Did Syria use WMD or did the rebels
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ima hoosier

Fortville, IN

#21 Aug 29, 2013
how true. dubya had many friendships re the royalty over there, so he should have been up on the facts a little more. instead he played dumb and acted like what you dont know wont hurt you. as for the radical on the thread; ignore the rants. do not address his ravings, and without the attention he craves maybe he will go on to something else and write the truth.

United States

#22 Aug 29, 2013
Americans love going to war. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel strong. It makes us feel as if we're doing God's work. When it comes to doing things for ourselves, our country is always broke. We love to hear that from our representatives. BUT,when it comes to war,we're the richest nation in the world and our willingness in blasting off cruise missiles at 1.5 million per missile is the most prudent thing to do. War is good. Especially since the sons and daughters of Geraldo Rivera and Glenn Beck,et al,will not be doing any of the fighting. Mine either.

We love our sports franchises. Who cares if there's not enough money to fix the roads and bridges? What's important is to keep giving millions to families such as the Simons for their efforts to siphon off monies from the taxpayer to further their own bank accounts. The CIB has been shoving their c**k right up your a** and the public gladly grabs its ankles for the cause.

Speaking of Saddam gassing a few folks....The US ofA sold him the gas. I know. I shook hands with him to make that deal!

One more thing. For the past 15 years you've been told Al Quaida was the enemy and the source for 911......And now the US government is selling arms to Al Quaida in an effort to topple the Syrian government.

Now that I've got that off my chest,can we now discuss more pressing matters that affect this country? Like,ummmm,let's discuss the Miley Cyrus performance at the VMA's.
ima hoosier

Fortville, IN

#23 Aug 30, 2013
stop it
you seem to forget that she is still her daddys little girl...thats what he said. watta rednekk.
The Patriot of Wisdom

Indianapolis, IN

#24 Aug 30, 2013
I believe both Bush's went through congress and the UN, They didn't invade a country on the weekend without congress consent or UN consent. But Obama you're Boi did and all his Dems explained away why he had to invade Libya. Thew same Dems who blasted both Bush's who applied sanctions and no fly zones and resolutions passed to which Saddam didn't abide by, Five other nations intelligence said Saddam had WMDS and we know he gassed thousands of his own people. I heard the same dems well we sold him the gas as though it was out fault. If I sell you a Lambourghini and you get out on a public street and run over a bunch of people, Does that make it my fault?I have Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and many other dems saying if Saddam breaks one UN resolution or no fly zone rule He must be removed by any means necessary said all of those Dems, He is a very dangerous man, He is making the region unstable said Bill Clinton and Hillary. The same John Kerry and Joe Biden who said they would seek impeachment on GWB if he even thought about going intO Iran with air strikes, You also had a few dems such as Pelosi defy a Presidents order along with pother dems who traveled to one of those terrorist countries shame the USA and make the terrorist country look like an angel. Tell me where is COKE PINK NOW? Obama has out troops getting killed daily, where is the outrage by the same left, Obama has killed thousands of innocent civilians with drone plane strikes , where is Rosie O 'Donnel on those murders by war monger Obama?BMI you have seen the storage chemical sheds? You mena like the drawing Colin Powel showed of a supposed chemcial truck that Saddam had in Iraq? BMI yes Saddam did have WMDS, The UN peace keeper pacifist Hans Blix along with Scott Ritter allowed Saddam the time to move them into Syria. Yet GWB and Repubs were mocked and called liars and said thew whole WMD was made up, It was all about oil. I don't hear thi about Obama from you BMI. Whats changed?What you hate BMI like most of your liberal commie socialist thugs Is that I come with facts and proof on video of what your dems said. You and your thug dems hate another opinion . The only thing you can do is whine . blame. and call those you can;t debate kkk or racist. That's all you will ever have to fall back on. Just means I'm winning the debate , History proves me correct and all the wars your Dems started and lost.

Since: Jan 13

Location hidden

#25 Aug 30, 2013
I can say the same thing 10 different ways. Kappy and his short bus mentality can not get it past that receding hair line that I am a republican that refuses to go that far right. Can you ever stay on Topic, Kappy? I say stay the hell out of Syria Every Missile sent could be spent 1.5 million on schools. Kappy and the good ol boys would rather spend billions on war then in our education system.
The Patriot of Wisdom

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Aug 30, 2013
What schools BMI, Public schools lol, You're leftist pals have been wasting our money on public schools for over 80 years now. What has it produced? It now teaches diversity for gays and blacks and Hispanics to hate white people. To blame whites for all that ills those people of color.It teaches them to be militants and angry protestors . The public school teachers strike every year. The trillions of dollars wasted on leftist feel good do good programs have done little in society as in helping it, It has destroyed it. I guess BMI guy the now republican guy. You didn't object to the many wars Dem Presidents took us into, wait they always called them conflicts or civil wars lol. Now they are Arab springs lol Gwb was laughed at when he said we are introducing democracy to the middle east, Obama says the same thing, he is cheered or for mentioning peace, He was gave the Nobel Peace Prize lol.BMI how many drone planes and bombs has Obama wasted on innocent civilians that could had gone to a new school?I guess Obama didn't rush into Libya over a weekend and while congress was on vacation. Just as they are now, How bizarre the same scenario plays out again for Obama to invade another country while congress is on vacation.Here comes the war powers act again.Obama far exceeded the war powers act, The first time he used it to invade Libya. Hillary Clinton cheering we got him as in Khaddaffi being executed in the streets. The same Hillary along with her other leftist dems, Who demanded both Bush's go through the UN and congress before invading any country. To apply many sanctions and resolutions as they also visited Iraq and Syria to sweet talk the leaders, Then comeback and blame the USA for everything.That's a long thread to make a ball of string with now BMI guy.Four DEAD IN BENGAHZI? WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ASK OBAMA WHY HE LIED AND SAID STAND DOWN AS THEY WERE SLAUGHTERED .IMPEACHMENT NOW!!! FAR WORSE THAN ANY WATERGATE EVER WAS.

Indianapolis, IN

#27 Sep 6, 2013
ima hoosier

Fortville, IN

#29 Sep 13, 2013
since you accuse the president of lying, go to the news media and expose the lie. they will help you. i would try lush rimbaugh or gewt ningrish or even a bible thump bashing preacher like that pukecannon guy. think of the people who would adore you and liken you to the lord, i bet you would even be invited by the repubs to attend a dinner at the white house to congratulate you on the superb way of your journalistic approach. make sure that you quote your last paragraph on your rant to the press. but remember. dubya and his daddy will not remember a thing, negative or not. good luck.

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