Mitt is it wrote:
The Catholic church in trouble again. Liars and pedophiles. Here in western Pa several diocese are riddled with scandal. The Catholics supported Obama until he told them to supply birth control and now these maggots are pissed! I have to take BO's side with regard to the free birth control. What is the problem with supplying a priest with a condom to keep his prey free from disease? Who can? Bo Can!
You statement is sinful in itself, you say the entire catholic church is "liars and pedophiles"? There are many, many good and righteous people who follow that catholic path.
I disagree with the government forcing a religion to do things that they think are unethical, where is the "separation of church and state " crowd, they remain silent on this.
All catholics support Obama?, and worse "all are maggots"? You should really reflect on the evil broad statements you are making.