City to pay fire captain $350,000 to ...

City to pay fire captain $350,000 to settle suit

There are 154 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Sep 5, 2007, titled City to pay fire captain $350,000 to settle suit. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

The city will pay a female fire captain $350,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming she endured taunts and unfair discipline and was wrongly passed over for promotions in the male-dominated Fire Department, a city ...

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Indianapolis, IN

#49 Sep 6, 2007
jerry carter wrote:
SOME HEROES!!! oh there just men doing a job. no hero there. they have always had behavior problems. Let's not forget the porn stars who got nude and posed of pics in a IFD fire house. Little was done to those who had a part in that.
shame on you jerry.

to lump all firefighters in the same short sided comment that you made is typical (not to mention discriminatory). not all firefighters are like the ones portrayed in the story. we are honorable citizens like you. we have families who kiss us good-bye each day and wonder if in fact it truly is good-bye forever. we have mortgages and car notes. we have stress and joy. we have those who go to church and those who drink too much at bars. we bleed when cut and we sometimes have too much bravado. but never do we say...that is the home of a black or white family so we won't respond. never do we say that is a person with an alternative lifestyle so we won't put the fire out. no instead we compete with each other to be the first to get to the fire.

Sen. Larry Craig is not indicative of all senators. the educator that molests in not the norm for all teachers. your co-worker wherever you work may have secrets and prejudices that you may or may not be unaware of, but that is not a representation of you or your company--so why do you take cheap shots at firefighters?

I suppose you may just be upset so we will forgive you because I KNOW that the 2 kids that were rescued from a house fire last week are certainly glad that there is at least ONE HERO on the fire dept. and ONE HERO on the police dept.
Bart Peterson

Indianapolis, IN

#50 Sep 6, 2007
I told you that consolidating the fire departments would save taxpayer money. Don't you believe me?
Are You Serious

Cincinnati, OH

#51 Sep 6, 2007

We all would do well to remember that only one side of the story was heard, or ever will be heard thanks to the settlement.
Thank God people aren't tried and found guilty by the "court of public opinion" or are they?
To formulate an opinion based on what a reporter writes and a couple quotes thrown in is hardly a true representation of the facts in a complex situation.
But for all of you that are so quick to be a "lynch mob" have at it and attack every public servant in sight. With a ahotgun approach, sure you will hit some innocents and maybe one or two that actually deserve it.

You just won't know the difference.
Are You Serious

Cincinnati, OH

#52 Sep 6, 2007
Another thought, while I'm sure this will be viewed as a "victory" by some segments of the community, the sad truth is that it questions alot of the hard working, competent, dedicated female firefighters.

By the way, the aforementioned outnumber the ones looking for "a pass". I feel badly for them that people will look at them with doubt regarding both their motivation and abilities!

United States

#53 Sep 6, 2007
some name calling, rude comments from co-workers, lesbian references, $3,500.00....tops. It's only worth $350.00 as far as I'm concerned.
Richard Gozinya

Indianapolis, IN

#54 Sep 6, 2007
Now she can throw a big party for her and all her lesbian friends
jerry carter

Indianapolis, IN

#55 Sep 6, 2007
BUSTED, guess that is why all my heroes will be in story books or Bible. NO man should be elevated so high he thinks he is untouchable. Still doesn't explain why now the whole city has to take a $350,000 loss over them behaving like the "Little Rascals". Shame on them. I was on a volunteer fire department would have never treated someone so disrespectifully like they did.

United States

#56 Sep 6, 2007
Don't you just love that AFTER the city unsuccessfully tried to have the entire lawsuit dismissed, their lawyer has the gall to say:

"What happened to Captain Morrison was bad and unfortunate and an unacceptable situation, and she should not have been subjected to the behavior she was subjected to," said Kobi Wright, the city and county's lead attorney. "That behavior was not consistent with the city's policy of equal opportunity employment or the values it requires of its employees."

Liar. The city doesn't feel that way, and their lawyer's attempt to avoid civil accountability proves it. The City of Indianapolis vigorously resists paying even the most legitimate claims, which is disgraceful.
Bored on the circle

Duncan, OK

#57 Sep 6, 2007
NoblesvilleObserver wrote:
<quoted text>
You see? Lying will get you nowhere. You should have told him the truth--that you like to cruise the online version and leave silly comments on the discussion boards.
It's true! You get a nifty hat in exchange for the newspaper subscription. Boring, boring.... No more posters, buy our cheap colts junk, 2 "party" buses and a scantily clad radio wench to take your picture with. Oh, do thank the security for feeling you up.
Mean momma

Duncan, OK

#58 Sep 6, 2007
NoblesvilleObserver wrote:
<quoted text>
Well written. We had the same sorts of issues in the Army. I for one am very open to equal opportunity, and being mean is simply wrong. Unfortunately, lowering physical standards and promoting people who are actually less capable than their peers is also wrong. It's a tough question for sure.
If the house was on fire and a fire fighter had to pull me and the kid out of the house or heft a firehose, she had better be build like Chyna or any other of the wrestling gals.


