Iranian supreme radical Islamic fanatic dictator Khumenie vowed to continue the oppression of the Iranian people by all means which proves that Iran is ruled by vicious and brutal Islamic Satan.
Ayatollah Khumenie ‘same old’ tactics of blaming the Western civilized world for the Iranian people’s fight for liberty freedom and women human rights are ridicules
However, Khumenie realized even if he tries to isolate the Iranian people from the civilized world making Iran like the darkest prison in the world for the Iranian people, the Iranian people will use the Internet and Tweeter to connect to the civilized world and get secret help against the evil Islamic fanatic regime.
Khumenie knows that his days as brutal dictator are numbered and being counted down when Israel is cooperating with Saudi Arabia and Egypt to destroy the Iranian nukes leading to the Iranian people ousting the evil Ayatollah Khumenie and Ahmadinajad from power to become martyrs in Islamic hell.