BUYERS BEWARE - Junk John Deere Lawn ...

Mount Dora, FL

#85 Apr 18, 2014
HEY WHINEY ASSES....... these lawn tractors are good equipment for the money. maybe you shouldd learn to read the owners manual and take care of your investment. use it, clean it, maintain it and service the damn thing and it will probably run forever...... mine runs like the day i bought it. i put thousands of running hours on it. i would imagine you've trashed your cars as well. i, for one, am happy as hell with my 100 series John Deere lawn tractor purchased at Lowes but i am one of those idiots that takes care of his stuff. stop your crying and go out to the garage and tend to your investment.
Tina Hottl

Dayton, OH

#86 Apr 19, 2014
I too bought a "JUNK" mower from Lowe's. I paid $2,000 for it and spent over $1,000 on it in the first 2 years. Didn't get anywhere with Lowe's or John Deere when I complained. It still continues to fall apart. I am going to Lowe's and sit this spring and try to discourage others from buying one . I am going to take all my bills so I can prove to an unaware customer. We should all go to our local Lowe's store and do this. Maybe it would get someone's attention.

Warrenton, MO

#87 Apr 20, 2014
Tina Hotti, is this your real name?
What brand and model lawn tractor did you buy, I am considering buying one from Lowes

Devout Capitalist

Princeton, WV

#88 Apr 21, 2014
Conservative Capitalist wrote:
Are you people communists? If you can't afford a top of the line machine,get a better job with better paycheck so you can PURCHASE ONE. Secondly,I applaud companies for doing what you're complaining about. These methods raise their profits to astronomical levels. That is the business of business. Business is not there to help you from getting your feelings hurt. I hope Lowes and John Deer ignore you. Business doesn't need nor deserve the criticism.
I'm a capitalist. Not sure what you are. The Gordon Geko "Greed is good" philosophy is not capitalism. Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" from "The Wealth of Nations" is cspitalim. Nothing wrong with ethical self interest or a company driving for profits. It's the name of the game. True, also you get what you pay for. The problem with John Deere is you don't. They have prostituted an American icon and the result is many have overpaid for junk solely because of that name. My transmission is fine so far. However, I was into the engine in less than 40hrs. I've had to repaint it twice because it is rusting off the frame (The first time was the second season. It has always been stored inside). Parts missing in accessory packs. Parts that had to be modified to fit. Anyone reading this and considering a JD 100 Series should take a look at the large Troy Built beside it at Lowes. Comparable specs for almost a grand less. Riddle: Why is JD equipment green and yellow? Answer: They are the color of money and lemons. One will spend too much of the former aquiring the latter.
Devout Capitalist

Princeton, WV

#89 Apr 21, 2014
HEY WHINEY ASSES....... these lawn tractors are good equipment for the money. maybe you shouldd learn to read the owners manual and take care of your investment. use it, clean it, maintain it and service the damn thing and it will probably run forever...... mine runs like the day i bought it. i put thousands of running hours on it. i would imagine you've trashed your cars as well. i, for one, am happy as hell with my 100 series John Deere lawn tractor purchased at Lowes but i am one of those idiots that takes care of his stuff. stop your crying and go out to the garage and tend to your investment.
I take care of my stuff too. I'm a mechanical engineer, worked as a mechanic and was a body man in a former life. I can tell you unequivocally the JD 100 Series is junk. I've been able to pull the paint off this thing in chips almost the size of a dollar bill. Lots of them. And that is after I've routinely "cleaned and maintained." This is only from poorly refined or prepared steel. See other post to "Conservative Capitaist"
Michael Payne

Gainesville, FL

#90 Apr 22, 2014
I've owned two MTD lawn tractors. Each cost roughly $1000. Both lasted over 10 years with no problems.

Bought John Deere model 140 2 years ago. So far it has needed new belt, battery, and now with warranty expired by 3 weeks it needs a new PTO clutch. All the mower has been asked to do for 2 years is cut grass at a residential home. It's only at 43 operating hours of its 100 hour warranty limit.

I asked about getting John Deere to pay for repair and local dealer says it doesn't happen. If out of warranty by even a day they will refuse. At this point I don't see myself buying or recommending a John Deere ever again.

The quality just isn't there.

Morristown, TN

#91 Apr 22, 2014
D110, two years old. No issues @ 75 hrs, had a flat tire last year. John Deere dealer fixed it for free. Guess I'm just lucky. Actually did buy it at Lowe's here in Tennessee who has a selling/service agreement with the JD dealership about a mile down the road to sell the 100 series machines. They (JD) have even called me twice to ask if I have any problems. Like I said...Lucky. So far.
of deer

Rockford, IL

#92 Apr 22, 2014
I think all of the parts come from China and no longer American made, if I heard right. That's why they"re not as good as they used to be.
Jim Bob

Woburn, MA

#93 Apr 24, 2014
You can't compare a modern lawn tractor with an old garden tractor. The new hydrostatic transmissions are great for light duty work but are not heavy duty enough to do garden tractor work such as towing or plowing.
that guy

Mooresville, NC

#94 Apr 27, 2014
Here at Lowe's we have to have all servicing done by John Deere, we buy them straight from the vendor.

