Cleveland kidnapping all one big hoax...
Ohio SteamRoller

Yeoman, IN

#22 May 10, 2013
The Ultimate Kaptoz wrote:
People are so starved and programmed for any news these days, they miss the obvious behind all these fabricated big stories of mothers killing their babies, Of young men walking into malls or schools and shooting innocent people. Or the Jaycee Duggar case and Elizabeth Smart case.These are all Hollywood staged phony kidnapping and abduction and murders.Note in Cleveland supposedly all three women were abducted with blocks of one another, News flash now supposedly there had been several calls over the years of women being spotted in Mr Castro's backyard being led around on dog leashes. News flash also people saw Mr Castro taking in large amounts of Mcdonald's food into the home where he was supposedly the only one living there most of the years these ladies were suppose to had been missing.News flash neighbors also said they witness a woman in one of the homes windows beating up another female there. cops say they didn't have any reports like that lol. Ask yourself why phony abductions and murders of babies by they're mothers, Now with these supposed missed police reporst not investigated, The lawyers come out and supposed family mambers of these phony victims can sue the city for large amounts for failing to do their jobs and find the missing women.Ask how Casey Anthony was found not guilty or OJ Simpson as well, Both cases had more than tons of supposed evidence that was more than enough to convict both, yet they both walked lol.You want to know what Casey Anthony is doing now, Try the supposed cofounder of that banana icer cream maker YOhanas . JUST HAPPENS THE LADY THEY ARE CALLING EILEEN MCHALE LIVES IN MIAMI FLA UMMMM.NOW ANOTHER NEWS FLASH THE SUPPOSSED OTHER VICTIM MICHELLE KNIGHT, HER FAMILY THOUGHT SHE RAN AWAY BECAUSE SHE LOST A CHILD CUSTODY BATTLE. THE DEJESUS GIRL, SHE IS SUPPOSEDLY DEVELOPMENTALLY CHALLENGED.YOU NOTICE MR CASTRO LOOKS A WHOLE LOT LIKE ACTOR MUSCIAN RUBEN BLADES MMMM.ONE OF HIS SUPPOSED BRTOHERS RESEMBLES ONE OF THE ACTORS WHO SUPPOSEDLY JUST DIED OFF THE MOVIE SCARFACE. THE OTHER ONE RESEMBLES THAT SOCIALIST BASEBALL COACH OSSIE GULLIEN THE DOMINICAN FOR HUGO CHAVEZ LOLWAKE UP PEOPLE GET AWARE CHECKOUT WELLAWARE1.COM THE SUPPOSED BLACK MAN WHO CAME TO THE GIRLS RESCUE IS REALLY MICHELLE OBAMA'S BROTHER PLAYING A PART.
Frankly,I think you've eaten one too many Cleveland Steamers in your lifetime.

As they say,you are what you eat.

Indianapolis, IN

#23 May 10, 2013
Must everything be batshiat crazy conspiracy?

Obama is Kenyan | muslim | gay | married to a man | something something something Benghazi | buying all the ammo | helping the "real" Boston bomber from Saudi Arabia leave the country | behind the Boston bombing | something something something Fast And Furious | faking unemployment numbers | infinitum...

It's just exhausting to keep up with what the Beckies, Dittoheads, and Breitbarters are fantasizing about from day to day.

