Typical half-assed measures from liars.

Winston Churchel said "The Americans can be counted on to do the right thing, AFTER THEY HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING ELSE!"

Like a fool {sounds like myself in the secular world} they toil in vain going round in circles.
Like a kid playing on the ground.

An example needs to be made to them to pull the bucket off their head. This means anyone they send over in this latest sham shot be shot. Period.

This solution from them is a lie, it is the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff! This is not intelligence to ignore the word of the Lord.

God said they {they Americans} must bring me into Iraq "with proper control" {impunity under the Sovereignty of God, to shot any corrupt on the spot without interference from the nappy-bandits as I see fit. Restoring Order by Justice}.

God said "THEY CANNOT IGNORE YOU!!!" They have done so and obviously are continuing to do so.

So you are doing Gods work.

I make it clear to the Americans, if I have to go into Iraq on my own back, then your companies contracts etc will be regarded as you have regarded me. With contempt!

I having spoken to God face to face, call on God to now withhold the rain from America. And that if he dose give them rain, it is for destructive means. They must not be able to continue to be arrogant against the one who sent me and get away with it.

If I have spoken with God, then this will be done.
Should Obama or any agents even think of harming Gods Servant {Isaiah 55} I call on God to take their kids instantly. This is the only and best tool to yank them out of their willful arrogance.
This comment is for God to action on these matters and not for mankind's intervention.

I have just heard on the radio a series of attacks have happend in Iraq. If so then it is clear I have been heard by those who belongs to Gods dark side and are his punishing rod!!!

This should be clear evidence to my numb hamburger headed brothers that God said "When they bring You {me} into Iraq with proper control then the situation will quickly settle down.

This should be made clear to them "that I am from God!" That God backs the words of his messengers.
People {fighters in Iraq etc...} do not do these things on the whims of some 'Babylonian halfwit' on the other side of the world.

You Americans need to wake up. And your latest stint needs a direct answer for your arrogance against God!