Daniels opens door to later tax deadlines

Responding to growing anger among Hoosiers hit with large property tax increases, Gov. Full Story
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Indianapolis, IN

#65 Jul 10, 2007
Owner in Marion Co wrote:
It is very evendent Mitch and Bart do not get it. Everyone has lost respect in their ability to be "leaders".(AS seen by my informalaity) My wife and I are two profeesionals who have figured we can take a $50K loss on our home sale and still be ahead financially after we move, and we are are in our late 50's. How many can afford to do this? The state "braggs" how they want to attract people in our catagory, yet after 13 years in Indiana, we are now planning our "escape". Now the state will not loose the property tax as someone else will own the house at a lower value helping to set lower market values for the rest of the community, but they will loose the wheel taxes on three vehicles, incomes taxes from $250K plus earnings, all the taxes we pay when we brought family and clients to town.(Being self employed, my expenses where around $75K last year and most was spent on entertainment here in Marion Co.) Real estate only started us thinking about relocation. Bart's projected request to up the local income tax rate pushed us over the edge. WE have felt the rentless, useless, uncontrolled spending by uncaring, over ego'd politicians who are here for nothing more than to leave a legacy to them selves would finally catch up to them and it has. You can not run home, business, least of all government, by failing to payoff debt before incuring more. As example, not having Market Square Arena paid for before destruction. And now you have the RCA Dome with over $20 million still owing on it. Sure the down town looks great and the street bumbs are not visible, but this was done by driving the undesiribles to the suburbs and over spending which is now falling on the few citizens that will be left. As for Mitch, he showed his "true" colors when he has constantly declined to stay at the home provided by the tax payers. He is saying "I'm to good" and I don't have to follow protocol. The mansion gives people a contact point for him with hopes that he wil be there to listen and possibly comment on our satisfaction or our unhappyness with his leadership. After all his friends in "Washington" have done little for the average joe, but has made millions for corporations, both in and OUT fo the state.(outsourcing)
Agree; it's time to go...By Midget Mitch and Bullnose Bart...Keep taxing the people in Indy and you want have a city..
Sergeant Major

Cincinnati, OH

#66 Jul 10, 2007
BlahBlah wrote:
<quoted text>
Just looks like you're sticking up for a commander who has lost control of his ship. Sounds like mutiny, Sarge.
Nope, not standing up for anybody, the governor, no matter if he is democratic or republican does not have line item veto power. We elect the representatives at the local and state level who do our business. The property tax problem has been stewing for a long time, now it has exploded. I am saying we need to make sure we do our talking at the polls and elect those people, democratic or republican or others, who best represent our interests and needs and will act accordingly.

Since: Feb 07

Indianapolis, IN

#67 Jul 10, 2007
georgia wrote:
I am one of those who is about to lose her home. I am a grandmother who works every day trying to keep my home for my two grandsons to have some day. It's not big it's a very small 900 square feet 2 bedroom and one bath. Nothing to write home about but it's my home. Well maybe not after good ole Bart starting selling all us Hoosiers out for some kind of dream city of his. I don't understand why he wants to make Nap Town into another Carmel. On my street you can't even see the sewer's and believe me they don't work when it rains much either. The sewers are covered with weeds over 2 feet tall! There are only 6 houses on my street and 3 of them are rentals and a business on the corner where these sewers are all grown over and no one seems to want to clean them up not the city not the people living on the street. And so why is Bart raising our taxes so much it will increse our payments by at least 1,200.? There sure isn't any fixing up going on here. I have found out that Bart is really froze up where his heart is supose to be. You better hire new police because there is going to be alot more homeless people for him to protect when he's done taking our houses away from us Hoosiers.
you hit the nail on the head! i really think their raising taxes to push out the lower income families! he wants to clean the area up so it hard to do when people don't make a ton of money they know that so they just raise raise raise! i live in hendricks county and i don't pay as much as you guys do! i feel sorry for you that's for sure! i have to help my mom pay her bill.... she's disabled and can't afford this! sad just sad!

