Rape of student, 14, prompts police w...

Rape of student, 14, prompts police warning

There are 119 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Mar 23, 2007, titled Rape of student, 14, prompts police warning. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Police urged parents to take action to keep their children safe at school bus stops after a 14-year-old girl was abducted from one Friday and raped behind a vacant house on the Far Eastside.

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Louisville, KY

#25 Mar 24, 2007
Teen Parent wrote:
This was a horrible tragedy for this young girl. What completely outrages me is how ANYONE could close the door on what was most definately a terrified crying girl pleading for help and safety. It is the responsibility of all parents, neighbors and for that matter humans beings to watch out for our children. Society needs to step up their game in helping to fight crime, especially this horrible one that happened to that child.
I know the neighborhood that this took place in and you don't answer your door for anything. I wouldn't put it past some thugs over there to have their girlfriend or sister to get naked and pose as a rape victim just to get in someones house to rob them.

Since: Mar 07

United States

#26 Mar 24, 2007
come on people wake up. I have lived in this area for 25 years and just moved out. things are out of control with the violence,drugs and kids. I have personally tried to work with police with certain matters going on and I got no where,they just turned their heads and their backs to things that were in plain view. It is up to those that care enough for our young people to watch over and pay attention to what is going on around them. I drive past that bus stop every morning around 6:50 and know a few of the kids on it.I did not go past there Friday. Had I done so maybe I would have seen this and maybe scared him off. Please people look out your windows check out what is going on around you.
Just sayin

Michigan City, IN

#27 Mar 24, 2007
Dennis_Daviess Co wrote:
Thanks to DST Way to go Danials are you Happy Now?
You really think the lack of daylight had something to do with this? The aminal that did this would attack anytime of day or night.
get a life

United States

#28 Mar 24, 2007
The story said "before dawn". It is actually light at the time this happened. It should have said "before sunrise", which means the same thing. Those who would continue to whine about DST, need to look at the facts: this happened in the light, and DST had nothing to do with it!

Since: Dec 06

Peoria, IL

#30 Mar 24, 2007
I am sure that over the last 40 years or so that most people reading about this tragic action have waited on a bus at some time or another. How many times have you waited in the dark for a bus, and never seen a police office?? You can not blame this on the police or DST. There are sick people in this world and yes they live and travel in your area. People must use common sense and watch out for each other and themselves. Get off the box about DST and the police merge.

Since: Jan 07


#31 Mar 24, 2007
I can't believe you are saying quit whining about dst, when in fact what people are saying is if it was daylight it would probably not happen.I think fear of being seen, license number, make, model, color of car, would have been easier to see and report, thus making this sick punk think a little more.If students didn't have too stand out in the dark it would be a lot safer. No one can tell me or any other parent anything different!
Reality Check

Peoria, IL

#32 Mar 24, 2007
ben scrued wrote:
This type of incident is going to continue to happen because the police merger is being horridly mismanaged by the mayor and sheriff. Reelect BART and then complain some more.
Got news for you sir. This kind of thing has been going on since long before the Sheriff of Nottingham Bart tried this stupid merger. The simple fact is that people need to watch for their own children and the responsible people of this town need to resign themeselves to the fact that self-protection is the only protection they will have when the merde hits the oscillator. On a side note, I hope the person that refused to open the door to this poor, naked and frantic 14 year old girl has a need for help someday and finds out what it is like to be turned away. What a lowlife.
Big Jim


#33 Mar 24, 2007
Interesting how the Star pulls your post if you don't agree with them. So much for the first amendment. Too bad that the press is the biggest oppressor of the first amendment!

Covington, KY

#34 Mar 24, 2007
I'm in my mid-thirties and distinctly remember waiting for busess in the dark. DST has absolutly nothing to do with this horrendous crime.

Please do not turn this young lady's tragedy into some line item on your politcal battle.

