Pastor David Houser
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Knoxville, TN

#1 May 30, 2010
Anyone know what happened to Pastor David Houser? I heard he got booted out of his third church in a row? Sounds like he has some problems?

Seems there was a suspicious arson fire of a house next to the church after threats had been made?

Knoxville, TN

#2 May 31, 2010
I believe he is trying to start a new church with some followers at Northwest school. Good luck with that.

I know his daughter posted on her Facebook that she hoped all the members at his last church "die and go to hell" so she sounds like she got some good upbringing from him and his wife. Real classy and certainly not too Christian.

Knoxville, TN

#3 Jun 1, 2010
Maybe there is a correlation between the daughter's comments and the suspicious fire. I heard that David warned church members that he wasn't sure what his kids would do if he got booted? There was a black car seen at the church just prior to the fire that I am sure that the police are looking into.

I think he has some mental issues and it sounds like his kids do also.

Knoxville, TN

#4 Jun 2, 2010
Would someone tell me what churches this pastor has been affilliated with? Sounds somewhat scary.

Knoxville, TN

#5 Jun 6, 2010
The last church was Third Creek Baptist. I believe the one before that was Ebeneezer.

What is really bad is that the followers/family of this clown are spreading lies about members of his formal church, including lies about the number of people who supported Houser in the final vote which was moderated by an independent esteemed pastor from the local Baptist Association. They are also making harassing phone calls to elderly deacons. This is just further evidence that the church members made a good decision in asking him to leave (in a vote that was 80 plus to 13).

Law enforcement is investigating the harassment and the suspicious fire with the black car that was seen. Other precautions are being taken to ensure the safety of church members and to identify and prosecute those who are guilty of these acts.

Campbellsville, KY

#6 Jun 7, 2010
So this man has been asked to leave multiple churches and is now trying to start another one with a few (13?) members from his last church at a school? Does the school know about it?

The stuff about the house fire is crazy. A friend of mine saw the house while it was on fire and said the house was completely engulfed.

If his family made threats against the church and a building burns down in the middle of the night that would be suspicious. Does the police have any information besides the black car being present just before the fire began?

If all of this stuff about this man and his family are true I wonder if the local baptist association can do anything like not allow him to preach again.

Surely all these churches aren't wrong. I wonder what all he was asked to leave for?

Knoxville, TN

#7 Jun 13, 2010
He was asked to leave his most recent church for refusing to visit shut-ins and a number of other problems. He also apparently has a problem dealing with women and refused to talk to any of them or visit them. This hang-up was so bad he would never even speak to women who came forward during invitations. This may stem from problems with an alleged affair at a previous church or maybe a belief that women are somehow not worthy?

He has been calling one of the nicest ladies on the planet to try and convince her to come to his new church. He told her that church members had been saying really bad things about her (which is not true at all) which was very hurtful and upsetting to her. He apparently wanted her to join the new group since she is fairly wealthy and he needs money.

The local association is aware of these issues. I can't imagine him ever getting another church and don't anticipate this new one succeeding. It is sad because some of those who left with him are really decent folks, but seem to be gullible and unaware of his devious dealings. I used to at least respect his wife, but after she called an elderly deacon who had recently had a heart attack to chew him out, I realized she has no class either.

There are recordings of phone calls and actions are being taken to protect the safety of members/church and to prevent further harassment. When you are a narcissist, you tend to ignore the signs that your vindictive actions will have consequences, but he may be surprised.
60 Gunner

United States

#8 Jun 13, 2010
HA!Just another thread to remind me why i don't talk to him in the prescence of other people.You guys go ahead and have your pizzin contest and i'll be goin to work in the morning .Cuzzin,Bytchin and just being myself.I'm sure he will be speaking back.MY God likes HONESTY!Yall have a good night at where ever you folks go that ya don't have to leave a tip!
no good preacher

United States

#9 Jun 13, 2010
this a$$ never visited or contacted my grandmother or called her during her illness. She asked him to pray for her and he blew her off. He doesnt need to have a church.

Utica, KY

#10 Jun 13, 2010
There are too many "preachers" in East Tn, that claim to be "called" by God. I knew one that received his "call" right after he got caught molesting a 7 year old child! I choose to stay away from "organized" religion, for the most part, especially the Baptist. Many people have been misled by false doctrine/man giving his discernment of the Bible. Deliver me.