Sumrall, MS

#68 Jul 10, 2007
Religious Voter wrote:
Brian Bosma knows that stopping homosexual marriage is the most important thing for the legislature. And putting prayer back in the Statehouse. God bless Brian! He knows there are more important things than taxes!!!
That is a very important point for us to remember when we vote in 2008! Do NOT let them use the smoke screen about religious issues to divert us from these issues. As an independent thinker and voter, I get so sick of these right-wing conservatives trying to work everyone up into a moral frenzy that they hold the keys to heaven and anyone who disagrees with them are going to hell if they don't vote for them. Well, I don't think it really matters what church you go to. When we are electing public officials, we have to concentrate on their political positions on the economic issues that affect us all.

DITCH MITCH in 2008!!!!!!!!!!
History Changes

Orland Park, IL

#69 Jul 10, 2007
History Teacher wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, my friend, you just lost almost every person you were trying to convince to change over to the Libertarian Party. They are probably cussing at you under their breath as I type this (if they're awake yet!)
I am a conservative Republican, but do appreciate much of what the Libertarian Party stands for. As a history teacher I even understand the point that you were TRYING to make...however you just totally fell on your face in doing so. But I'm not going to waste my time and effort defending your thoughts.
The ultimate problem with a third political party in America is that in recent history for Presidential elections anyway, none has gotten more than 19% of the popular vote (Ross Perot) nor more than 10% of the needed electorial college votes. Therefore, the 3rd Party ends up dividing one or other of the parties which hands the opposite Party the election on a silver platter.
As for State elections, as of now the Libertarian Party in Indiana gets its members more from the Republican Party than the Democrats, thereby assuring us of continued governmental rule by the Dems.
Hence, right now at least, a vote for the Libertarian, no matter how gallant the cause, is a net vote for the Democratic Party.
For another problem with 3 or more political parties look to other governments where this situation ocurrs...such as Israel for example. When no one Party has a majority (which is mostly always the case), two or more have to come to some sort of agreement/compromise to make a successful elelction, but then immediately begin argueing regarding every trivial matter thereafter. This often results in great difficulty in getting anything accomplished in a timely manner. We complain about "gridlock" now, I hate to think of what would happen then.
So in the mean time what do we do...well for starters get involved in the process. Don't just vote for one party because that's what you've always done as did your mommy and daddy. Find individual candidates of any party who agree with your points of view and then volunteer your time and/or money for them. And most important of all, VOTE!
Quoting the past is not a recipe for the future. I actually know several people who have become recent converts from Republican and Democrat to Libertarian. I am also starting to lean that way myself as they seem to be the only political party telling us the truth. I do not care one bit about history or vote percentages or any other excuse why people do as they do. Just think that at one point, over 80% of Americans were in support of the war and now only 20% support the war. If we took your same logic and transposed it to the political process, we might as well revolt against this government as the only solution we would have is a bloody revolution, but I am an optimist and I see that maybe it's time for new blood in our political system and lately, I've been quite impressed with Libertarians compared to the other lame duck parties.

Indianapolis, IN

#70 Jul 10, 2007
Look Fool:

Peterson doesn't have any control over the Library. Those were Republican appointees steering contracts to their bubba's. Don't you even bother to read before you open your fool mouth?

Bart has been cutting his budget for years. He also predicted this in 2005 in his budget speech.

The State has passed through many of its expenses to the counties (like the $45 mil in child welfare). The county gets the bill, but has no control over expenses. That's also why it seems like the local government's spending is out of control -- it's really State spending.

