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John deer mowers

Loganville, GA

#65 Aug 31, 2013
This pieces of crap are not made by John deer. Don't buy one my mowing deck keeps falling apart coating me a lot of time an money I only have 45 hrs on it and have had trouble with it from day one. I will take it back to lowes.

Kenner, LA

#66 Sep 4, 2013
The for JD 100 series tractors Transaxle is made by a company called Turf Torque not Tough Torque.
You can by parts from them at their website

Clearwater, FL

#67 Sep 28, 2013
Glad I ran into this forum. I was going to purchase a 19.5 hp Deere at Lowes on Monday. I have now changed my mind. I'm going to keep looking and keep my options open. BTW, the Troy-Bilts aren't worth a damn either. I have to run the more expensive ethanol in it, or otherwise it runs like crap.

Winter Haven, FL

#68 Oct 5, 2013
Conservative Capitalist wrote:
Are you people communists? If you can't afford a top of the line machine,get a better job with better paycheck so you can PURCHASE ONE. Secondly,I applaud companies for doing what you're complaining about. These methods raise their profits to astronomical levels. That is the business of business. Business is not there to help you from getting your feelings hurt. I hope Lowes and John Deer ignore you. Business doesn't need nor deserve the criticism.
Another Rush convert without a brain. Better Job ? Outsourced to China. Business of Business is not paying taxes and getting free taxpayer bailouts and purchasing Democrats and Republicans to take orders from those who pay Campaign Contributions. The problem is a Cartel to fix the price and limit the quality. The Business model is to fix the price and offer low quality. It's called a Monopoly.

Columbia, MO

#69 Oct 13, 2013
LOWES, GE,KENMORE,MATAG...ect its all watered down junk for the the suckers to buy. we are all getting screwed over and over by these vermin.john deers are mostly junk, just buying a name.Its all about American greed and theft.the sorry ass (US GOV ) steals u blind and lies constantly,so do these buisnesses as well.All about the profits and control. These people could care less if we live or die.What ever happened to guality and pride in products,well It left along time ago with HARRY.S TRUMAN. WELCOME TO USSA.

Copperhill, TN

#70 Nov 9, 2013
I have never been able to understand why anyone would buy anything other than a good old Sears Craftsman lawn tractor! My 1996 15 hp OHV lawn tractor, other than looking a little worse than it did when I bought it, still performs great. But just like everything else, you have to do periodic maintenance.

Onalaska, TX

#71 Jan 2, 2014
It really don't matter what model you buy as long as it says John Deere then they should honor what ever the problem turns out to be. They are supposed to be a good product but it is starting to look a little different then that now.
Things are just a little to high today and well I guess you do get what you pay for HUH.

Louisville, KY

#72 Jan 3, 2014
You, sir, have been lied to. The transmission is fully repairable. I have torn apart many of these "sealed units" and repaired them. First thing I would do is check the fluid level, it may be that simple. Contact Tuff Torq for parts/model identification: It is most likely you have a K46 model transmission since these are the biggest pieces of crap made (mine went out at 80 hours). If it is a K46, here is a link on how to rebuild these units: Talk to their parts people, they will be happy to assist you. One of their parts employees rebuilds these on the side if you're not mechanically inclined.

Louisville, KY

#73 Jan 3, 2014
ALL of the big box stores tractors are made by MTD. If you want a real tractor/mower you must visit a dealership, that is where the stuff made by John Deere, Cub Cadet and others sell their product which is worth owning. Personally, I would have completely restored your old Simplicity. Cheaper than a new tractor and mow with it for another 15 years.

Louisville, KY

#74 Jan 3, 2014
If you really want a tractor that will last, purchase a good quality garden tractor from the mid 1980's and completely restore it. These things are made to last. My 1985 Case/Ingersoll 448 is still going strong with nothing but routine maintenance. It will be completely restored (at a much lower price than purchasing a new piece of junk) this summer. These are considered to be 30 year tractors and have proven to be so. After a complete restoration, I will expect this tractor to last until I die. Look for a Case, Ingersoll (same thing as Case just newer), Gravely, Wheel Horse, Bolens, Gilson, Cub Cadet, and John Deere. If properly cared for, these older mowers may outlast you. They are built to last many years unlike most things today.
JD Dealer

Ludington, MI

#75 Jan 17, 2014
My advice is DO NOT buy from Lowes or Home Depot! Buy from a John Deere dealer. Don't buy anything but an "X" Series tractor. They start at $2,999 for an X300 with a 42" mower deck. That tractor WILL last 20 to 25 years for an average size lawn with proper maintenance and care.