Knoxville, TN

#11 Jun 19, 2010
I am amazed that a pastor wouldn't visit shut-ins because they were women and he has some hang-up about dealing with women or he can't trust himself with them?

I also can't believe anyone lying to a former member and trying to stir up dissention between members. Any real Christian would never do anything to hurt another Christian or church.

Knoxville, TN

#12 Jun 21, 2010
Bubba - John 8 is an interesting story that you might enjoy.

FYI - There is a new church called Faith Covenent Church led by David Houser

We are meeting Sunday at 10:00 am for bible study; 10:45 for Worship and 6:00 for Church service at Northwest Middle School Auditorium. If you would like to join us in the study of the Bible and worshiping our savior Jesus Christ you are welcome to join us.

Knoxville, TN

#13 Jun 21, 2010
Judge not least yet be judged. I have not seen any facts listed here - strictly rumors that are damaging to a decent family. You voted him out of the church - why can't you move on and leave him alone?

If you can list sources for the rumors - please do - and I do not appreciate being called gullible. I make choices based on FACTS not rumors and I have seen no FACTS in this blog - just angry people casting stones - John 8 is an interesting story - and First Timothy defines Deacon, Pastor, etc in the church. We are trying to spread the gospel and persecution is a part of following Jesus Christ. All I ever heard about what was done was 'you don't know half of it'. I wish someone would post EXACTLY why this issue continues - otherwise leave a dead horse lying.

Knoxville, TN

#14 Jun 21, 2010
A young man gave his life to Christ on Sunday at Faith Covenant Church - if you are interest in joining us for worship you are welcome. If you are intereted in casting stones - there are a lot of lakes around here large enough for skipping stones.

Knoxville, TN

#15 Jun 21, 2010
Glen, perhaps if David would stop calling and harassing senior ladies in his former church (after being asked not to call again) to beg for money and try to get them to come join his new church by lying and telling her former members said bad things about her, people would shut up. I am sure that his former church would like nothing better than to forget about him. Just stop contacting members and go forth and do what you do best. You will find his true colors just like his last three churches did. With him it is more about the money than the mission.

I see where some members of the new church have already left because he spent more time begging for money than preaching the Gospel. Glen, do you really want the details of his failings posted?

Since: Jun 10

Knoxville, TN

#16 Jun 21, 2010
I have heard nothing except what he has done wrong - I have not seen that and have not heard anything but accusations - I try not to judge although I am human as is the rest of us. I have gotten a message from him and he has taught me things that I did not know about Christian living. I have not seen a bad side (although we are all human including all pastors) and hope I don't. We are growing and I am not aware of anyone harrassing anyone from Faith Covenant and hope they are just that - accusations - I saw people do things that I would not expect from Christians - and was very upset with the action of people that I respected. I was just told that I only knew half of it - I would like to hear the rest of the story as Paul Harvey says - someone there has my phone number and NO ONE has called to ask why I was not there or talk to me at all. I only know what I know. I am being led to assist in the new church and hopefully with or without the existing leader we will worship as we are led - I came across this blog accidentially and do not want to air laundry but it upset me as I only saw what I saw and it was not what I would expect from anyone. I did not go to church for 30 years because of similar actions at my home church on Sutherland Ave (not mentioned) - all I know is that I am getting a blessing from our worship sessions - and that is all I know. I hope everyone grows in Christ due to all of this and that we all learn to love and not hate - we all make mistakes and we should all learn from each one. We are all different - that is why there are thousand of churches in the Knoxville area - you have yours and I have mine and hopefully we can all move on with our lives and worship as we please - honor our troops for that......

Knoxville, TN

#17 Jun 21, 2010
Glen, "someone there has my phone number and NO ONE has called to ask why I was not there or talk to me at all. " So did you leave the former church to follow David to the new church and then you are questioning why nobody from the old church has called you? I believe that might be because that church respects your decision and nobody is going to call you and question you about it or harass you for making it. That is the opposite of David calling the lady and harassing her after he left the church. Nobody hates anyone who left and all of them are more than welcome to return if they want. Some people didn't see the dark side since not everyone was treated the same. Some of those who left forget how well the church treated them and paid for their phone and car insurance, etc.