The Mayor has been working on fixing this for years and he has gotten spit by the State. He is the one who has been actively reducing spending and duplication -- including in the police and fire departments. Eliminating duplication and reducing spending has gotten him in trouble with Republicans in the Police and Fire departments.
Steve wrote:
Look no further that Bart Peterson and Pat Bauer to blame...Peterson for failing to control spending and operating the city budget on the blank check principal. Just look at the Library!!..All most all of my taxes, which went up 50% are staying in Marion Co. Where is the savings from the big police merger..lets see the savings...more fuzzy math and smoke and mirrors by the Peterson administration. And where is Bart..all he can do is stand around and point the finger at Gov Daniels..He just sends out out one of his overpaid Deputy Mayors to address the issue...And don't forget Pat Bauer the Majority Leader for not making the property tax issue a main priority...He left all of us to pay these over inflated out of control property taxes....Very Sad...It is time for a change....Save Indianapolis!!

Plainfield, IN

#71 Jul 10, 2007
How can I join the lawsuit against Marion county for the major tax increase?
Sorry to be Leaving

Canton, IL

#72 Jul 10, 2007
"Back to Kansas Toto" "With so many spelling errors I'm assuming your secretary does most of your paperwork and correspondence. As far as the Big Business goes you do realize, don't you, that in many people's eyes if you're making enough money to have $250K a year income then you ARE a big business?"
Just becasue my fingers do not hit the correct keys does not mean I have a secretary. And just because I work two jobs and my wife works 60 hours a week to get to our income does not mean I don't understand the term big business. And just because we decided to limit our family size to one we could afford and not demand government entitilements does not mean we are not part of the movement. I worked my way through school, accepted a career that caused me to be seperated from my family over 200 nights a year for the last 25 years, spend over 30 week ends a year for the last 10 years away and all fo this allows me to be proud of our income and not want Mitch, Bart,
Brain, and Bat to take it away. If more people took responsibility for themselves and did what what was needed to get ahead then they would feel as I do. I HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT!
Richard Windisch

United States

#73 Jul 10, 2007
We don't want short-term property tax relief. We want no property tax. Why is Mitch talking about calling a special session? He knew what was going to happen when he signed it. The entire state legislature knew it and they passed it anyway. We are being robbed by the state and many of us are being forced into foreclosure or bankruptcy. We are being forced into paying "rent" to the state just so we can live in houses we are buying. We don't need temporary measures; we need the present property tax bill repealed. Now. Next: Impeach the governor and recall all members of the house and senate. Enough is enough. They are obviously not representing us. The Declaration of Independence clearly states, " ...governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government,..."
We are way overdue.

United States

#74 Jul 10, 2007
sherylraa wrote:
I do agree with you on the Religious part and i'm all with you but when your being put out of your home you would not be so blase' about the taxes either.
<quoted text>
I took Religious' post as being sarcastic, sherylraa, but if either of the two of you truly believes what Religious posted, then I truly pity both of you. You are clearly idiots.
Indiana Homeowner

United States

#75 Jul 10, 2007
Nothing less than total reform to sales or income taxes will do!! No more bandaids, Fix the problem! Yes I am sure the IACT will fight this, however it is time to listen to the taxpayers, sounds like we are on the edge of a revolt!!
Independent Voter

Brownsburg, IN

#76 Jul 10, 2007
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Proposition 13, officially titled the "People's Initiative to Limit Property Taxation," was a ballot initiative to amend the constitution of the state of California. The initiative was enacted by the voters of California on June 6, 1978. It would eventually be upheld as constitutional by the United States Supreme Court in the case of Nordlinger v. Hahn, 505 U.S. 1 (1992). Proposition 13 is embodied in Article 13A of the California Constitution.

The most significant portion of the act is the first paragraph, which capped real estate taxes:

SECTION 1.(a) The maximum amount of any ad valorem tax on real property shall not exceed One percent (1%) of the full cash value of such property. The one percent (1%) tax to be collected by the counties and apportioned according to law to the districts within the counties.

The proposition's passage resulted in a cap on property tax rates in the state, reducing them by an average of 57%. In addition to lowering property taxes, the initiative also contained language requiring a two-thirds majority in both legislative houses for future increases in all state tax rates or amounts of revenue collected, including income tax rates. Proposition 13 received an enormous amount of publicity, not only in California, but throughout the United States.[1] Passage of the initiative presaged a "taxpayer revolt" throughout the country....

