Greenwood High School coach resigns, ...

Greenwood High School coach resigns, accused ofa

There are 26 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Mar 3, 2014, titled Greenwood High School coach resigns, accused ofa. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Timothy Guilfoy, 36 was arrested in Indianapolis and preliminarily charged with two counts of child seduction.

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Timothy Needs Prison Time

Chicago, IL

#1 Mar 3, 2014
This guy seems like a total POS. Soon,he will be a convicted sex offender and sexual predator. Hopefully for the remainder of his life. Since he's married,will his wife continue to be a sucker and stand by him like a fool? Or will she take the appropriate action which is to divorce him? People like him need to be caged within a hardcore prison environment and rendered impotent. Hopefully,if and when released,his only option in life will be to survive by dumpster-diving for scraps of food.

According to this article:

It looks as if Timothy Guilfoy may not be alone. If you have "teachers" giving obscene gestures to students at public venues,there may be a bigger problem within the school district. Obviously, this school system employs "teachers" and coaches who lack class,decorum and the appropriate temperament to be confined with teens/kids. My instincts tell me these assignations could be much more prevalent within the school system than we'll ever know. And of course, there is plenty of empirical evidence to show pedophiles and their ilk seem to gravitate to one another. Plus,these things don't happen in a vacuum. There's probably been suspicions for some time. It's likely a few fellow teachers were aware of Timothy's exploits. Someone should be investigating and HEAVILY scrutinizing the teachers/coaches that he's very friendly with. I bet there's a few skeletons in the closet amongst them.YMMV.
Timmy Is Not a Decent Man

Chicago, IL

#2 Mar 3, 2014
Ya gotta admit,it's always good to see an arrogant b*stard hoisted by his own petard.

Timothy Guilfoy = Busted

Timothy Guilfoy = Loser

Timothy Guilfoy = Sexual Predator
Chickens Come Home

Chicago, IL

#3 Mar 3, 2014
Judging by the comments from Greenwood HS alumni,it does appear this most recent dalliance regarding Timothy Guilfoy could just be the tip of the iceberg. The school system would be derelict in its duties to ignore the comments by Greenwood HS alumni. It appears there may be a cadre of coaches and teachers within the circle of Timothy Guifoy that just might be as guilty.

Now the question is,if skeletons are eventually found and thus disinterred,was there a concerted effort to hide them?
Foul Gestures GHS Staff

Chicago, IL

#4 Mar 4, 2014
After reading more of the comments at the WTHR site,it's apparent this teacher/coach has some issues. I wish someone from the Greenwood School System administration would chime in,but they probably won't. They don't have the balls and probably feel--as with most public school systems-- they're beyond reproach.

It appears this scumbag had issues with a number of students. It seems a bit petulant,unprofessional and downright foul to have so called *cough*professional*cough* educators making obscene gestures toward students at public and off-school venues. I ask the board and administration of Greenwood schools the following; is it a prerequisite to hire vile and foul staff for your schools? Is it a prerequisite to hire staff that has a prejudice toward segments of your student population?

By reading the comments,it's apparent the kids bullied by the vile and foul Timothy Guilfoy are not "bad" students. They did not kill kittens. They are not arsonists. They are not child molesters. They were not murderers. Why would not only one----but several *cough*professional*cough* educators feel compelled to make such gestures at kids? The brazen behavior suggests a complacency within the school system. It also implies an obvious us vs them attitude pervasive among the staff toward students. And based on such insignificant reasons as economic background at that.

Lastly,most of the former pupils are not surprised by the recent arrest of Timothy Guilfoy for the reason alleged. Did members of the staff simply ignore the ominous signs of his behavior?

Something is really wrong with Greenwood schools.

Let's face it,a lot of teachers are just adults who cannot deal with adults, so they seek the refuge of their familiar school days and work as authority figures around children. Some have never grown up mentally. Such as Timothy Guilfoy.
My Opinion

Chicago, IL

#5 Mar 4, 2014
If his wife had any dignity,she'd do the Lorena Bobbit on him. It sucks knowing your husband is giggling like a school-girl with joy being in the accompany of same. Cheating stinks. The lies. The subterfuge. It's even worse when your SO is fooling around with an underage individual.

