Blacks in Reykjavik
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Reykjavk, Iceland

#1 Nov 21, 2007
I am an African-American woman who likes to travel the world. I was attracted to Reykjavik due to the geothermally warm pools, geysers and the horseback riding. Flew in on November 19, 2007 and ready to fly out on November 20. The people are so cold, rude and aloof towards Blacks it is unbelievable that in 2007 to have to experience this behavior to the extent that I have here.

Providence, RI

#2 Nov 25, 2007
Great..I'm headed there in about two weeks. :-(
Ingunn Mency

Dearborn, MI

#3 Dec 5, 2007
I'm Sorry that this lady had such a bad experience but it is not common. Me and my black husband lived in Iceland from 2001 to 2004 and although lot of the people do not understand the black culture they are not rude or hateful. You have to understand that Icelanders have only been dealing with different cultures and races for little over 20 years but Americans have had hundreds of years and are still having the same problems with ignorance and hateful behavior.
I hope that Icelanders will learn faster than Americans that we are all people and we need each other.

Falls Church, VA

#4 Dec 16, 2007
Maybe Icelanders know that the only way to preserve their nation is to make outsiders feel like "outsiders".


Durham, NC

#5 Dec 30, 2007
Amerika wrote:
Maybe Icelanders know that the only way to preserve their nation is to make outsiders feel like "outsiders".
Obviously "Amerika's" ignorance must be infinite. Do you think that cold and desolate Iceland will ever amount to anything financially if it follows your suggestion??? I don't think so. Try as Iceland might, financial strength and recognition will predominantly come from its relationship with "outsiders". So "Amerika" the mere fact that you see ads asking people to come to Reykjavik probably means that the infrastructure recognizes the need for tourism to help boost the economy. Preserve all you want and maybe hope for the best if that is your strategy for growth.
DeeJay C4

Annandale, VA

#6 May 27, 2008
That's just great, I bought a ticket for the end of june cos I read a lot of good things from the freaking Iceland and U.S. government websites. Now I'm dreading my venture to this place that I've been looking so forward to visiting. I've got just one friend out there, and I hope he isn't the only Icelandic resident I have as a friend by the time I return.

Peace and blessings.
Thorr Hjartarson

London, Canada

#7 Jan 2, 2009
>> Maybe Icelanders know that the only way to preserve their
>> nation is to make outsiders feel like "outsiders".
> Do you think that cold and desolate Iceland will ever amount to > anything financially if it follows your suggestion???
Oh great. So what you are saying is that a second car, and a bigger house are worth selling out your soul, your heritage, your land, and your people?
What good is that bigger house if the cost of it was the to disenfranchise their descendants of the land they settled thousands of years ago and their beautiful genetics that is their best asset, an asset that will outlast any car or house or other piece of temporal consumerist junk.
rr - a pure Icelander living in the multiracial hell hole that is Canada. Canada use to be a good place to live - when it was at its peak of being 98% European.

Nashville, TN

#9 Apr 23, 2009
The comments above strike me somehow as forboding generally. If I understand the consensus, it is that blacks are not fully welcome in Iceland but can be tolerated on occasion....if they're willing to put up with a few put-downs and racially charged jokes. If that's true, it's really too bad. I was hoping to hear a more open and welcoming story as I was planning to go there on vacation sometime soon.

Pompano Beach, FL

#10 Jun 28, 2009
Any recent trips to iceland by black americans? Love to hear your 2008,2009 experience. My girlfriend (icelandic-born) and I planning a trip there next year. While cold stares and rude comments I can deal with... Mob beat-downs on a daily basis is not worth the trip.
Angels need Wings

Saint Louis, MO

#11 Jul 5, 2009
jingerly wrote:
Poor Thorr and those like him-there is no such thing as pure white. Africa is the cradle of civilization.
What?Do you need a medal because of that?The fact is,is that it was nature/God who caused the first person in Africa ...Not the Africans..It was a act of nature.So what diference does it make if that poster wants a pure Iceland??
Earl the Pearl

Milwaukee, WI

#12 Jul 8, 2009
I went there looking to get some fresh blonde trim without the typical American woman's games and general state of prostitution that exists with most American women.

But no dice! At least American women eventually put out once you bust out the wallet. These women looked at me like they wanted me like they wanted me to bus the table or change the oil in the car.

It was like being in New Orleans in 1750.

Monmouth Junction, NJ

#13 Feb 8, 2010
Going there at the end of the week. Stumbled upon this Web site. I'll let you know.

Vieux-habitants, Guadeloupe

#14 Mar 6, 2010
If she had said she had a lot of money to spend she would have been welcome.
Now that Iceland is a poor country.
Black people will enjoy to buy them for nothing.

Reykjavk, Iceland

#15 May 29, 2010
I'm black, not African american and I'm writing this response from Reykjavik. I've been here for a few days and so far I've had really positive interactions with icelanders.
Momo, if you bring the right clothing you'll have a great holiday.
Cow of Zot

Burbank, CA

#16 May 29, 2010
That settles it, I'm gonna paint myself green before I go. I think many places have a "we were here 1st, who are you" mentality, which is sad. I've seen California license plates bent backwards in Montana. & was called a name in Idaho when driving my uncles truck with Ca plates. When I go with Utah plates, its neutral & there's no probs. A fellow Mtn state I suppose. Oregon people also hate Californians moving there. They like it less populated. How quickly they forget it used to be populated with Red people.

Providence, UT

#18 Jul 6, 2010
Pretty disappointed with some of the comments on this site. I have had my heart set on visiting Iceland because I love Sigur Ros and had heard amazing things about the scenery. The racist comments left by some ppl on this site are quite offputting. White ppl seem to have no problem traveling to other countries with the expectation of being treated well no matter how rudely they behave but when others spend their hard earned money to travel to countries such as this their expectations of reciprocated kindness are shattered. How sad... Maybe I will have to reconsider my trip.

Seabrook, TX

#19 Aug 1, 2010
I'm Afro-American. It's a reality that it doesn't matter what country you may vist...there will be ignorance displayed to a certain extent from some. People say the same about China, but my experience was great! It may not be the culture they are afraid to embrace, but the person.
tony supreme


#20 Aug 3, 2010
I thank you sister I was looking for a so artful fashion inspiration. But I think I'll will try italy.

Worcester, MA

#22 Mar 4, 2011
I am african american and I have been to Iceland 2 times. Let me say that my first time I arranged to visit a school. I am a teacher and I wanted to see what the schools are like. I met a wonderful group of teachers, administrators and staff. When I was leaving my day long visit, I invited them to visit me. The entire school came to visit me and it was a great time had by all. After the visit, a large group of us from the states went back and were treated beautifully. I will be living and teaching there this year for a few weeks on a teacher exchange opportunity. I encourage travelers to meet folks, get to know them and then judge. My judgement is gracious, kind and thoughtful hosts.I will continue to visit my Iceland friends as often as I can. PLUS, it is a grand place for teachers of art,geography and science. enjoy, and relax in the blue lagoon

South Africa

#23 Jun 1, 2011
blacks arent welcome nearly everywhere

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