Muah PEEPLES Be Krazy

Indianapolis, IN

#1 Aug 15, 2014
Yes I can honestly say that my black people are crazy, lazy, uncouth , ignorant , arrogant, and downright lewd and obnoxiously loud and violent.
I ask my black people out there if they know how many police men were killed in the line of duty this year, The number thus far is 27. One of the police men killed in New Jersey this year who was able to kill the black thug that killed him gf said come to Jersey and kill more cops.
The leader of the New Black Panthers whom Eric Holder and Obama instructed to go to Missouri has said kill all cracker babies when they are born.
They are making this event in Missouri such a tragedy, The Brown teen in pictures posed as a gangster ,
They say he graduated and was going to college, He was planning on attending a technical school for heating and air conditioning, That is not a college.
The media says the police in Missouri were too violent in response after being pelted with bottles of gasoline and rocks and bullets, That they used excessive force against the lynch mob crowd of angry black rioters and race haters .I saw a black teen wearing a t-shirt that read This is the last white t-shirt I will wear.
Who recalls the black stripper accusing 5 white rich college kids of raping her down in North Carolina few years back, Turns out she made it all up and was really the violent one, She set an ex bf on fire and stabbed him. She is now in prison This the poor stripper woman whom Jesse Jackson paid for her college tuition lol . When the white rich boys were being walked through an Angry CROWD OF my black racist people, They were holding they're hands up to their throats and saying you're dead white boys.
You had Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton , and New black Panthers making threats of violence and chaos unless there was justice for the black stripper.
Yes most of my black people are so easily led by hype and racism the foam at the mouth at the first inkling that an innocent black teen was killed for no reason by the white cops.70% OF THE NY police dept is Black and HISPaNIC .Let's see Barrak Hussein Obama is black, Yet he was elected still mostly by whites in America who still make up most the population.
Obama wouldn't had won with 99% black vote and 80% Hispanic vote and 80% Asian vote. It took many whites to get Obama into office both times.Guess what even Hispanics are par white being the Spanish were Europeans and white. They bred with Native Indians which created the Mexican race.That same Mexican race half white half Spanish wiped out many of the still left over Native Indians taking their lands from them.

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Aug 15, 2014
I ask my black people d they know how many black people were shot in Chicago last week, The number was 70 black people shot by other black people,
That is alright because it's a black thang you wouldn't understand is what my people say lol.
How many innocent black women daily are raped by my same black people and beaten and pimped out on drugs.
Where are these same people wanting the blood of innocent white people at marching and rioting over those tragedies in the hood.
What is my people gonna do as the merging Hispanic population crushes them all in jobs and college and local gov and top gov,
Who will they blame for that, I bet they will blame white people for letting all those Hispanics into America taking all they jobs and welfare freebies lol
Is Obama black or white, according to Harry Reid who once said, It's great Obama is black and can act white when need be and black when need be lol. Liberal media didn't dare call that a racist statement .
Why aren't my black people mad at the number of abortions the gov performs on our black women to dwindle down our population Yet Hispanics are thriving lol.

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Aug 15, 2014
Now one of my black peoples has posted images of himself posing as a thug and in a suit and asking why do white people assume someone is violent and a thug just because they flash gang signs and hold a 40 oz bottle of beer and a joint in they mouth.
Okay I would as that black brotha what if a white person put a liong tall white klan HAT ON HIS HEAD AND WITH A BIG SMILE posted himself holding a long noose and holding up a gang sign as well

Now tell me what would the black community say of such images posted
They would immediately demand they be removed and that white person be beaten and killed .Now does that mean that white person is in the Klan
This same black brotha trying to make some kind of point based on images would call the same white person posing as a klan person a klan member lol

That is why I'm saying most of my black people are so easily led by any story or image and someone lying about something happening to them, They have been so programmed for the past 60 years to hate and despise white people unless those white people give them what they want.

It is sad to say with all the money spent in the inner city on housing, them, feeding them,. sending them to public schools and college they still have the lowest scores and highest poverty and crime rate of other races.
Honestly who can you blame for that.There is no excuse in this entire universe whatsoever in blame or logic for such failure by my black people who for many years now have been catered to and coddled and lied too by their supposed black leaders and preachers in the black communities.

I ask my same black people would they give up cars, buses, air conditioning, homes with real floors. apts with real floors, boutiques , the malls, theaters. real clothing and go back to Africa and live in the jungles and desert without all those modern day luxuries that many white people invented that benefits them now.Yes a white man invented NIKE tennis shoes also.Them Air Jordans were designed by a white man. The iphone and ipad again inveted by a white man.

Where would they be without all that technology if stuck back in Africa in very hot climate and constant war and conflicts and diease. Polio vaccine invented by a white man.The cotton gin invented by a white man

Electricity invented and harnessed by white men.The telephone invented by a white man and the atm machine
I could go on and on of the countless inventions by white men and women that now benefit my black people.

I say to my black people, Don't you owe many white people an apology and great thank you for all of those inventions and cures in the medicine world that healed you and made your living conditions so much more wonderful.

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