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#1 Nov 28, 2007
An update for anyone who has a 2/8 Marine in Ramadi...it's pretty calm there. Nothing crazy has been happening. My fiance calls me every other day and updates me. He won't sugarcoat it either because I'm a former Marine myself and he knows he can't get away with that! So if you don't hear from your Marine for awhile try not to worry! There's a lot of batallions of Marines and several Army Regiments where they're at so the lines for the phones and computers are pretty long. My fiance happens to be attached to 2/8 so he's on a different schedule, part of the reason I talk to him a little more.

The good news is that Ramadi is a "role model" city right now for the way things are going down with the I.P./I.S.F. in Iraq and this is based on a recent article from Leatherneck magazine AND word from some of my Marine friends and fiance who are over there or just came back...so if there's anywhere I'd want him to have to be, it'd be there!

Sandra PMM

Lincoln, NE

#2 Nov 29, 2007
Thank you... my son is 2-8 and I have not heard from him in 2 weeks now. This is encouraging. Semper FI

Jim Thorpe, PA

#3 Nov 29, 2007
Thanks for the info.I have 2 sons over there.I keep tabs on the unofficial reports on the web.Thanks
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#4 Dec 2, 2007
here is a daily link to ramadi news..

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#5 Dec 4, 2007
Sandra PMM wrote:
Thank you... my son is 2-8 and I have not heard from him in 2 weeks now. This is encouraging. Semper FI
Yah unfortunately sometimes family aren't the ones they call as much, usually it's the girlfriends/fiancees/wives. Mostly because they know their family will ALWAYS be there, but scared they will lose the one they have romantic feelings for. Because fears of infidelity are high when a deployment is involved.

And of course could be they're just really really busy too. Even though it's not heated over there as much, there's still a lot of stuff they have to deal with. My fiance's not a grunt so he doesn't leave the wire much, hence has a little more time to be in contact.

Things are still going well per our last conversation =) Ramadi is still a key to success.

Devil Doc

El Segundo, CA

#6 Dec 4, 2007
I will be going to Ramadi in February, last time I was was crazy is good to know it has calmed down a little bit.... Can you ask you husband if he sees this peace to last for a long time or is it just temporary? i would appreciate the info so I can prepare myself better for this year deployment..
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#7 Dec 5, 2007
My husband is with 2/8 as well. I usally have contact with him everyday. He is in COMM, so it makes life a little easier for us when he's not leaving the wire.(Which is a little too often for my liking since he wasn't supposed to be leaving at all) Anyhow, he says that keeping in contact is sometimes hard because of an Army switch which puts the phones down or something...I don't know. But when a COMM guy can't call home as much as he would like to, I am sure the other guys can't as well. He also told me that the equipment they have out there needs to be changed out because the phones and related gear is getting worn. He is constantly working on satellite phones and downed links. He assures me that everything is fine and that the IP are doing a great job and are everywhere. He feels safe which in turn makes me feel safe. Anyway, I just thought I would say my piece and maybe get to know some other 2/8 families....It's nice to see you out there!! Semper Fi!!!!
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#8 Dec 7, 2007
Yah he told me that too.....the satellite phones there are fallin apart. Sometimes he has to hold the plug into the receiver so he can hear me and sometimes he hears a "modem/fax" noise while we're talking. At least there's no delays or echo. Voice over IP in Iraq isn't the greatest, but it's definitely better then no communication. My packages and letters have been getting there in a timely fashion as well. So communications are going smooth.

IT IS a really good feeling talkin to someone else who's man is with mine!

Sandra PMM

Lincoln, NE

#9 Dec 7, 2007
It's been 3 weeks now since I heard from My MArine in 2-8 G Co. If anyone out there can send word by one of there 2-8 it would be nice. He's 2-8 G co, 2nd plt 3rd sqdThanks so much


#10 Dec 10, 2007
Hi - my son is there....any word recently on conditions etc????

Any news appreciated.

