I guess Sen Mannchin used booze, sex, and hookers to try and sway Republican senators on his huge Yacht to be for background checks on law abiding citizens who carry guns and buy them.This means anyone could say you threatened them with the gun, Then the authorities could round up all of your weapons and do a psychological exam on you or deem you unfit to carry a gun even if you are say an alcoholic like Sen Manchin.I bet he has many guns. I wonder how much his yacht cost to build John Kerry's yacht was built in New Zealand for $9 million bucks, more Dem outsourcing .The next phase will be mandatory training before you can buy the gun and a psychological exam. You don't pass wither one you get no gun, The criminal with the guns never has to worry about any law or rules they break.They the criminals will always have gun protection from the leftist regime in power. The same Liberals will claim Well those people live in very bad communities that we helped to create and destroy with our many years of Liberal failed policies on crime and education.Dem's have ruled Chicago for 100 years and Detroit for 50 years. Look at the corruption in CHICAGO and Detroit.