John Deere does build all their own lawn & garden tractors BUT the 100 series is built to compete price - wise with the cheap machines out on the market.
fed up

Altoona, PA

#76 Feb 20, 2014
I purchased a mower from lowes john deere it states right on it made for john deere it has been nothing but junk from the start the first year i had to have welding done to the mower deck the second year the brackets for the gas tank are gone i will never buy another john deere tractor should of stuck to cub cadet

Holland, MI

#77 Feb 22, 2014
I'm a former dealership employee.

When the L Series came out in the early 2000's, the dealers hated it. Lowes and Home Depot would carry them, and so would the dealership. These were a Scott's tractor- JD bought the name and painted them green. They're made with Chinese parts, and they're throwaways. The profit on the smallest one is only $100, and JD promised that people would come in to the dealership to buy parts. Instead, Lowes now stocks all the maintenance parts, but the bigger parts- hoods, decks, bearings, etc, are sold at the dealership. Margins average 45-60%. We sold hundreds of new decks because the old ones would last a few years only- hit a stump, break a spindle, and they're DONE. These are all assembled at JD dealers.

The poster that talked about the X series is correct. They look similar, but they're constructed with better parts. It's like a car- sure, a basic KIA is cheaper, but the Cadillac is a better car. If you have a couple acres and snowblowing to do, it'll cost you $3500-$7000 for a new mower. And all JD products outside of the cheap lawn tractors are a great product.

Unfortunately, JD has decided to become focused on globalization and profit, and they're closing down old-school small dealers all over the country. And when Deere says jump, dealers want to know how high. They do what they're told, and Deere is quite heavy handed when they ask. If you expanded as a dealer and stayed conservative with money, you'll end up rich. If you stayed small, you're dead.
Rob Johnson

Asheville, NC

#78 Mar 1, 2014
nutjobs r us wrote:
<quoted text>
I knew it wouldn't take long for the tards to spew their crap.
I guess hadn't Bew Cwinton I'll sell anyone out for a campaign donation used executive order by normalizing trade relations with China and give them preferred trade nation status single handedly destroying americas manufacturing base, corporations wouldn't be trying to compete with a communist company that uses child labor and dumps their crap on the market and we'd still have jobs here.
and whats Obamas solution?.........typical union spill "how come we have korean cars here and no american cars in korea?" We need a free trade with Sk. Sure, lets get the cambodian, vietnamese, and loatian kids on board.
From what I hear the chinese are even tapping vietnamese kids because their cheaper then chinese kids.....Now everyone will be able to afford the higher price john deeres....thanks obama!
You forgot to say Bushs fault or Bush did it or Bush caused it!
NAFTA was created by George H W Bush. It was signed into law a few days after Bush left the WH and Bill Clinton was sworn in. It Was GHW Bush's baby.
Rob Johnson

Asheville, NC

#79 Mar 1, 2014
If you have anything other than a "perfectly" level yard stay away from any riding mower at these home and garden centers with a hydro drive. They will absolutely not hold up on a yard with even the slightest hills. I like the feature of just pushing a forward or a reverse pedal too but they will overheat and fail in no time at all.
Buy a riding mower with a manual transmission only. They aren't nearly as convenient as a hydro-drive but they will last, whereas the hydro-drive will NOT.
If you must have a hydro-drive riding mower, expect to pay $8000. and up for a dependable one.

Nanty Glo, PA

#80 Mar 13, 2014
I have a bad boy it is awesome 4 yrs old mow 16 arces a week great mower

United States

#81 Mar 20, 2014
I guess nutjob is talking about the Clinton NAFTA law which was signed by Clinton but only bcause daddy Bush ran out of time before voted out. it was Bush idea and it was a done deal until clinton won and talked into it by Repubs.
After Clinton left. Little Bush took over. record amounts moving over seas.
Read it

Back to mowers.

