City to pay fire captain $350,000 to ...

City to pay fire captain $350,000 to settle suit

There are 154 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Sep 5, 2007, titled City to pay fire captain $350,000 to settle suit. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

The city will pay a female fire captain $350,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming she endured taunts and unfair discipline and was wrongly passed over for promotions in the male-dominated Fire Department, a city ...

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Arlington Heights, IL

#112 Sep 7, 2007
Grover wrote:
<quoted text>You are absolutely right. We all know that Randolph's brother is an incompetent medic, but they still pay him as one. It's an insult to the real medics out there doing the job daily. That's why IFD won't train new medics, the ones they have are such screw ups. The real medics have to watch them carefully and fix their errors before they get to the hospital. Pity the poor sick person that gets the fire dept medic first.
If you see a big red truck with 31 on the side......RUN! It's Gary. Sorry Ike, nothing but love for you brother but.....damn they hit it on the head!!
fire god

Indianapolis, IN

#113 Sep 7, 2007
what the female who has a problem with her gear all the time and got moved to just ems? you can give an gen. location thanks
Real Medic


#114 Sep 7, 2007
The medic wrote:
<quoted text>
The fact is, people in that fire district are less safe due to inappropriate medical treatment by certain fire department medics. Bottom line, IFD is and will always be part of the "good old boys" network. It's amazing what a screw up male firefighter medic can get away with when his brother is on the city county council.
And guess what. before long IFD, as bad as they are at EMS, will be running all EMS in the territory currently covered by Wishard Ambulance. As twp's consolidate, they will assume the EMS for those departments as well. All hail those imcompetent IFD medics! If the public allows this to happen, they deserve what they get!!

United States

#115 Sep 7, 2007
Wishard?.....'Nuf said......

Indianapolis, IN

#117 Sep 7, 2007
Wishard will not assume EMS for townships that consolidate. That falls under the IFD EMS division. There is a better chance of IFD taking over the Wishard ambulances than vice-versa.

United States

#119 Sep 7, 2007
its already in the works....bye bye white taxi

Chicago, IL

#120 Sep 7, 2007
Iz Wrong

Schiller Park, IL

#121 Sep 7, 2007
busted wrote:
<quoted text>
read the article before you post.
did you see this?
December 1992: Washington Township firefighter Teresa Ann Sterner filed a federal lawsuit alleging sexual harassment by 14 male firefighters.
I read the article. How many township lawsuits vs how many Indianapolis lawsuits in the last 20 years. Now Bart and his bandits will add $350,000.00 to the money he wants to gouge from the taxpayers.
Cheap shots

Indianapolis, IN

#122 Sep 7, 2007
Spouse wrote:
It is sad indeed that I have to pray each day that a female firefighter does not transfer to my husbands station. I have met many of the IFD female firefihters and know they are not as physically capable of rescuing the public or another firefighter. It is interesting to note the attorney representing Capt. Morrison also has special interest in Lesbian rights. I believe this is effort to hurt the mayor where they can. We the taxpayers are paying for Chief Greeson's behavior. Fire him and save the money.
I would like to add to what a few have already posted. First, being a city firefighter I would like for the Non-haters ,who might not comment but do read these blogs, to know that the majority including myself try our best for the citizens of indy and I am proud to work with such a dedicated group. Second, in regards to the attached post I would also like for everyone to know that it takes a combined effort on everyones part to mitigate an emergency situation and the majority of females I work along side of every shift give all they have and would give their lives if it were required of them in an attempt to save another, including this ladies husband. That being said we are all different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I hate to break your rose colored glasses but there are very few firefighters on the job who could remove another firefighter who goes down in a building by themselves. This job requires team work and dedication something the silent majority of firefighters out there would say are attributes that the majority of both our famale and male firefighters posess. Last thing and then you won't hear from me any more. This is to the firefighters, I implore to your better senses to stop thrashing on your brothers and sisters in this blog it isn't healthy for you or the department.

Indianapolis, IN

#123 Sep 7, 2007
Cheapshots is right. There are plenty of male firefighters who would have trouble removing a downed firefighter by themselves. It takes a whole bunch of people as we found out from training earlier this year and last. This discussion has deviated from the main topic of a female Captain who is taking us and the city for a ride because of her incompetence.
Real Medic


#124 Sep 7, 2007
plugcatcher wrote:
Wishard will not assume EMS for townships that consolidate. That falls under the IFD EMS division. There is a better chance of IFD taking over the Wishard ambulances than vice-versa.
Duh...that is exactly what I said. IFD will be taking over Wishard. Try it again stupid!


#125 Sep 7, 2007
Jerky Tom wrote:
<quoted text>
You are such a male jerk. I know many women that were in the engine Company "manning" a hose. I did usually 2nd on hose and up the ladder. I could pack hose as good as and better than most of the males.
Also experienced with the jaws and have ripped many cars a part.
Glad she have payday for all the rest of the females treated unjustly.
Well jerky, if you are a female and you where manning a hose second up the ladder why weren't you first? Where you like the lady I was in fire school with who could not take the nozzle on a 2 1/2 line and advance to the second floor and asked me if I'd let her go back to third position? If you can't handle the job you don't need to be in it! I don't like paying taxes for half asses.
Friend of Firefighters

United States

#126 Sep 8, 2007
It is sad that so many of the postings on this article have made it abundantly clear that ignorance and bias are still quite prevalent in our society, our particular community, and in the fire service.

