Tsunami hydraulic sausages are good for the world! A company in Scotland UK at present manufacture’s 100 metre length’s of closed cylindrical steel tubes, that when fixed together using hydraulic arm mechanism’s,. can produce substantial amount ‘s of electricity!’ Note; if these long closed steel cylinders are linked together around a substantial area of Japan coast at approx 1 kilometre from the coastal shore line then if the tube diameter is 3-6 metres, it will then be enough to remove the energy from a Tsunami earthquake tidal surge!

This seems like a sensible practical solution in respect of solving unpredictable Tsunami tidal surges around the coast of Japan and also produce a vast amount of electrical energy for the people of Japan!

Note; also the reactors and storage ponds of nuclear power station’s should have high strong buttress walls 30 metres high all the way around the power stations perimeters ! this will protect the prevailing winds carrying heavy nuclear particles away from the power station site! And reactors should have graphite and bi-carbonte soda added to the concrete, in order to arrest a melt down scenario! And also a casam directly under the reactor which contains 100s of tonnes of graphite and bi-carbonate soda, this would then arrest a n exposed melt down and moderate neutron emission and transfer heat by induction to ceramic inlaid pipes leading to beneath the sea!