Thornbury, Australia

#24 May 10, 2013
all this shit in the media about these girls missing for a decade when a much bigger story about the Bengazi cover up is being brushed under the carpet hmmm????
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#25 May 11, 2013
You notice how more bizarre this hoax becomes everyday a new twist comes out in the news, Now they bring in his former wife She says she was held captive by him also and abused , You call us paranoid because we look at the facts in this case, We see mere actors and actress's , This is the age of blown up tabloid news, Get it on the tv even if it's fake and scripted. You have to understand TELEVISION has lost many viewers to dvd's and now netflix world including video game world. Now they create the most bizarre crimes , Ask yourself why there were supposed many reports of women being seen naked being led on dog leashes around Mr CASTRO'S YARD, Yet no police reports documented of this happening? Now another daughter of MR castro's whose not in prison for supposedly stabbing her own daughter to death in the bathroom at 3 mos old because her boyfriend and father of the baby left her.The daughter whose not in prison met one of the supposed hostages of her fathers.She saw nothing wrong mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Two of them we're not young girls when supposedly abducted, One was 20 years old they say, The pother 18. One was angry they said because she lost custody of her child to the father says her family, She left home that night very angry.This is one huge money making hoax like the Jacee Duggar case in Cali was. One day you will see you have been duped by the new age of tabloid news tv. everyone glued to the tv set watching the newest hoax murder kidnapping crimes, Yes even the OJ trial was a huge hoax.Are there real crimes of murder and torture in society, Yes there are. But what makes more headlines is to create something this bizarre which will now become a movie and books written about it, The Lawyers come out to defend the phony victims, They give interviews to get paid.Tell me how within supposedly a few days They were able to conclude without a doubt that MR castro was the father of the baby one of the supposed victims had. I thought it tooks many many months to determine cases of whose the father of a mothers baby in terms of dna match , Just overnight This new hoax of a case uncovered new way to determine whose the baby's daddy lol. you want the truth Emily checkout WELLAWARE1.COM , YOU WONT BE MOCKING AND CALLING US ALL PARANOID , jUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE DRANK THE OBAMA KOOLAID AND THIS GOVT'S KOOLAIDE FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS IT'S BEEN SCRIPTED.
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#26 May 11, 2013
aLSO TWO OF THEM WERE SEEN LOOKING OUT THE WINDOWS, Here we go the whole Stockholm syndrome , That's when someone or others are kidnapped or tortured , Over this period of time they come to like and trust their captor and not even run away when they have many chances too. I guess Emily this is what happened with these three ladies, they became so accustomed to being sexually raped and beaten and humiliated They came to enjoy it and even had a baby by the abductor . mmmmmmmmmmmmm There were supposed many witnesses who saw at least two of these women looking out the windows, You are telling me with missing posters all over this area of these women for years, Nobody could put two and two together , yet alone the police dept, You got to understand CLEVELAND IS LIKE ONE STEP DIME AND PENNY AWAY FROM becoming the next Detroit. It's in shambles in crime and no jobs. What better way to have this huge hoax put all over the tv set and movie screens and in books. This puts CleVELAND IN THE SPOTLIGHT , The local Mayor comes out and police Chief saying if they had more Govt resources in place, They could've prevented this kind of thing from ever happening or found these young ladies much faster.Let's not forget He has two brothers that were arrested also along with him as being part of this elaborate crime. We are to believe over a ten year period, They never had one fight amongst one another and one of them spilled the beans about what the older brother was doing to this young women holding them hostage ands raping them all within blocks of them all being taken as well with missing posters all over the place. Let me remind you, Ask any cop how easy it is for someone to vanish into thin air that doesn't want to be found, They will say very easily. Many young ladies who run away from home are ashamed when they get into drugs or sell their bodies. Or even if they ran away and got preggie .You have to look at the facts not the tabloid in your face news tactics these days.In California That Jacee Duggar case . Many people said they knew little girls lived at the supposed Gerrido home. The cops even went there, This is a once convicted Rapist who has kids young kids living with him lol. wake up people OMG.They bring forth the woman GERRIDO supposedly raped many years back Then he went to prison for about 14 years, She says she looked up as she worked in this casino There he stood looking at her lol he supposedly raped her for days and held her in this storage garage .more liesssssssss
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#27 May 11, 2013
Emily calm down sweet evergreen woman you have mail to be sorted and you better use that old criminal degree for better work.I think the sheriffs dept is hiring again.poor ole amy got knocked up and her man left her to sing in a rock n roll band lol
Jake Parker

Southold, NY

#29 May 15, 2013
Hunter, you are an ANAL CANAL. If you know what i mean? jajajajajaja
Hunter, you are the biggest piece of shit i have known of since i left the farm in the Dominican Republic.
Hunter, you are an embarrassment for society.
Hunter, your government is your slave master, and you are giving them the privileges to enslave you.
Hunter, I hope you are not a christian, otherwise Jesus will puke all over your ass.
Hunter, if you are still reading this messages, then it means that you are an asswipe bigger than Dionne Washington's Butt.
Hunter, you faild to defend your country. Now go ahead and Shoot yourself in the head.
jajajajaajajaajajajaajajaajaja jajaja

United States

#30 May 18, 2013
Seriously? Do you have a life.. You need a hobby my friend.. Your insane if you for one second think this was fake.. Didn't you hear the 911 call did you hear amanda desperate cry for help? Did you see the picture of her and her sister in the hospital? Or how about when amanda came home and her sister came out of the house trembling.. Also this has been ten years of posters, visuals and etc to find these girls!! Give them some respect if you even have any!!! So what if people called the cops and they never followed up.. Happens more than you could imagine.. So grow up and try to put yourself in her and other women shoes.. Wise words from the Charles Ramsey who helped saved life's.. Thanks.