I'm sure she considers herself a smart and educated woman. If so,it's time to get a divorce. Besides,I'm sure she can do better. Not just intellectually, but he's not much to look at. He's got a whitetrash/hillbillyredneck/wh itesupremecist look about him.

Since he's admitted his crime to the arresting officers,I wonder if he's going to enter a not-guilty plea at his initial hearing? Probably. These types are so arrogant and narcissistic.

And since we're talking Greenwood,he's probably a Republican.
He is Fugly

Chicago, IL

#6 Mar 4, 2014
It doesn't seem fair. The UK gave us the Beatles. We gave them Timothy Guilfoy. He's now world famous!

*Warning* Large pic of the perp with the article. He really does look like a redneck white-supremacist. May he live forever in interesting times and may the remainder of his life be filled with hardship.
The Patirot of Wisdom

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Mar 4, 2014
Yes he is 36 and she was 17 yrs old, But in the eyes of courts she is actually a young adult female, Being any young girl gets preggie even at age 12 can go on govt dole and now be called a woman just because she had sex and a baby now, She can also get an abortion without her parents consent, Let's look at this sexual issue with this coach and young adult high school female, within a year she could be a stripper and pole dance also.. Yes it was wrong for this man to take advantage of a student. The courts and lawyers will look at her age and also into her sexual history, Did she have a record of going after older men, The same for him did he have a record of going after his students,. He has resigned, I see him maybe doing a year if that, He will more than likely settle out of court with her parents, Unless she says she loves him and will wait for him to get out of prison.Also another factor does she already have a child.I'm not sure they can call it statutory rape if it was consentual all the way.In many inner city schools there are ladies age 19 and even 20 still attending school.I would say if she was 14 or 15 yrs old throw the book at him indeed. But look around at how the girls in school dress now, Look at who they envy in music and in Hollywood.I see a long steady line at the drug store reaching for condoms They were 90% women, I mean teen girls.If it is shown that this coach has had some type of relationship with this 17 yr old student since she was say 14. Then yes lock him away for many years.You will more than likely find out This 17 yr student isn't so innocent. I shall let the facts unfold and see what comes out of this case, If it even goes to court.Yes they as in lawyers will rip her apart on the stand , If she has any history of dating other older men.YES EVEN STUDENTS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO BLACKMAIL THEIR TEACHERS, MAYBE SHE HAS SOMETHING ON HIM, WE SHALL SEE.
Strictly Satire

Chicago, IL

#8 Mar 4, 2014
Perv! Magazine conducted an interview with suspected creepmeister Tim Guilfoy. Perv! magazine is to pervert culture what People magazine is to the culture of entertainment.

Perv!: You're in a lot of hot water.

Tim: I love the smell of teen spirit in the morning,afternoon and late at night. It smells like victory.

Perv!: What are you going to do now that you've been caught?

Tim: I'm just gonna be coy and let my attorney do the talking. Ya know?

Perv!: Have you always had amorous thoughts about female teens?

Tim: Yes. I've always felt my destiny was to work in a high school environment as a coach with teen females or to work as Ted Nugent's tour manager.

Perv!: Any words on your defense?

Tim: I'm a man's man,ya know? I'm cool,I'm suave,and I like listening to Taylor Swift,ALOT! It takes a REAL MAN to seduce teens. I got game,ya know? Not only do I like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry,but I always liked that song by the Police,Don't stand so close. I gotta admit,I'm not exactly too keen on the word "POLICE" at the moment.

Perv!:Are you worried about the repercussions of your actions and do you have any sympathy for those you've hurt?

Tim: No. My needs come first. I'm not here for the kids. The kids are here for me. My needs come first. I'm a winner. I got more game than any professor from Harvard and I'm better looking than most pro-athletes. I got that white-supremacist look that girls in suburban mid-west towns find most appealing.

Perv!: Thanks for your time.

Tim: You should be honored that I even took the time to speak with you. I'm special,ya know? I am entitled to do as I please. I got game. Girls think I'm cool,ya know?

