APPROACHING THE FISCAL CLIFF: Budget Office Warns of Recession

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#1 Nov 9, 2012
I am not going to put this in a link. Just goggle it and choose what media you want to read it from. I could put the foxnews one up but we all know that foxnews lies. Even if it on every news media in the U.S. Should I remind you I have sent the warnings out before the elections?
My daughter in law just got word from her job. Cutting all full time jobs down to 28 hours a week thanks to ObamaCare.

Freeport, IL

#2 Nov 9, 2012
Just the beginning! Trust me! Very sorry for your daughter in law!

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#3 Nov 9, 2012
There are stories out there already about small companies laying off employee's so they can fit under 50 full time employees. And ObamaCare does not even take effect still January. Lets see what happens. I look for many more to lose their full time jobs. If they don't do something about cuts and tax raises to hit in January, look for the start of a big recession. But there action will only delay what is coming our way. BTW Stock market is falling for the third day in a row. I look for it to get down between eight and nine thousand before the beginning of the year.
Mic wrote:
Just the beginning! Trust me! Very sorry for your daughter in law!
The Ultimate Kaptoz

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#4 Nov 9, 2012
That is the ultimate goal to crash capitalism and usher in more communism and socialism into America, make the youth dependent on all Govt entities as it's for the best, That only the govt can solve problems and keep you satisfied forever. You owe the Govt every vote and all the praise, It's no longer we the people, It is now We the Govt own all of you so bow down or else.David and Kroger is also slashing workers hours down to 28 hrs a week.England is in a double dip recession right now, This after they held the Olympics. This is the model Obama and his leftist twit pals have for America in all aspects. Why I believe Britain is behind the demise of America and to change it fundamentally so it's socialist as the UK is now. Then millions of Brits will relocate to America and feel right at home in the net of socialism as they flee from the uk and those radical Muslims they allowed to highjack and takeover Europe .Europe would love to pay for gas at $4 bucks a gallon like in America even though it was under $2 bucks a gallon when GWB was President and the national debt was only 10 trillion Now where is it under Obama and his dems in power. The Harry Reid who never passed a budget the whole first 4 years Obama was President in his first term.Get ready for more massive stimuless bills passed and tax payers dollars invested into failing solar powered companies . More union no bid handouts of sub par work. Get ready for more threats or else by Obama. Get ready for more OWS MARCHES AND PRAISE BY oBAMA UPON THEM. Let's not forget the Tea Party people were demonized for just being peaceful and orderly when they marched and protested . The ows Obama thug movement was praised and Obama to his feds go easy on them. This while women were raped and fondled at the OWS camp sites by the thousands .Police were assaulted and cars set ablaze and business's .
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#5 Nov 9, 2012
It's time for real Americans to officially go gault like Ayn Rands book Atlas Shrugged showed. Time to pool resources and incomes together and yes set up a commune of those monies and resources for bartering and exchanging goods and services equally for the next 4 years until this thug and his leftist armies go broke .There are many outlets and ways to yes become even preppers on the unhinging economic disasters looming these next 4 years.You can buy bulk foods at food auctions . You go and bid on bulk supplies to stock up on everything you need, These food auctions enable people to get the bulk foods the same way supermarkets do.Yes Barrackacluase the grinch stoled this election. so white hardworking people it's time to go gault and do for other white people only. It's time for us to have our own liberation front that Obama is part of for his black people.We are seeing it already as business and big business are slashing workers hours to the bone and even shutting down . To all those young fools who voted for Obama thinking you're life will now be better under an Obama economy, ask you're mother and father if they are better off than they were four years ago. Ask them how they like paying higher gas prices, Obama will offer up another trillion dollar fix it all stimuless bill. Yes he will get it by using the big sandy storm as clout and sympathizers for the money they need on the east coast.
The Ultimate Kaptoz

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#6 Nov 9, 2012
Obama once again is prime to put up the energy carbon tax cap and trade again. Germany recently passed a carbon energy tax upon it's citizens , They have to pay and extra $300 bucks a year in taxes. Obama's Taxageddon is right around the corner , Those making 25k and 250k will see their taxes increase by $4000 t0 $5000 a year, when did making even $25k deem one middle class ?Those little twits who voted for Obama because weed and gay marriage became part of the platform and hate God and Israel also. You voted for Obama over weed and gay marriage as though that keeps gas prices lower and the economy churning and creating the jobs we need? Guess what suckers, The weed bills passed in states, The feds still say they will arrest you if you grow and try and sell that weed lol. Yes indeed you just go duped by Obama again. Enjoy the next four years. Now Obama can't blame GWB and republicans or even the tea party anymore.The whole al gore losing to GWB, can't use that against republicans anymore either. you got you're thug commie in commander in thief , enjpoy his abuse of constitutional power. get ready for Israel to launch attack against Iran as the mid east erupts and world war three happens. By the way ask Obama why once again on the day of election two Russian submarines were parked off the coastline of Atlanta GA , This happened 4 years ago also.Barely a mention of it in the media. Russian subs are now allowed in our waters so close and so freely?

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