#31 May 21, 2013
Emily wrote:
Oh, wow, you guys! I'm so sorry! I didn't realize I had stumbled into the paranoid schizophrenics support group forum!
I am a lifelong Clevelander. THIS IS OUR HOMETOWN TRAGEDY, THOSE ARE OUR GIRLS, AND EVEN THAT BASTARD KIDNAPPER IS OUR OWN. NOT YOURS. Where you from? Indy? PA? NC? NYC? Go worry about your own damn corner of the world. Can't wait till something horrendous happens in your neighborhood so I can run online and insist it's all a conspiracy.
Agree with u on "wow, you guys! I'm so sorry! I didn't realize I had stumbled into the paranoid schizophrenics support group forum!"
Of course this tradegy is closer to you as it is YOUR hometown. Glad to see you've taken the protective view that this girls are YOURS. I get how this whole idiotic thread makes us normal people cook w rage inside so i understand how you came to write "Can't wait till something horrendous happens in your neighborhood " but i hope now that you dont really think that way. I'm sure you'd rather see only good things. The best way to support those girls is to let everyone support them ....meaning their tragedy is felt by many, prayers for strength by many, and most importantly the help of many to start their lives anew when they build up and away from being a victim. It should surely be sad if we all hang on to their tragedy when the time comes and the girls themselves want to move forward. Give them a job, be a friend, encourage. Dont whisper, point and remind .."she's one of those three girls". The one who startet this post.... How sad to be looking for so much deceite and hate in life. I'd bet very little positive comes out if your mouth. But you can still change that-good luck. Most importantly - good luck in your new lives girls.


#32 May 21, 2013
BTW... If u want to talk about conpiracies.... Did u know many of these idiotic things are started by someone who 1) has to write these things because their friends and families wont listen to the nonsense anymore, 2) they have found a way to make money on posting something so idiotic that they know people will react. I almost never every post replies but folks we need to stop feeding them.

Indianapolis, IN

#33 May 21, 2013
Beverly wrote:
Thank you! I had been thinking the same thing. This story doesn't make sense just like the
Sandy Hook Hoax. People need to stop believing every thing they see on TV and question these fake news stories that the government is putting out there8287 trying to distract us with. I don't think that's Michelle' brother, but I do believe that man (Ramsey) is an actor.
If he is an actor, he is not a very well trained actor. He has such a thick ghetto speech pattern you can hardly understand what he is saying.

Austin, TX

#34 Jul 10, 2013
I think the biggest red flagis the 6 year old! I have seen the 3 girls but so far I haven't seen or heard much about the GIRL! Think about it... where's her photo? She was also captive but did she go to school? Is she sane? Is she able to function and speak and is she even smart considering she missed at least prek kinder and maybe even first grade? They hardly mention her health and mental conditions. The girl is 6 can she talk? What does she have to say about all this? She must of seen and heard a lot of things? They guy castro would take her out to the park so I'm assuming he had a bond with her... so she seems all too well? In any event she would hold most of the answers. So do I believe this is a hoax or fake? Idk can't say but I do find a lot of holes. I read a lot of theories 1 being that the girls had posted ads on Craigslist for sex and willingly went into Castros house??? but in the end either can be the wrong answer and both are distracting so I just say eh stay awake but don't get distracted. Who are we to be distracted from? God maybe. Idk i

Lexington, KY

#35 Aug 1, 2013
Funny how people criticize your findings before first checking into the oddities of this story first. Sheeple. They're why these lies continue to be told to the american people. The media tels lies constantly.

Lexington, KY

#36 Aug 7, 2013
Thank you formerly blind. Well said. This entire event was a lie.

Brooksville, FL

#37 Aug 7, 2013
Quando wrote:
Funny how people criticize your findings before first checking into the oddities of this story first. Sheeple. They're why these lies continue to be told to the american people. The media tels lies constantly.
Exactly, and now the house is being destroyed. Why does the house need to be destroyed?

This was a hoax, the video of the one victim bumping and grinding with a boyfriend no less(where did he come from?) says a lot. A real victim would not be out and about like that.

This was a diversion.

Picayune, MS

#38 Aug 7, 2013
I agree that it is another hoax. I figured it as soon as reported. I mentioned it to my wife and she said not everything is a hoax, so I decided to cool it a bit after the other hoaxes I mentioned and was made fun of by most. People are just lazy minded and just don't want to think. They just accept what it and move on. I am at the point where I say let them die in there ignorance!

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Aug 7, 2013
Everyone knows this was a conspiracy by Emperor Obama to take the heat off of Cleveland for their botched voting during the election. Think about it, Cuyahoga county reported a 100% vote for Obama during election. You mean to say NOT 1 person in that city voted republican? No doubt in my mind that Obama is the ringleader of this incident.

Paso Robles, CA

#41 Aug 19, 2013
mom wrote:
I think something is not right either. Victims just don't say they are a victim like that, especially after 10 years? Most victims have so much guilt and obligation they are the last ones to say.
They don't just click with their family again and call their relatives saying how they love them within a few hours. They become very brainwashed and may not feel much towards family immediately.

Lewistown, PA

#42 Aug 19, 2013
Thanks immaagal. :)

Since: Aug 13

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#44 Aug 22, 2013
i just dont understand this world we live in

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