Who's hot: Peyton Manning

Who's hot: Peyton Manning

There are 524 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Dec 27, 2007, titled Who's hot: Peyton Manning. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Records man: Colts QB Peyton Manning owns franchise career records with 41,531 yards, 306 touchdowns and a 94.7 passer rating.

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Saint Louis, MO

#524 Apr 11, 2011
OMG today was the first day I had heard that they had twins. Well I am pretty sure that she did not give birth to the twins. They probably used a surrogate or adopted them. That would explain why no one knew they were having babies. I am so happy for them. The fact that Ashley wants to keep it a secret is ridiculous! What is the big deal. So what if they adopted or used a surrogate? They have a wonderful little family now. So GREAT!!! The names are really family names though, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosely Thompson Manning.

Kernersville, NC

#525 Apr 12, 2011
I don't understand all the secrecy...I'd rather have come out and said..."we're expecting...yippee, had twins" than have all these rumors being spread around. I can't believe all the trash I have read on various sites about him and the questionable birth of these children. I understand she wants a certain amount of privacy but if you are that shy and want to live your life without intrusion then you don't marry a sport's superstar like Peyton Manning. Some may say he wasn't that famous when they married but he was from a well known family; he was a bigger than life hero at The University of Tennessee and was already in the NFL with a very promising career when she did walk down the aisle. When Eli and his wife were confronted about her pregnancy they just admitted it and then announced that she had given birth to their daughter..."Congrats "...no biggie. Peyton and Ashley have been married well over 10 years and it's absolutely normal for a married couple to have a child...where's the shocker here? It's not unusual for people to have to use fertility drugs or even adopt in this day and age...many wealthy people even hire surrogates. The fact that they won't comment makes the whole situation just strange...To be honest, I am just happy for them and pray for everyone's health.
Ole John

Ingalls, IN

#526 Apr 12, 2011
Payton aint shyt, just another jock,..

Get over it !

Saint Louis, MO

#527 Apr 13, 2011
Hey Ole Joan! If you don't like PEyton Manning why do you come to a sight that says he is hot???? LOL
Also, I am with you Justafan. Usually people are very happy about having a baby and they put it in the paper themselves. I don't think she gave birth to the baby. Peyton and Ashley are the parents but I don't think Ashley is probably the birth mother or maybe they used a surrogate. I don't know...but who cares about that. The most important thing is that they have two beautiful babies...that is so awesome. I am so happy for them! According to what I have read they are a GREAT aunt and uncle. I am sure they will be great parents. Congrats to Eli and Maggie too. Just think how close the cousins will be!*smile*

“Just my opinion”

Since: Jul 08

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#528 Apr 13, 2011
I bet the kids have those ugly potato noses.

Indianapolis, IN

#529 Apr 13, 2011
in the words of joe biden the hair plug king big fking deal who cares about peyton manning he = a jock who gets paid tons of money to throw a ball down field as our economy sinks more under obama the commie marxist people actually idolize athletes and set their kids up to be like them when very small percent will ever get to the level of peyton manning or other athelets how about raisign those kids to be scientist or dr's or engineers instead of making them think they will one day be the geratest atheletes ever most jocks are spoiled since childhood
they are given the red carpet most their life yes i played sports and was good at them maybe i could had even turned pro dont you get tired of hearing about arrogant atheletes and what they make and what they drive and what huge mansion they just bought or who they are sleeping with now wake up people they are not god's they are people like you and I stop glorifying them and worshiping them
yes and all the years the colts and pacers have been in indiana you hear all the millions of dollars they have brought to downtown and indy yet look around most this city thats crumbling and our schools same for the lottery as in hooiser do lottery= huge slush fund do you really think peyton manning and his other team members truly care about you peons as you purchase their jersey numbers and throw football partys on the weekends

Indianapolis, IN

#530 Apr 13, 2011
you guys forgot about the little payoff by peyton manning to a lady who he sexually attacked in a locker room once well not so attacked but took his towel off she was a sports caster wanting to do an interview jock manning took his towel off on purpose in front of her so doesnt that tell you who peyton manning truly is another highly overpaid jock who thinks he is a God and spoiled by his daddy archie manning now we have another spiled QB entering the nfl named cam newton already he has been vetted by many teams and they are saying he is arrogant and very selfish tude, thats not a good thing can you say michael vick and like many athletes again spoiled and arrogant
pompous aholes

Indianapolis, IN

#531 Apr 13, 2011
ting is you got a lot of ladies out here thinking oh if i could only marry a high paid pro jock id be in heaven their groupies you should hear how they talk about women in the locker room yes most pay high priced call girls when they are on the road away from wifey , look at ben rothlisberger after two rape attempts now he is getting married cause his pr man said ben you need too marry okay so women out there i guess if you dont mind being talked baout sexually in the locker rooms daily then go nab that pro jock overpaid player and live happily ever after teach daughters to be same way haha

Kernersville, NC

#532 Apr 13, 2011
Okay...enough~your talking about my Tennessee boy now. First of all, if women go into men's locker room then they should expect to see behavior that could offend them...that's the nature of the place. She also saw a wonderful opportunity to profit...she knew that would never go to court and they would probably just pay her off...fast money! He was a college kid that made a poor decision...I made some poor decisions when I was in college also...we all did...we learn from them, we grow up and move on~you need to get over it. He was not a spoiled, stuck up or arrogant ass while at UT either...from what I know as a UT alumni is that most everyone liked him including the teachers. I personally never heard a bad word said about him...bottom line we "Vol fans" are better darn protective of him~he'll always be someone special to us. As a UT season ticket holder I can honestly say he brought my husband and I a great deal of happiness watching him play on Saturdays in Neyland Stadium. I do know he and the entire Manning family always were very friendly and down to earth while attending university functions and Peyton hasn't forgotten where he came from either. He does a great deal of good for the world, but for Tennessee, Knoxville and UT also. I refuse to bad mouth or think badly of him.

