SO what they are saying (the Clerics)is that Parents are not raising their children with Ethics and moral control enough so that a woman and they way she is dressed will make their children go crazy?!

What a weak minded society......

Also is the Iranian society rampant with married people screwing each other or something?

Why do Iranian men have such weak morals to be committing Adultery in such numbers that it causes earthquakes.....all because of a woman's dress?!

How do married Iranian women get out to commit adultery on their husbands anyway?

Where were the Husbands?

Who are the women committing adultery with?

Iran sounds like a Sexually perverse pleasure party place where so much sexual tension from their woman because of them dressing sexy in front of children that have lost their morals so much that Adultery is so wide spread that earthquakes happen because of the amount of Sexual deviation!

Where is the Religious leaders in all this?!

Why have the Iranian religious leaders let down their people so badly as to let Adultery cause earthquakes and their children be traumatized by woman parading around in super sexy clothing that totally destroys their little child morals and their parents cannot or will not protect their children from these .....women!

Questions.....serous questions for the Iranian people