A large contributor to Proposition 13 was the sentiment that older Californians should not be priced out of their homes through high taxes.[3] The proposition has been called the "third rail" of California politics and it is not politically popular for Sacramento lawmakers to attempt to change it.[3]

Our current tax woes seem to be a result of multiple, independent taxing authorities without much effective oversight or responsibility to taxpayers. Every politician I've talked with from the state-house down points to some other level of govt. California faced the same problem in 1978, and the same excuses. I think that they came up with the best solution, which is least likely to get bogged down into endless "studies" and "committees" that politicians use to kill an issue.

If the 2% cap on property taxes is OK next year, why not this year? Why not 1% the year after?

2% NOW, 1% LATER

Since: Jan 07

Carmel, IN

#77 Jul 10, 2007
I just had a talk with the "Tax people" down town to start with they acted like they didn't even know why i was calling them and then they told me to bad. She was as rude as a person could get and informed me my house was valued at 57,000 (alot less than i paid for it!) and my taxes with up 1,956.00 for this year and most likley more again next year. And this is followed by 1,500. the year before! So Bart will get my home because i will not sell it it needs to much work i at the age of 55 will have to file bankrupcy for the first time ever, that's one thing i took great pride in now that money hungry person has also been able to take that.

Paoli, IN

#78 Jul 10, 2007
Why not raise sales tax to 10% and do away with real estate, personal property and state taxes. I'm sure that would put everybody on equal standing.
Sorry to be Leaving

Canton, IL

#79 Jul 10, 2007
Racoon wrote:
<quoted text>
Profeesionals, eh? The type of people Indiana wants to attract, eh?
I hope you're going to Kentucky where you can learn to spell.
Just becasue my fingers do not hit the correct keys means I am from Kentucky. I might be your next door neighbor! It might be better to look at the message instead of condeming the speller!
what a joke

United States

#80 Jul 10, 2007
Do these idiots really think they are solving anytning by extending payment dates? To them this is "relief". This isn't even a band-aid. Come on people, keep up the rallying. We need to let these officials know they are dealing with people with brains.

Sterling Heights, MI

#81 Jul 10, 2007
Gene wrote:
Why the $%LL is everyone blaming Mitch? You all had better open your eyes and starting throwing some pitchforks at B.Pat Bauers way! A good property tax plan was presented in the Senate by Luke Kenley and Bauer said, we dont need it! So here peasents have a rebate check, which you will get taxed on again!! Let the anger fly towards the real culprit! He's your majority leader Indiana! Way to go!!!
Amen. Bauer led the way to cancel the inventory tax which created the tax void that caused the property tax levels to go up. Think he gives a *#% about Marion County??

Lexington, KY

#82 Jul 10, 2007
Protest!! Thats all these guys understand, they may lose their job and get kicked off the gravy train.
Black Sunday, July 15. 10am-2pm, Monument Circle; Income tax Scam Day, July 16, 5:30pm City county Building;
Tax Day, Friday, July 27, all day, jam downtown so the politicians can' get to the steakhouse!!
govt teetsqueezer

Carol Stream, IL

#83 Jul 10, 2007
Vote in 2008? Why in the world does anybody want to live here anyways? It sucks. Its a gross backwoods collection of morons. You guys have fun voting the next flunky in I'm outa here.

United States

#84 Jul 10, 2007
Much of the answer to all this is to decide what the taxpayer needs to pay for -- and what the taxpayer should not be paying for.

Example: Any drunk caught should pay for the jail time; any juvenile -- parents pay for the jail time; any foster child whose parents have jobs and ability to pay should pay for the keep of their child, since they are too inept to parent the child; no stadiums, no money for historical assns.; no money for school competitive athletics. Parents who want this stuff pay for it.

The taxpayer cannot continue to pay for every whim of every special interest group of people.

Once the true culling of what taxpayers pay and what they don't, then taxes will go down.

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