At this point in the interview,Tim gives us the finger and points to his crotch as he walks away from the interviewer.

Timothy Churchmouse

Chicago, IL

#9 Mar 5, 2014
May trial is set!

Ol' Timmy ain't lookin' too cocky today.Awwwwwwww.

That's what happens when you go stickin' yer wood where it doesn't belong!

His crime gives the phrase "Gone Truckin'" an entirely different meaning.

Here's a little something for the former coach/teacher

Probably on his iPod as well.

Tim Admits He is Pathetic

Chicago, IL

#10 Mar 5, 2014
*********Excerpt from IndyStar article**********

Guilfoy, 36, and the student told police that they started talking and texting about two months ago and some of the messages were sexually explicit. The teen also said she had sent him sexually explicit photos of her, the document said.

Guilfoy appeared in Marion Superior Court this morning. He has been charged with seven counts of child seduction, six of which are Class C felony charges. Each Class C felony charge is punishable by up to eight years in prison. He was released Sunday from the Marion County Jail after posting a $7,500 bond.

He did not comment after his hearing this morning. He told the court he plans to hire a private attorney.

On Friday, Guilfoy and the student agreed to meet at an apartment complex after the school basketball game, Guilfoy told police. The teen said she drove separately and got into Guilfoy’s truck at the back of the parking lot. Guilfoy, the affidavit said, then covered the front windshield with a sun visor and the two moved to the backseat.

Guilfoy told police they had met privately four times in the past, and they had sex in the third and fourth meeting, both of which were at the complex, the document said.

Guilfoy also said he was aware that the student is a minor and that having sex with her is illegal. When asked why he did so, he said,“I don’t know, attention, I guess pathetic,” the document said.

*********End of Excerpt**********

His wife needs to to divorce him,and soon. If she stays with him she's a fool. Or perhaps they had an open relationship? You never know about people. I could never live with and sleep next to the source of such a betrayal.

At least one thing I can agree with Timothy Guilfoy as he's stated in the article and in his own words,he is pathetic.
Teh Enforcer

United States

#11 Mar 5, 2014
The problem here is that the man is a lousy husband and a lousy teacher. Sex with a 17 year old ins't necessarily a crime, but the fact that she was a student of his makes it completely out of line. He looks like an inbred cannibal, but that is beyond the point.

Since: Dec 06


#12 Mar 5, 2014
It is a crime for a teacher to have sex with a 17 year old student. until that student is twenty one. The age of 21, a teacher better keep his (or her) hands off. The age of consent in Indiana is sixteen. But if the person has authority over the minor, like a teacher, step parent or bus driver, the age would be twenty one.
Teh Enforcer wrote:
The problem here is that the man is a lousy husband and a lousy teacher. Sex with a 17 year old ins't necessarily a crime, but the fact that she was a student of his makes it completely out of line. He looks like an inbred cannibal, but that is beyond the point.
Tims iPod Tunes

Chicago, IL

#13 Mar 5, 2014
I bet this is a favorite of his.....

Teh Enforcer

United States

#14 Mar 6, 2014
DavidM wrote:
if the person has authority over the minor, like a teacher, step parent or bus driver, the age would be twenty one.
<quoted text>
So if a step-parent has sex with their 21 year old step-child, it is alright in your opinion? Wow you are a depraved individual with deep issues. Stay in your trailer, Jethro.
The Patriot of Honor

