1- A business community consisting of $crooge like characters. You can't get the business community to donate 1 million to the schools.....But they can come up with $30 million on behalf of an attempt to bring the city a SuperBowl.

2- You can carry a lot of pills on your person,$29,000 in cash as well,and not have your money confiscated and/or serve one day in jail.......As long you're a billionaire sports team owner.

3- A mayor that takes great pride in the amount and size of the potholes in the streets. Wham Bam Thank Ya Mam!

4- A sports stadium costing millions to build by donating a few thousand dollars to particular mayoral campaigns.

5- See number 4 above. Just exchange parking garage for sports stadium.

6- A bill for $57,000 a month for a building the city cannot use. Can you say ROC? I knew you could. Thank ya Mayor Ballard!

7- A character as smarmy as Carl Brizzi as prosecutor. I believe he's still angry because he was wasn't tall enough to access the rides at Kings Island as a kid and teenager. As of today,he's still too short to have access to those amusement rides today as an adult.


8- You will not be held accountable if you bribe the prosecutor and acquire the freedom of your family member who was convicted and sentenced to serve many decades in prison. When the prosecutor accepting the bribe is convicted,he will only receive a slap on the wrist.