New Palestine, IN

#35 Mar 24, 2007
With police spread all over the county now more of this horriable crimes will happen. I have been a police officer for 22 years and this is by far the worst crime has been in this city and the leadership of this new department seems not to care as long as there getting rich off your taxpayers dime. We had a officer get arrested and now a poor young girl get raped and still no comment from the SHERIFF. Remember you the taxpayer should be outraged cause the sheriff doesnt care and neither does the mayor

New Palestine, IN

#36 Mar 24, 2007
Sure am glad I got my police merger. it did cost me 50,000 bucks to give the sheriff a raise to over 350,000.00 a year to get him to sell out his department . It is true we dont have enough police and I am sorry I lied and said it would put more police on the street abd we all know it didnt but I had to have a selling point. Knowing what I have done to this city and how the crime rate is so high, I have a hard time sleeping at night and sure the sheriff has a hard time spending that huge raise we gave hime...Goodnight and dont forget to lock your doors
Kevin Fleming

United States

#37 Mar 24, 2007
Mr Johnson wrote:
...I do think it telling that we acknowledge a link between the amount of light and crime when putting up streetlights, but ignore the causality when passing legislation to start daylight saving time.
Research has not produced a link between the amount of light and crime as you suggest. Anecdotely the data show the more light, the more crime. Addtionally, if any lighting is present, if it as poorly designed as most of what is in use in Indianapolis it is at least as likely to obscure vision as to enhance it.

Greenfield, IN

#38 Mar 24, 2007
WOW it took three posts before someone blamed DST instead of the rapist.

Carrollton, TX

#40 Mar 24, 2007
"We" put our children out in pitch black darkness IN ORDER TO SAVE MONEY. THANKS GOV. DANIELS.

Cincinnati, OH

#41 Mar 24, 2007
Police said the attacker was a black man, about 5-foot-9, wearing dark pants and a gray hooded sweatshirt. He was driving a white car, possibly four-door.
Wow! an accurate deccription of this predator from the Indianapolis Star!

New Palestine, IN

#42 Mar 24, 2007
Pretty sad that we live in a world where people can do that to children. If he is caught,will he even serve out his time? My daughter's child molester did not. I think we need stricter laws on anyone who harms a child in any way!!!
Mr Government

United States

#43 Mar 24, 2007
Reality Check wrote:
<quoted text> Can you please tell me what "proactive police work" is? That's the dumbest phrase I ever heard and I'm tired of it being used. Police are NOT proactive, they are REACTIVE! They do not respond to crimes until after they have already happened. Hate to break it to you buddy, but the police ARE just like the fire dept. and EMT. Chances are if this kid was on that corner at least one cop drove right by her.How could that cop have been proactive? Give me a break!
I sympathize with the police on the merger issue. However most of the people who are against these mergers are township politicians who will LOSE their jobs. We don't need more political jobs. The governmnet and Walmart are the leading employeers in this state. Thanks Mitch! I respect and appreciate our police force however I find it funny that the policemen can have unions yet other conservatives talk about teachers unions like they are run by Satan. Most teachers don't belong to any union and most teachers don't even know who their union reps are-because the unions are powerless

Michigan City, IN

#44 Mar 24, 2007
Did DST cause this tragedy to happen? No

Did the darkness of the hour help help facilitate this crime of opportunity? Of course it did.

Therefore, to dismiss DST as a contributing factor in this case is at least equally ignorant as blaming it on DST itself.


Indianapolis, IN

#45 Mar 24, 2007
I'm so sick and tired of all the fear mongering on here! Everything is the Mayor's fault, DST's fault, The Gay's fault and on and on and on and on.

When are you people going to see that it is YOUR FAULT!

For not taking a stand in a crime ridden neighborhood.

For not expecting more out of your elected officials.

For not expecting more out of your shools.

For not expecting more out of your children.

What can you/we/I do today, right now to make something better about the world we live in?

Kankakee, IL

#46 Mar 24, 2007
Obviously it is the rapist's fault, but operating under cover of darkness certainly helped. And maybe that little girl isn't used to being up so early and wasn't as alert as she could have been, poor angel. With a little light and decent rest he might not have had the opportunity - she might have seen him coming and got away.

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