Indianapolis, IN

#15 Mar 6, 2014
Dave you're wrong about 21 age, A female in Indiana can be 16 yrs old and marry. She can also at any age when she gets preggie get an abortion without a parents consent. She can get govt assistance and be deemed a woman juts because she had a baby even below age 16She can at the age of 18 go strip in a bar pole dance and lap dance on men 18 and up.Yet at age 18 as she is almost naked in the same strip bar where they serve drinks, She isn't allowed to drink. But she can take money tossed at her by strangers.There was a case in carmel about 10 years ago where a teacher swim coach had a fling with his then 17 yr old student, Now he resigned and did a year in jail. After he got out The 17 yr old girl married him. I believe he was in his 40's at the time, One article I read on news 13 site, Said this 17 yr wasn't even a student at the school anymore.Now again if she was say 15 14 13 13 and younger and he pursued her I would say lock him up for a long time and take away his teaching license.We do trade with nations that still marry off young girls to old old men, They marry them and impregnate them also. Mexico has a very high rate of young mexican girls being hookers , It is in our city now also .The point is. This 17 yr old young adult lady, I will call her this, as I pointed out of all the things she can do now at age 18 or even at age 13 .How many young black girls you think right now in our city are sleeping with much older black men and getting pregnant , You think the cops and courts are going after those fathers of those babies, No most of those black girls and now many young white and Hispanic girls will go on the system and be set for life under the care of daddy govt welfare.You really truly believe laws are enforced. This makes news only because this guy is a teacher.Hd this teacher say only been about say 23 yrs old, This wouldn't even make the news.Let's see former Pres Bill Clinton had sex with many young teen girls back in Ark, Tell me what happened to Bill. Or to mention the ones he raped. How many that even come to post in this forum voted for Bill Clinton and defended him when he had sex with Monica Lewinski lol.Lot of phony people posting things just to feel better about themselves and chastise others as though they are perfect and know the laws. Ask yourself why we have so many illegals in America if our laws are being enforced.How about saying a female can't strip until she is 21 . or serve in the military.How many young girls and babies you think are blown away by say an 18 yr female soldier .

Since: Aug 12

Fishers, IN

#16 Mar 6, 2014
The Patriot of Honor wrote:
Dave you're wrong about 21 age, A female in Indiana can be 16 yrs old and marry.
You're both wrong. In Indiana the age of consent is 16. That means a 16 year old can voluntarily consent to having sex with an adult. The teacher has been charged with child seduction, which is an exception to the age of consent. It is illegal for an adult who is an authority figure over a 16 or 17 year old such as a parent or a teacher to have sexual contact with that minor.

Sexual contact would have been legal if the student was 18. The contact also would have been perfectly legal if the man would have been a neighbor rather than a teacher.
The Patriot pf Honor

Indianapolis, IN

#17 Mar 6, 2014
Pony you voted for Bill Clinton though and Obama and will vote for Hillary who condoned her own husbands cheating and raping women and young teen girls back in ark and murder.

Since: Aug 12

Fishers, IN

#18 Mar 6, 2014
I have a hard time seeing myself voting for Hillary Clinton. Since I don't know for sure who's running I can't say for sure who I will vote for, but I'm hoping for a better option.
The Patriot Of Honor

Indianapolis, IN

#19 Mar 7, 2014
So Pont you're saying seduction is worse than rape now? I said the age of 16 was of age to consent to sex in Indiana.I believe Dave is wrong when he says you have to be 18 for it not to be sedcution under a figure of power. I SAY YOU HAVE A STRIP BAR OWNER, He has 18 yr old girls working in his establishment where these same lawyers, judges, Dr's teachers all go to watch this young newly 18 yr olds remove their clothes and lap dance over their crotch. They as in those 18 yr olds can walk up to the bar and purchase drinks for those patrons but can;t drink because they are only 18 yrs old, In this state you have to be 21 to drink lol, But you can get almost completely naked and run you're body ona mans crotch and bare those implanted breast .This means in less than a month or week that 17 yr odl who was supposedly seduced by her gym teacher could walk into any strip bar and get hired where they serve liqour, Tell me how backwards is that?The point I'm making is that same 17 yr old girl who was seduced by her gym teacher can wiggle her goods in front of that same gym teacher. I guess I'm saying again This same gym teacher who people are mocking as the most evil man on the planet could get a lap dance from the same girl when she turns 18 and works at the strip bar while still going to that same school and dance naked in front of him and fetch him drinks as he tosses money at her feet while she pole dances.The same judge that may oversee the case or prosecutor or the cop that caught him with the 17 yr old could all be at the same strip bar tossing money at the feet of that 17 yr old while she strips and seduces they're money.
Teh Enforcer

United States

#20 Mar 7, 2014
It is kind of funny that the republicans are so much in support of child-seduction and sex with minors.

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