Wilmington, OH

#95 Apr 30, 2014
I have a Toshiba Microwave from the 70's that is still going strong. Big enough to roast a turkey in. I use it 10-12 times a week. Stuff was just built better back then by everyone. But a microwave was also considered a major purchase and expensive, so people demanded that things last at least10-20 years. Now they cost a days wages for a poor man and we thrown them out and buy another when they die. Planned obsolescence seems to be the norm for most companies.
J Friedrick

Woodland, WA

#96 May 8, 2014
I had the exact same issue. Transmission in a L118 dead at 160 hours. I talked to 3 JD dealers and they convinced me I needed an upgraded "real" JD tractor, a $4500 x320 as the tranny on those "never fail". I bought it. The tranny on that failed at 150 hours so based on my real life experience JD cannot make a tractor that lasts at all. I got no warranty coverage (4 years old) and zero help at the dealership I bought it from. Nobody within the Deere network cares. Corporate customer service even rubbed it in by calling me back and stating "there is nothing we can do about it".
Mad Ashell wrote:
Buyers Beware !!!! Some of the John Deere lawn tractors sold at the Lowes stores are NOT what you think they are. I moved to Tennessee 10 years back (June of 2002) with what was then a 20 year old little 10HP Simplicity with a gear box. It was wore out but lasted 5 more years here before it finally died a slow death. In June of 2007, I purchased a 21 HP John Deere tractor with hydrostatic drive. I thought and was told I was buying a terrific machine that would last for many years if not be the last lawn tractor I’d ever own. My thinking was that a 21HP tractor was ridiculous overkill to mow the grass but surely it would outlast the little Simplicity I had and spread out over 20 plus years wasn’t going to be all that bad. What a joke!
IN JUST OVER 100 HOURS OF USE IN 4 YEARS the Deere’s transmission is going bad and here’s the deal.... the transmissions in these tractors are sealed units (meaning they’re not serviceable)- made in Morristown, TN. by a company called Tough Torque. The only thing you can do if they go bad is replace the entire transmission at an authorized dealership *** WHICH IS GOING TO BE $1,000. I called the John Deere factory to see if I could get any help in the matter and they kindly offered me $250.00 toward the bill. Further, it wasn’t good enough that I already knew the transmission was going out... in order to see if help from the factory was possible, I had to take my tractor to a dealer and get charged $100.00 just for the confirming diagnosis. What a ridiculous way to treat a customer. I will never buy another John Deere product and plan to warn as many people as I can that these tractors are just expensive junk.
For what it’s worth, I’ve spoken to the Cub Cadet people as well as the Simplicity folks in my area about their new tractors and believe it or not they admit their tractors aren’t worth a crap either until you get up into the 4 to 5 thousand dollar range. At least they were honest about it upfront.

Horsham, PA

#97 May 13, 2014
Person wrote:
<quoted text>
I am talking about "new" items, 1992 was a long time ago. My friend bought a home in the "late" 1990 and her new home appliances only lasted three years.
I have Hotpoint Refrigerator/Freezer and Kenmore Washer and Dryer I bought at Sears in 1992. All still working fine.

Dallas, PA

#98 May 18, 2014
I had the same experience with my John Deere tractor from Lowes. Had it only 3 years and the transmission went. Paid approximately $100 to have it diagnosed and then another $900 for a new transmission. Guess I would have been better off buying a more expensive one so it would last. I believed I was buying a quality tractor that would last a long time. Sometimes we learn the hard way!

Hendersonville, NC

#99 Jun 10, 2014
What a piece of crap John Deere Lawnmowers are. Do not buy from lowes or any where else.

Hendersonville, NC

#100 Jun 10, 2014
John Deere Lawnmowers- pieces of crap

Indianapolis, IN

#101 Jun 11, 2014
John Deere tractors are junk.

Helen, GA

#102 Jun 20, 2014
You all did better than I did. My D140 transmission went out at 8 hours after only 40 days. I clean the machine after every use and it hasn't had enough hours on it to even think about service. Lowes passes the buck to their servicer. The servicer only agrees to give me a service date within two weeks. Then they have another two weeks to fix it. So from the day it broke it will be five weeks to running again. Solution is tough to say because apparently all the manufacturers are cutting corners, but buying from a dealer is probably better. If I don't get some help this week I am going to put a LEMON sign on my trailer and park it in the Lowes parking lot every morning. Maybe if I cost them enough sales they will pay attention.
JR Woodward

Woodstock, GA

#103 Jun 27, 2014
I have had three John Deere's, a 318, 425, 3720, but it wasn't till today that I realized how crappy John Deere's name/quality had really gotten. I was driving one of these Lowe's John Deere lawn tractors when the hydrostatic transmission failed and I went barreling down a hill uncontrollably.
After having spent literally thousands hours of my life behind the wheel of a John Deere tractor I think I will never own another one again. I think I will switch to Kubota.
Irving Henry

Harrisburg, PA

#104 Jun 30, 2014
I have an airplane built in 1865. Works great. No need to do anything on it. Just built better than the crap airplanes sold now. Actually, I have a JD 485X lawn tractor I bought used in 2005 and it has been great since then with hard use. I maintain it well. Only problem is that my next one will be 4WD as I get stuck in the mud too much here in PA compared to TX where I lived before. JD makes great products, but I cannot vouch for the cheap lawn mowers sold at the big box stores.

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