Sidney, OH

#11 Dec 10, 2007
My son is with 2/8 Golf Co. 1st Plt, 2nd Sqd. He's on patrol and is a Radio Op to his team. He hasn't called in a few weeks but we get one or two emails a week. Since they got there, the only activity he has mentioned was some "commotion" on thanksgiving day. He says the kids are around all the time and they are getting to know a lot of them and a lot of the adults that are around. He also said "the city, it's similar to a US city just much, much more cluttered and broken down". Boxes and packages are getting through to him and all the guys at their location. They share much of what they get. Hope this fills in some information and let you know things seem to be going fine where he is


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#12 Dec 15, 2007
Has anyone had a decrease in communication lately? My husband emails me maybe 2 or 3 times a week about 6am our time and the phone calls have become close to non-existent. Come on---the man is in COMM...you know? Anyway, it is kind of depressing...to Sandra, I will deliver a message if I had your name...By the way, any new news over there?
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#13 Dec 19, 2007
Anyone with a Marine deployed with 2/8....check this out! PICTURES POSTED TODAY!


AND the accompanying news story ALL ABOUT 2/8, specifically Weapons Company...


On another note..
Communication for me hasn't decreased but that doesn't mean anything. Your Marine's schedule will change depending on the mission and billets they possess. They've only been gone for about 2 months, so there's not going to be a set pattern. One thing I've learned is don't get used to a communication schedule and know that he will contact you when he can.


“Loving My Marine and My Sons”

Since: Dec 07

So many places in upstate NY

#14 Dec 23, 2007
Just wanted to wish you all with a loved one in Iraq a safe and Merry Christmas...I know it's going to be a tough one for me and my boys, but atleast I know Brian is safe...Merry Christmas again...
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#15 Dec 27, 2007
My fiance called the 24th and our call got disconnected and I emailed 4 of the guys with him to see if they are ok. Then a friend of mine who's out there but in a different city was on Myspace, so I messaged them asking if they heard anything. They said they got word that something went down in the general area but that it is nothing to worry about, they might have just gone "river city". BUT then my fiance called again on Christmas about 2am they're time.

FYI = COMM went down on Christmas Eve, around 2am they're time. But was back up within 24 hours. They didn't go "river city" and everything is fine. So if you didn't get a call from your Marine or your call went dead...it's nothing to worry about whatsoever!

They did get new phones out there now. The new equipment is much better!!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!!!



#16 Dec 28, 2007
forgive me for not knowing - but what does going "river city" mean?

My son is currently in Ramadi...2/8 Weapons.

Thank you.
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#17 Dec 29, 2007
Our son is also in the 2/8 Echo Co 2nd ptl. We are so fortunate to hear from him almost on a daily basis via Yahoo Messenger and/or Myspace. We have also we able to hear his voice three times in one week thanks to their new phones!! Much better reception. Many times we disconnect through the internet, but that also needs to be upgraded soon. The IPs are doing most of the leg work, with of course help. As a mom, that is peace of mind. Blessed to see so many others in our position.
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#18 Jan 3, 2008
"River City" is code for when the military shuts down all forms of communication from the Base to the Outside world. Basically your Marine won't be able to go on the Internet or use the phones. The purpose of it is for when someone is WIA or KIA and the military needs sufficient time to notify the families of those who were injured or killed. They don't want families finding out from the sources who shouldn't be notifying them initially. At the rate things are going, doesn't seem this will be something that will happen much where they are at.=)

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#19 Feb 21, 2008
I JUST WANT TO SAY CONGRATS to everyone who is affected by a 2/8 Marine currently deployed! We have done a mighty fine job staying strong and all the prayers and patience is paying off =D Not toooooooooooo much longer now compared to the day they left!!! Of course I'm not going to say any dates due to OPSEC. But we've come a long way baby!!!! I remember week number 1 how homecoming felt sooooooooooooo far away. I look back at my first post and I'm amazed at home much time as gone by!!!=D


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