David is a pretty good preacher. He was asked to leave because he was a horrible pastor and he wouldn't fulfill his duties which including ministering to all the members, including women. He refused to visit the shut-ins and wouldn't even talk to any woman who came forward during the altar call, although he would talk to the men. He has a real hangup with dealing with women which probably dates back to the reason he left another church. That is unacceptable, especially since most churches have more women members.

He refused to change and refused to resign, forcing the actions to dismiss him. A real Christian would have done what was in the best interest of everyone and certainly wouldn't have threatened to fire all the deacons if the vote went his way or to ask those who voted for him to leave the church. A real Christian wouldn't have lied about the vote totals when everyone there was invited to verify the ballots and the local association moderator oversaw the process to ensure everything was properly handled. A real Christian pastor's wife wouldn't have called an elderly deacon with a heart problem to chew him about receiving the notice for the vote which the moderator said had to be sent to everyone who wasn't at the first meeting.

Perhaps if you had attended the church regularly, you would have seen for yourself. We wish you nothing but happiness with your choice and the new church. Unless you come up with some real money, don't count on David staying. Just predicting. Hopefully, he will learn from the last three failures and make the changes he needs to make to become a good pastor. It is difficult for a narcissist to make that transition but with God all things are indeed possible and we pray for your success.

Since: Jun 10

Knoxville, TN

#18 Jun 21, 2010
I only joined the church 6 months ago and I did go regularly in that time frame - I sat in the front of the church - I am not asking anyone to call and I am not looking for answers - I have just heard all negative and I try to be positive and encouraging - I also worked for money as unfortunately that is required in this world - I had to leave Knoxville and move all over the southeast to keep a high paying programming job as that was not in East Tennessee - I have now retired and came back to Knoxvile after 30 years - Again I was just tired of hearing all the negative and no positive as I was expecting. I have left the church and will send for my letter. I wish all of you the best and only God knows why things happen. By the way - I believe he is correct in visiting women or alone there are people out there that take advantage of a single individual and file lawsuits at the drop of a hat and even kill - I am not saying anyone there would - I am just saying that caution is necessary more today than 20 years ago. I lived in Atlanta and Birmingham. I have a very similar attitude. I just hate that things could not go for everyone. I do not hate or dislike anyone there - I am just led by God to go in another direction. Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Knoxville, TN

#19 Jun 21, 2010
Funny that the former pastor and every other pastor that I know don't have any qualms about visiting 90 year old women in nursing homes or talking to a women who come to them for counseling or come forward in a service. While it is theoretically possible for someone to falsely accuse someone, it is highly unlikely if one conducts themselves properly. That difference in philosophy was a major issue since our church expected visitation as a major duty and he refused to do any visits for women, even though deacons and others volunteered to go with him.
I wish you well and much success with the new church, you were always nice to everyone. We are all truly on the same team, even if the coach changes - the Owner of the team is still who we are all accountable to. By the way, your former SS teacher was the deacon that Terri reamed out over the letter. That was totally uncalled for. There were positives, David is a very good preacher and very knowledgeable. He, like all of us, needs to learn from these experiences and improve ourselves.

Since: Jun 10

Knoxville, TN

#21 Aug 30, 2010
Disheartened - why don't you mind your own business and get a life instead of defaming someone and continually spreading rumors - I know G & S personally and they would not appreciate being a part of a RUMOR MILL - get over it and leave this person alone - why are you so intent on this person failing - that is definitely not what I understand as the christian attitude. GET OVER IT - IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON - THEN DON'T GO TO THE CHURCH - STOP TRYING TO PESTER THE PEOPLE INVOLVED. JUST LIKE WHAT HE WAS ACCUSED OF, YOU ARE NOW STALKING AND I WILL REPORT IT TO THE POLICE IF NECESSARY - SO JUST STOP. OR BETTER YET COME WHY DON'T YOU GO TO THE CHURCH (FAITH COVENANT) AND STAND BEFORE THE CHURCH AND SPREAD YOU RUMORS - ALL YOU ARE DOING IS TREATING SOMEONE WITH EVIL INTENTS - THAT IS AGAINST ALL THAT I WAS TAUGHT ABOUT CHRISTIANITY AND THE BIBLE - If you know G & S so well, have them discuss this with me or you can gladly discuss this with me - I am sick and tired of all of you trying to destroy a decent man and his family - I am usually fairly nice but I too can be pushed to the limit and it is very close.

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