I'm going for the Exmark pioneer s 48" cut.

See tons in my area that last for years and years.

I mow about 12 arces
Average man

Scottsboro, AL

#82 Mar 28, 2014
I have read some of the nonsense posted in this thread. And others are correct with their posts. I wanted to settle this "box store models aren't the same mowers as dealership models" for myself. I went into my local JD dealer and just spoke the truth. I said I was wanting a new mower and I wanted one to last many years. I asked about the D series mowers sold at the dealer vs the same models sold at box stores. He said simply that JD was losing a lot of business to cheaper mowers from other brands because they maintained a higher build quality. So JD decided to offer a line of lawnmowers at the same prices but were not the standard JD build quality of the past. He said straight up that the D series were not going to last for years like the older LT and other models. He said I could buy the D series from them or the box stores in my town. He said the other stores will run sales at times that will beat the dealer price. The man was being as honest as any salesman I've ever dealt with. ALL of the D series JD mowers at the box stores were built and set up at the local dealer I was at. He said look on the rear and their sticker and number would be there.

I went to HDepot and sure enough there was their sticker on every mower. So I returned to the dealer and found the same man. He explained to me that buying from box stores and having repairs under warranty would cost more because when I take it to the box to be repaired, they just carry the mower to the dealer and have them repair it and then charge me for their 2 trips to and from JD. Plus in my town I pay 9% tax to the box store for their "service". Not so from the dealership. The dealership also only charges 4.5% tax on mowers vs 9% at the box store. that I had all of that figured out I asked what mower WOULD last me many years like the old JD mowers. That's where the X series and up come in. They are the JD mower quality everyone grew up with. Those mowers are only available at dealers. If you know anything about engines,frames can walk around the x and see the difference. Yes..they come in at $2999 ,but reading all of the reviews on D series that run as much as $2799 and then after 2-3 years having to replace the transmission and other parts, you have spent more than you would have if you started with the x series to begin with. They come with a standard 4 year warranty vs 2 on D series. I'm not bias one way or the other. I'm simply tired of replacing my $1400-$2000 mowers every 3 years. I am currently on my 2nd craftsman in 4 years and it's junk. I service everything beyond what most do. I have a mechanic background...force of habit.

I grew up with Craftsman mowers. They have been going downhill for a long time now. Sears has next to no customer service. They can't even sell me the correct part when I have the part #. I did my homework on craftsman also. They are assembled most of the way and boxed and sent to sears stores where they are then thrown together without one adjustment made. This coming from a Sears employee.

So no..JD isn't selling MTD mowers. Yes.. JD is aware the D series are disposable mowers but like any company, they compete with other brands by building equally cheap mowers. I have been researching mowers for about 8 months now. I have not purchased a new one yet. I did drive the x300 with the twin Kawasaki engine and then the D140 Briggs and D170. The Kawasaki is hands down the better engine. My father in law bought a new JD140 last Fall. I've mowed with it and the Briggs is a twin but it runs as rough as a single. Loud,runs hot and smokes upon starting just like my craftsman with a Briggs.

So there it is. I don't own a JD. I'm not sure I will. But I did this research out of my own curiosity because I was tired of reading conflicting reviews. I can't really afford a $3500 JD X series that I am leaning towards. But if I had went another route 2 mowers ago, I would have saved more money by paying more up front for quality.

Traverse City, MI

#83 Mar 30, 2014
Back to the point...we can let the anti-American right wingers talk to each other.
Was suspicious of Home Depot and Lowes selling John Deere lawn tractors for so much less than traditional JD dealers.
Even a used unit that has been checked and tuned is probable a better bet.
Working family

Oakes, ND

#84 Apr 9, 2014
Proud US Capitalist wrote:
Good for China. What's good for China is good for American business. Wal-Mart imports a lot of goods from China. Wal-Mart employs MORE Americans than any other company. Wal-Mart stock is the greatest. God Bless Wal-Mart. God Bless The Chinese.
China didn't destroy American manufacturing....American wages and the decline in quality from American workers is what destroyed American manufacturing.
American workers are the laziest.
American workers want to be treated like kings.
American workers expect too much money from their employers.
China has got it right.
If you like China so much.... and go live there! That's your right if a American to be able to come and go as you please.

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