for people who say he is a fake, without seeing him. Of all the arrogance to think they know everything that is possible. These were the people that scoffed at man flying through the air, landing on the moon, and the like. Believe it, he is the real thing.

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