I mean honestly you think we're going to nuke white people. Even Persians are white people.That's why we won't nuke Iran.After we dropped the two A bombs on TWO JAPANESE CITIES , Russia was never going to mess with the USA. A pact was made secretly between USA, RUSSIA and Britian and This world was divided up amongst them.The whole spy thing is laughable, It's to create the assumption that Russia is our enemy. Think about Britian which is a Socialist country. They are our biggest ally, Yet they are Socialist , I fell for the game for years, The ole watch out for those commies, and those jihadist and Chinese.We produce more food than we have ever, People all over the world are living longer and healthier.Most of the things you thought were set up to help starving people, They are mere SCAMS TO COLLECT TONS OF MONEY FOR CAUSES THAT ARE JUST A FRONT.Back to China again, They fo the most trade with us. They tell us China is sending spies into the USA to steal our secrets lol.We share tons of technology with China.Bill Clinton handed them high tech satellite technology lol.We have all been fooled by actors and Elitist in control of this world.It truly has been one Hollywood staged movie for the past 80 years. There is also an element of those ones that still think God selected them as his only chosen people. They do control much of the power and doings that go on in this world. Let's see Israel has nukes. They don't need any help from USA or other allies to handle any middle eastern country who hates them. It's all rattling sabers and tongues. Plus they want the USA TO GO IN AND DO THE DIRTIER WORK, tHING IS THEY HAVE THEIR jEWS THAT WILL GET OUT AND PROTEST against even going after HAMAS, This makes the Jews look like Saints and wanting a solution always , The USA GETS BLAMED FOR THE MAIN DAMAGE OF THE WARS ALWAYS.This is how is was set up by the powers that be in control.