Brizzi Freaks Out on the Air at WIBC!

Brizzi Freaks Out on the Air at WIBC!

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Blog Boy

Marysville, OH

#1 Mar 21, 2011
From Welcome to My Tea Party:
If I didn't hear it for myself, I would have never believed it. Carl Brizzi came unglued today during his WIBC Crime Beat radio program after the first caller asked him pointed questions about his possible involvement in the Tim Durham scandal. Brizzi clearly violated the Code of Ethics and Standards for Radio Broadcasters.
Rather than answer the caller's fair questions, Brizzi began attacking the female caller with slanderous remarks, referring to her as a "residual nutcase," and a "crazy stalker." He attempted to call her out by name, even though the caller did not identify herself. He kept on asking if she was a specific individual, talking over her as she remained calm and rational.
"I have never met Carl Brizzi," said the woman whom Brizzi accused of being a crazy stalker when asked about Brizzi's slanderous accusations. "I have never been to his house, by his house, to or by his place of employment, or to any function he has been, and I have certainly never threatened him, directly or indirectly."
The woman, who asked not to be identified, first blew the whistle on Tim Durham's alleged Ponzi scheme in 2008, and if anyone can claim to be the victim of harassment, it's the heroine who spared potential victims from being robbed of their life savings when she blew the whistle on the biggest Ponzi scheme in Indiana history.
Had investigators taken action against the wrongdoers when the whistleblower first warned of the Ponzi scheme, there would also be fewer victims than there are today. Rather, the courageous woman took on many angry Goliath's with the attitude of David. She persevered in the face of criticism and perpetual attacks from unseen enemies who did not like the dirt she was digging up.
This is the treatment that whistleblowers receive in the state of Indiana; however, had it not been for the private citizen whom Carl Brizzi publicly referred to as a crazy stalker, the list of Durham's victims would likely be much longer. There wouldn't be a Ponzi case against Tim Durham had it not been for the whistleblower that Carl Brizzi slandered today, which is why he flew into a rage when he thought he was speaking with the very woman whom he likely blames for ending his political career and putting his BFF in jail.
If anyone should be in fear, it's the whistleblower, who has been subjected to harassment and slander, in addition to an abuse of power by politicians in their quest to discredit the person who caused the house of cards to take a hard tumble.
Carl Brizzi may have put the life of the whistleblower in jeopardy when he outed her name for the entire world to hear, including many of the alleged criminals who are facing many years in prison if convicted. A prosecutor of all people is well aware of the sensitivity involved for citizens who blow the whistle on criminal activity, which is why he must not be given a free pass for his actions on the airwaves.

Those are all fair and rational questions; however, Brizzi went ballistic after they were posed to him, which speaks volumes to anyone paying attention to the scandal-laden former prosecutor. It tells me that the caller touched a raw nerve in Brizzi

Brizzi should be fired from Emmis Communications for his reprehensible behavior today, and he should lose his law license for the unethical outburst. I wouldn't be surprised if he was sued for the slanderous remarks he made.
Brizzi also works for WISH TV, and was reportedly given the job, in part, so that he could give exclusive commentary to the television news station about the Tim Durham scandal; however, a confidential source has reported that Brizzi backed out of an interview when he was in Las Vegas the day that his friend Tim Durham was arrested.
My sense tells me there are many more skeletons to dig up, and Brizzi's bizarre behavior is an indicator to me that the former prosecutor and BFF of Tim Durham may be the one in need of a padded room.
Blog Boy

Marysville, OH

#2 Mar 21, 2011
Most live radio talk shows employ a delay that allows the station to filter the broadcast for inappropriate material, normally coming from callers, but in rare instances, from the show's host. Somebody failed badly to do that during the live broadcast this afternoon of Carl Brizzi's weekend radio show on WIBC-FM, Crime Beat. Brizzi could have anticipated he might get calls inquiring about his relationship with indicted Ponzi scheme operator Tim Durham given his close friendship with him. An unidentified female caller hit Brizzi with direct questioning of his financial ties to Durham implying that he too may have engaged in some white collar criminal activiity with his best pal. Rather than cutting the caller's question short before airing her damning statements, Brizzi let her level very pointed charges against him before unleashing on her. He called her out by name repeatedly. Brizzi then called the woman "crazy," a "stalker" and "residual nutcase" against whom he said he would get a restraining order if she lived in Marion County because he "feared for his safety."
Brizzi accused the caller of rummaging through his divorce and business records after she questioned him about the timing of a mortgage recording an interest in real estate in Elkhart that he and his business partner, Paul Page, purchased and redeveloped after getting a lucrative long-term lease agreement with the Indiana Department of Child Services. The lease agreement was negotiated by a Brizzi political pal, John Bales, on behalf of the state. Bales' Venture Real Estate also handled the leasing of costly office space for the Marion Co. Prosecutor's Office downtown, which Brizzi maintains was entered into by his predecessor, Scott Newman. The caller further suggested Brizzi traded in significant sums of Cellstar stock as part of an investment group headed up by Durham without being identified as a part of the investment group as required by SEC disclosure regulations. News reports have suggested FBI officials have been investigating Brizzi's business dealings while serving as Marion Co. Prosecutor.
Another caller hit Brizzi for his acquisition of an interest in a liquor license held by Harry & Izzy's in violation of an Indiana law that prohibits law enforcement officials from owning an interest in liquor licenses. Brizzi got around the law while he was Marion Co. Prosecutor by getting his friends in the state Attorney General's office to write an advisory opinion suggesting he could own an interest in a liquor license so long as his interest was owned indirectly as a shareholder in a corporation. Brizzi insisted to the caller that Indiana law permits law enforcement officers to own an interest in alcohol permits without mentioning the slight of hand he engaged in to circumvent the law's restriction. The indirect ownership exception recognized in the AG opinion has the effect of consuming the rule prohibiting law enforcement officials from owning an interest in a liquor license.