Since: Dec 06

United States

#59 Sep 6, 2007
Kenny wrote:
<quoted text>
Dear Half Wit, those words weren't really meant to be kind nor hateful just honest. You know very well what I'm talking about and you know very well I'm right.
Wow - so you're GOD???
City Firefighter

Cincinnati, OH

#60 Sep 6, 2007
upside down wrote:
Does everyone miss the real story. A city attorney chooses to settle for $350,000 of your tax dollar instead of fighting the case. This is typical city attorney behavior in Indy. Even when the city is right, they still gladly gives out your tax dollars to avoid working. Now every woman passed up for promotion will come looking for a windfall.
And hey, didn't they just get a pay raise as well? Maybe it is this department that should really get a axe.
The real story is that the Captain in question has made more money that the Chief or the Mayor the past two years working overtime....that's how bad she has it on the department.

Indianapolis, IN

#61 Sep 6, 2007
jerry carter wrote:
BUSTED, guess that is why all my heroes will be in story books or Bible. NO man should be elevated so high he thinks he is untouchable. Still doesn't explain why now the whole city has to take a $350,000 loss over them behaving like the "Little Rascals". Shame on them. I was on a volunteer fire department would have never treated someone so disrespectifully like they did.
you missed the point. and made mine. you were a volunteer fireman....according to your previous post, you are one of "us heros"

Small Town Girl

Indianapolis, IN

#62 Sep 6, 2007
I have a complaint that somewhat fits in here... I am a women and I feel I am forced to work because some 30 years ago some stoned chics decided that they wanted "equal rights" and wanted to be treated the same as men. Now most women are forced to work because the economy is now set-up for two income families. Personally, I would much rather be at home taking care of my children and making my husbands dinner. I dont think that makes me stupid or uneducated, I am college educated in finance and work in the private sector and let me tell you if people think the city employees are discriminated against come on in the private sector. I trained my boss just because he was a man, when in truth I should have gotten his job through promotion from within. But I dont have the right "equipment" to play in the good ole boys club. I think everyone should stay where they belong!!
indy mess

Shelbyville, IN

#63 Sep 6, 2007
Once again the taxpayers get hosed. One more reason to vote Libertarian.

Shelbyville, IN

#64 Sep 6, 2007
The firefighters are taking over the city, look at the CCC. What fat cats, they get a blank check from us poor taxpayers.

United States

#65 Sep 6, 2007
Hey Ruth, spend our money and enjoy it. We all know what you are and how you get every promotion. You and most of the women of the fire service are a joke! Nobody wants to work with you because you are the worst kind of officer, incompetent and unsafe. When you have to defend your actions, you turn around and sue the ones who had to make up for your lack of skills in the first place. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, she knows the truth and so do we.
Greasons Boys

Indianapolis, IN

#66 Sep 6, 2007
The Mayor has gotten it wrong again. How can he allow Fire Chief Jim Greeson to continue his job duties as Fire Chief. He is responsible to lead by example and an example should be made of him. Nothing less than a demotion to Captain along with the other fire chiefs involved. It is time Mayor Peterson considers the talent of The Consolidated IFD and appoints someone with the education and experience this position requires. The Good Ole' Boys have got to go.
jerry carter

Indianapolis, IN

#67 Sep 6, 2007
Busted, never claimed to be a hero or wanted to be. just did the jobs and enjoyed it. Treated all with RESPECT: black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight, etc.
Still don't know why we have to for the bad behavior of a couple of your IFD brothers, busted? Please explain

Indianapolis, IN

#68 Sep 6, 2007
Iz - For these reasons the Township trustee's wanted just that - townships to absorb Center Township. I know consolidation will be moving forward and I pray for the safety of everyone involved. Getting back to Ruth - here is a lady that knows how to work the system. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the Chief was in the wrong but it's my understanding this is not the first complaint she has had. I would like to see the proof that she went through the same promotional proccess as the guys have to when she was promoted to Captain. I agree that very few women belond in the Fire Service and I am a woman. I would feel more comfortable knowing my husband had a partner strong enough to pull his butt out of a buring structure.

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