Cypress, TX

#533 Apr 13, 2011
justafan wrote:
As a UT season ticket holder I can honestly say he brought my husband and I a great deal of happiness
Get a vibrator and a life

Kernersville, NC

#534 Apr 13, 2011
coltslova wrote:
YES!!!!! I think all the cheating / divorce rumors are true! Here is a link about what topics are trending in KNOXVILLE! Peyton went to college in Knoxville, and Ashley's family (Ashley is Peyton's wife) still lives there!!!!
BTW: Peyton only wears his wedding band so people won't know what's going on until the divorce is final!
Here's the link:
Ashley's family is from Memphis...she went to college at The University of Virginia...she hasn't anything to do with UT or Knoxville.

Kernersville, NC

#535 Apr 13, 2011
Peeton wrote:
<quoted text>
Get a vibrator and a life
Wow, I sure hit a nerve to get that response didn't I?

Saint Louis, MO

#536 Apr 14, 2011
Justafan....people that come on to this site to bash Peyton and Ashley are the ones who need to get a life and/or a vibrator. LOL The college thing for crying out loud happened a really long time ago. Who gives a crap about that???? I do think it was rediculous for her to try to keep it secret though...most people announce baby births. I do think either they used a surogate or it is an adoption. but I don't care about that. Lots of ppl adopt. I understand privacy but to me that was over the top to ask that it not be put in the paper. WTH?

United States

#538 Apr 15, 2011
Wow Peeton is more pathetic than I thought he was...he WANTS to be me. He isn't very good at it though. He really has some issues. Too bad for him I couldnt' care less what he thinks about me or Peyton. He is just sad.

Kernersville, NC

#539 Apr 15, 2011
Wow...I think a remark or two have been removed but I appreciate the support and totally agree with you. I don't understand not wanting to celebrate the birth of your children and if you happen to be Peyton Manning then you need to understand people are naturally going to be interested in that. That goes along with all the perks of being a famous, well-liked athlete. They deserve their privacy but then again I would have expected some exposure if I married someone like him.

On keeping the pregnancy a secret...don't know how they did it but do understand there are some really crazy people out there. However, Eli and his wife weren't so paranoid...were they????

I think for the most part his fans wish him no ill-will and hope for his families' health and send best wishes. I do think it's a shame they didn't feel comfortable sharing the news with us. I do think that would now be a better option than all the rumors and trash that is floating around our there.

Saint Louis, MO

#540 Apr 15, 2011
I am sure you figured out that the post where it says that I use a vibrator is NOT me. I wish I could remove it but whatever..LOL what a creep he is.

As far as keeping the pregancy secret. She wasn't pregnant the beginning of April from what I read so I don't think SHE actually gave birth to them. However....either way, I agree with you. IF you want the fame and the perks and the notoriety that comes with fame you must understand something as wonderful as a new baby let alone 2 new babies is something that the FANS would love to hear about. I don't think that keeping it a secret was Peyton's idea. He is a pretty stand up guy. She is mostly in the background. I don't think she likes for ppl to write about her. She says that she want to let Peyton shine. I don't know what the problem is with the babies. I think she should have a pic taken of the whole family...put it out there...and then ppl will let it go. I know there are some clods on here that slam on Peyton but he is a very well=liked person as a whole. I love to watch him play football and I am waiting for him to host SNL again. That was so awesome!!!

Indianapolis, IN

#541 Apr 16, 2011
What a bunch of haters. That guy from Tampa where Peyton had his best comeback win that made NCL history. The person from Houston where Peyton has only lost once. Go on haten Peyton.

Livingston, TN

#543 Jul 9, 2011
Tom wrote:
I feel lucky and quite honored to be able to watch each and every game of Peyton Mannings career. Hes once in 10 lifetimes. Indy hit the jackpot.
Peyton Fan

Little Elm, TX

#544 Jun 17, 2012
Wrong! Her grandfather played at UT so she has ties to the community. She seems like a stuck up bitch.
justafan wrote:
<quoted text>
Ashley's family is from Memphis...she went to college at The University of Virginia...she hasn't anything to do with UT or Knoxville.
manning fanning

Ridgeland, MS

#545 Feb 3, 2013
I have watched Peyton play since UT. I am a 61 year old women who had 4 brothers and no sisters. I probably know more about football than most men! I could watch Peyton everyday. To me he is amazing. Long after I am no longer in this life and long after the Mannings are gone, Peyton will still be known as one of the best, if not the best, quarterbacks that played in the NFL. He signed a 5 year contract with the Denver Broncos for 96 million dollar. I don't know if I can pay my electric bill each month. Just wish he would share the wealth.

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