From Advance Indiana

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Mar 22, 2011
It is going to be fun watching Brizzi crash and burn over the next few months.

Be glad when he is in prison.

Chicago, IL

#4 Mar 22, 2011
I absolutely loathe Carl Brizzi. I am a deep red blooded Republican so it has nothing whatsoever to do with partisanship. His arrogance is so obnoxious as well as unfounded...he is a wormy looking liitle bald dirt bag. His fuel is ego...not a selfless desire to serve man kind.

Duncan, OK

#5 Mar 22, 2011
Becareful what you say. May get a court order and look you up.

Duncan, OK

#6 Mar 22, 2011
From Tea Party:

Now that Tim Durham has been indicted, many are wondering what behind-the-scenes activities took place to cause the Feds to start looking at the alleged Ponzi schemer. That curiosity is now heightened since Carl Brizzi blurted out the name of the whistleblower on his Crime Beat radio program as he slandered the individual by referring to her as a "crazy stalker."

Interestingly, WIBC radio executives have refused to provide an audio copy of Brizzi's rant to news sources. I don't need a tape to know what was said since I was a third party to the call when Brizzi went whacko with his allegations.

Since I am personally acquainted with the whistleblower, I know that Brizzi's claims are baseless. He's just more than a little miffed that the whistleblower rained on his parade and put his BFF in jail. He's doing his best to divert our attention from what's really behind the curtain the same way the Wizard did in the Wizard of Oz.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" yelled the Wizard of Oz. Sorry, Carl, it's much too late for that no matter what names you call the heroine who blew the whistle on corruption and caused the House of Cards to take a hard tumble.

Ironically, it was Durham's ego that caused the first card to fall. Had he not spent hours posting comments on a Yahoo message board, he may have gotten away with his alleged crimes.

According to inside sources, Durham was posting multiple times on a Yahoo Brightpoint message board bragging of suing the whistleblower for turning him in to federal agencies for an alleged crime unrelated to the Fair Finance matter.

Durham responded by suing an anonymous defendant in Hendricks County even though he reportedly had no legal standing since he lived in Hamilton County. Durham must have had good connections to convince a Hendricks County judge to give him blanket subpoena power to obtain confidential information from Yahoo, which is exactly what he did.

Durham was able to get confidential information related to individuals posting comments on the Yahoo message boards.

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Mar 23, 2011
Why won't WIBC release the podcast of Brizzi going crazy on line. I would like to hear it.

Does any have a source so I can hear Brizzi's rant?

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Mar 23, 2011
Has WIBC release the podcast of Brizzi's rant yet?

I want to hear this egomaniac at work showing his craziness!

“We're all Bozos on this bus”

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#9 Mar 23, 2011
Were Durham and Brizzi dating?

Indianapolis, IN

#10 Mar 23, 2011
Uh Clem wrote:
Were Durham and Brizzi dating?
they make a "sweet" couple. maybe the can share a cell together. they found each other at the metrosexual orgies on the yacht.

United States

#11 Mar 25, 2011
Moe wrote:
Has WIBC release the podcast of Brizzi's rant yet?
I want to hear this egomaniac at work showing his craziness!
"Egomaniac" entirely captures the essence of Carl Brizzi. I vote a very hard line Republican ticket but because of the unbearable piloerection that man causes me to have just from hearing his voice I have never been able to vote a straight partyline ticket because of that man. I think his moral terpitude is so corrupt he borders sociopathic.

Chicago, IL

#12 Mar 25, 2011
JMD wrote:
<quoted text>"Egomaniac" entirely captures the essence of Carl Brizzi. I vote a very hard line Republican ticket but because of the unbearable piloerection that man causes me to have just from hearing his voice I have never been able to vote a straight partyline ticket because of that man. I think his moral terpitude is so corrupt he borders sociopathic.
Very true. He is in the closet but he hates gays!

Mokena, IL

#13 Mar 26, 2011
Carl Brizzi has to be very scared these days. I wonder if he gets any sleep at all knowing that Tim has been spilling his guts to the FBI about his insider trading habits! It's only a matter of time before they come for you too Carl! Don't worry, there will be plenty more cellmates joining you from the Geist area. You'll feel right at home with those egotistical phonies. Tick Tock

Indianapolis, IN

#14 Mar 27, 2011
buy plenty of peanut butter Carl, or prep h.

Solon, OH

#15 Sep 18, 2011
Uh Clem wrote:
Were Durham and Brizzi dating?
The facts point to yes.

Indianapolis, IN

#16 Sep 18, 2011
JMD wrote:
<quoted text>
"Egomaniac" entirely captures the essence of Carl Brizzi. I vote a very hard line Republican ticket but because of the unbearable piloerection that man causes me to have just from hearing his voice I have never been able to vote a straight partyline ticket because of that man. I think his moral terpitude is so corrupt he borders sociopathic.
Couldn't have said it any better.

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