Bossi S.P.Q.R. 'Roman Pigs' row

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Rome, September 27 - Northern League leader Umberto Bossi raised a ruckus Monday when he recycled an old joke saying the S.P.Q.R. motto linked to Rome stood not for Senatus Populusque Romanus but for "Sono Porci Questi Romani" . Bossi is known for his anti-Roman tirades but this time, Rome Mayor Alemanno said, "he has really gone beyond the pale".

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#1 Oct 8, 2010
I notice this article: now Italy’s prime minister Berlusconi can say no more it is only Roberto Saviano’s “Gomorra” to be guilty of the “bad reputation of Italy”; maybe he would like Italy to be his own private North Korea ?

That pun (SPQR =“Those Romans are pigs” is very famous among students and sincerely it is not a matter of WHAT has been said, but the fact that these words have been said in public by a Italy’s republic minister, whose ideas of a fantasy land called “Padania”(the rich north Italy), inhabited by a modern Celtic race, have often generated the hypothesis of secession from “the thieves of Rome”.

These words have been said while minister Bossi was on the stage at the prizegiving for “Miss Padania”(which seems to be elected each 3 months…); in addiction to the famous “Ass and Titts” italian television, everyone who had seen the movie “Idiocracy”(a story of a future USA where culture was socially banned in favour of prostitution, mass entertainment and giant food multinationals) could argue if the movie was inspired from Berlusconi’s Italy or if Berlusconi’s government had been inspired from the movie “Idiocracy”; even if it is not the place to make a list of what Berlusconi’s government is making to kill the public instruction system (f.ex to reduce the hours of English lessons), please compare the following photos, where actual Government’s men show the middle finger, or use other vulgar gesture, TO EXALT THE CROWD (often to offend Italy’s national anthem like those of Lega Nord do) exactly as in “Idiocracy” last scene the President does:

Prime Minister Silvio “Sillyo” Berlusconi:
Minister Bossi, Lega Nord:
Minister Calderoli (Lega Nord):
European deputate Borghezio (Lega Nord):

I think prime minister Berlusconi (Peace Nobel, he said) should be the last person to say that Italian authors “give outside a bad image of Italy”, as italian actual Government has won the “Idiocracy Nobel Prize”.

Cambridge, Canada

#2 Oct 9, 2010
the whole of the lega nord leadership should be charged with treason and arrested. if these clowns had been around during mussolini's era they would have been executed!

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#4 Oct 12, 2010

“many pieces make a unit, but a unit is destined to split into pieces”(see for example emperor Marco Aurelio’s “Memories” VI-4, or Taoist philosophy)

Years ago people of north Italy said:“We work all day long and we pay too much taxes to Rome without seeing any result for us”;

So mr. Umberto Bossi made these people one great party, and this party is now at the government.

Meanwhile Italy thinks itself to be a “good powerful sleeping giant”, who will just open an eye to put an end to this noise, but it will not be able to, since as a matter of fact, Lega Nord will become more and more powerful as far as Italy’s productive system is sinking; unless Italy would use violence as in an “ancient régime”(as in Genoa 2001), which seems very likely, but with the opposite result.

I think that those people have their right to protest against that sick italian system; so it is very likely that “Padania”(or whatever) will become more autonomous in the future.

So “Lega Nord” politicians’ aim is to make a autonomous Costitution of “Padania”(true words of min. Calderoli).

The doubt is:

once, the matter of the protest was “Taxes”; but now the main problem has become “Islam”; so, to gain the larger number of votes,“Lega Nord” has made a propaganda based on

- the repression of the Roman empire against the Celtic tribes, celebrated with druidism and similar rituals;
- the paranoia of the “criminal (muslim) immigrant”
- the election of “Miss Padania”

I do not think that these could be the basis for a good and stable “democratic system”(like for example Lech Wałęsa’s “Solidarność ”), but the basis for a “smaller Italy” into which some could even make racist laws; a father-to-son oligarchy into which those who have got the power till that moment will continue to keep it again (see Tomasi di Lampedusa’s “The Leopard / Il Gattopardo”), by mean of the “Idiocracy system”(TV, sex, paranoia, drug) applied into a multi-racial society: of course no one will be able to manage this and it would develop into pure chaos !

Good luck, Padania !

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#5 Oct 12, 2010
Foreigner wrote:
They should all be charged with treason because Italy is in full crisis. The treason of Mussolini was to ruin Italy with the war, but already before.
Tervetuloa !

We won't believe it till the moment in which we would have these things under our eyes; anyway the connections between the propaganda of Lega Nord and Nazism are quite impressive (ignorance, druido-celtic rituals, paranoia of the immigrant) but I think that it could not happen the same fact, but a great chaos with much street violence.


Anyway I would say that I saw a lot of documentaries about Mussolini and Fascism and I can say that it is not so easy to describe it into just two lines; you should be aware that, besides the violent aspect, the beginnings' fascism was not based on violence and Mussolini tried to make Italian proud of their past history to improve agriculture and develop their coutry = FASCISM WAS A AGRICULTURAL MOVEMENT; during Fascism many buildings were built (try and see "architettura fascista"; I like it).

So people loved so much Mussolini, his strong appearance and his power, that when he said: "the declaration of war has been given to the ambassadors of France and England", people was happy - You should know that Mussolini didn't want the war, didn't like Nazism and he was not a anti-semite (he had many hebrew collaborators): he said: "We despise some theories from beyond Alps by peoples that simply couldn't write (...), while in Rome we had Caesar, Virgilius and Augustus".

Unfortunately Mussolini noticed that if he had joined Hitler's war, he could have had easily won, and so he also started to join anti-semite propaganda and to apply a Totalitarian system (violence against dissidents, censorship) like had become Nazism.

So if Hitler had been "the pupil" of Mussolini, now is Mussolini the one trying to gain as much as possible from him. And that has been his mistake.

So in Italy is absolutely not uncommon to hear "Mussolini has done many good things for Italy" and it is true, but his name, together with that of Fascism, have become nothing more than a synonimous for a "violent totalitarian system" (the same for the Swastika). That's the way things go.


Yes, that’s true. Some say: North Italy is naturally (?) linked to Germany, so when Italian system would have collapsed, the northern productive system will survive.

I can see anything wrong in this.

I just say that the basis I can see for that movement are not serious: ignorance, racism.

PS. Does Italy really seem "in full crisis" from your country ?

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