To those of you who are merely uninformed, you should note that female firefighters must pass the exact same physical tests as the male firefighters in order to qualify for the job. The test is a nationally standardized test called the CPAT (Candidates Physical Ability Test). You should research this test on the internet and it will become clear that the CPAT is a demanding physical test which requires endurance and physical strength. While it is true that most women probably do not have the upper body strength necessary to pass the CPAT, the women firefighters of our City do and have passed the test. If you think Ruth Morrison or the other female firefighters don't have the strength or endurance to do their job, you don't know them.

To those who are simply biased against women firefighters, or women in general for that matter, you will either learn that each person should be judged for his/her actions, rather than gender, or you will perpetuate the discrimination that caused Ruth Morrison's lawsuit. Moreover, one day you may find yourself named as a defendant in a discrimination lawsuit.

Federal and State law protects each person from being discriminated in the workforce on the basis of sex. The Ruth Morrison case is a public record and for those who want the facts, you should read Judge Barker's scathing opinion denying IFD's motion for summary judgment against Morrison. The Judge quotes the deposition testimony of many of the male chiefs and it is amazing to see that these men admitted discriminating against Captain Morrison. In fact, one of these men testified that in his opinion women should not even be allowed to be firefighters. Read the opinion if you want the truth.

In summary, the Morrison settlement was more than justified. I hope it will lead to an improvement in the archaic, sexist attitudes which are unfortunately still all too common in our country, this community, and the fire service.
bull russel

Indianapolis, IN

#127 Sep 8, 2007
City Firefighter wrote:
<quoted text>
The real story is that the Captain in question has made more money that the Chief or the Mayor the past two years working overtime....that's how bad she has it on the department.
If she got promoted she wouldn't get any OT
Black Female

Indianapolis, IN

#128 Sep 8, 2007
The problem begins with the hiring process. Once they are on this job, its too late. You dont see any white male filing lawsuit. They get discriminated against from the day they put an application in. Every other ethnicity and gender gets hired and promoted first, then the white male can walk from the back of the bus and take a stab at whats left. Lets look at the percentage of lawsuits brought against the city, and see how may came from females. Its waaay to easy.

Indianapolis, IN

#129 Sep 8, 2007
Iz Wrong wrote:
Explain to me just one more time why Bart wants the township departments absorbed into this mess!
Sounds like Indianapolis Fire needs to be absorbed into the townships.
You idiot. You obviously are a clownship firefighter...this happens everywhere. It is not a IFD isolated incident. You obviously belong in the townships if you cannot read the rest of the lawsuits filed for discrimination..... stay where you belong and leave the real firefighting to us...fry some fish volly

Indianapolis, IN

#130 Sep 8, 2007
Real Medic, are you that stupid or just egotistical. My guess is that the ink hasn't even dried on your little cert yet!!!! Most of the IFD Medics are just as qualified as any of you Ambulance jockies. Also most have worked the same ambulances you profess to be so great at...Go to another ambulance service and work if we are soo terrible, or just hang on and hope we don't find out who you are when you come to work for IFD and live in our houses with us,.Probably ought to rethink your attitude. GOOF

Indianapolis, IN

#131 Sep 8, 2007
Not to mention a local politician/fire chiefs family member that not only gets hired above alot of qualified people, but fails virtually every class in the academy and keeps his job. WOW that would never happen. Or what about a Virtual Chief that wants the next Admin Chiefs job to go to someone because of their race and not their ability. Hmmmmm another law suit maybe.

Indianapolis, IN

#132 Sep 8, 2007
I agree 100 %, but having said all that I think we have gone completely the other direction. As a matter of fact there is a law suit coming with White Male firefighters and Police officers filing due to being passed over for promotion because our minorities need promoted. What message does that send to everyone? We dip down to promote people because of race or gender and not who is best for the job. If they would do it the correct way, they would eliminate IFD /IMPD people from doing the promotion and outsource it to a 3rd party entity to eliminate the good ole boy system and as well the reverse racism that happens.
Real Medic


#133 Sep 8, 2007
fyreman wrote:
Real Medic, are you that stupid or just egotistical. My guess is that the ink hasn't even dried on your little cert yet!!!! Most of the IFD Medics are just as qualified as any of you Ambulance jockies. Also most have worked the same ambulances you profess to be so great at...Go to another ambulance service and work if we are soo terrible, or just hang on and hope we don't find out who you are when you come to work for IFD and live in our houses with us,.Probably ought to rethink your attitude. GOOF
You've got to be kidding right? Qulaified medics in IFD are the exception, not the rule. I could count the ones that are very good on one hand. I could count the ones that are good enough to not blatently kill someone on the other. If IFD is so good at it, why are we not allowed to send anymore through medic school. Face it, EMS is something you have to actually DO to be good at. You can't do one IV every month, or one intubation in a year and be proficient at it. Now that there are Washing Twp. medics in our midst, the quality has improved. You see, they actually had to spend time working on an ambulance. They didn't just do their time on a bus in school then jump back on the engine with their raise and call it a day. To those on IFD who actually enjoy EMS, thank you, you do a wonderful job and know who you are. To those that just did it for the money, it shows! If you want to threaten anyone who speaks the truth as to what will happen when they are in "your house", fine, maybe I'm already there. You see, there are a few on the dept who still care more about the patients than covering up for "our brothers", or our "Incompetent Brothers". By the way, the ink is dry by a long mile. I was a medic before you hired me!

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