1-car crash kills 2 Whiteland students

1-car crash kills 2 Whiteland students

There are 154 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Feb 29, 2008, titled 1-car crash kills 2 Whiteland students. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Cody Stevenson belonged to the FFA, the group for young farmers. Justin Minton, too, was a popular sophomore, also involved in extracurricular activities at Whiteland High School.

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Whiteland Grad 06

Erlanger, KY

#26 Mar 1, 2008
I want to thank my dad for not letting me get a fast car when I got my licensed I hated him forever but after seeing two wrecks in the Whiteland area both doing with camaro's I can see he loved me enough and wanted me safe on the road in a big slow car.

Lets not forget three years ago and 3 days we lost Kelly in a similar situation and not even 10 minutes away from this one.

To the students and friends of Justing and Cody: Show their survivors you care. Slow down. Take your time on the road. You don't have to impress your friends by driving fast or doing stupid stunts on the road. You know what I am talking about. I graduated in 2006! I am not much older than you. We are all human's and will make mistakes but lets beat the new teen they are going to wreck statistics. Concentrate on what is around you. Its winter there will be ice spring started today there will be rain/puddles more chances to make the human mistake.

I will keep the family's in mind as my brother who is a senior this year was friends with Cody and his older sister Ashley.

United States

#27 Mar 1, 2008


#28 Mar 1, 2008
What can we learn from this:

1. If you must have your children driving is it wise to give them a Camero, Firebird, Mustang GT or any other Race Car?? How would you have driven that at age 16 through 25??? Those cars are made to go 80, 90 100 MPH.

2. Is is wise to have the Driving age at 16 when you must be 18 to do almost any other ""adult"" type action???

3. Should your children by riding with other young drivers. One thing I like in Indiana now is the first 3 months the new drivers must drive alone.

4. Parents are you AWARE that now you are responsible until your kids are at least 18 and you cannot even title a car in their name until they are 18.

Finally. My prayers are with all of these families. This is the ultimate tragedy.

Ft Mitchell, KY

#29 Mar 1, 2008
Mt wife and I knew Justin and Cody as well as Cody's sister, they were friends with my son. Justin was just at my house about a week ago with my son. Justin would come in and go up to my 3 year old baby girl and say "Hey Cece are you Ballin" then tell her to "Give him dog's". I think she will miss that. The first time I meet Justin is actually funny. He spent the night at our house with our son. I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and ran into him as he was coming out of the bathroom. "Who are you?" I asked him. He told me his name was Justin and I said "Nice to meet you now forget that you just saw me in my underwear". We both laughed and he went back to sleep. He was a good kid. My wife and I went by the crash site around 6:30 Friday and let me tell you what I saw...I saw a bunch of kids who lost 2 friends. There were probably 80-100 people there, mainly young adults, but also parents of these young adults and everyone I saw there was grieving in one way or another. They were hugging, crying and laughing all at the same time. We all made a circle around the tree holding hands and a young man went to the center and played Amazing Grace on his guitar, then a young lady came out and said that Cody and Justin would not want us to cry for them. It was good to see these young adults slowly starting the healing process by reaching out to grieve with their friends. Cody's sister came out also and my heart literally ached when she almost collapsed while approaching the tree. You know what happened next....probably 25 friends surrounded her with not only their bodies but also with love. It was hard not to have a tear in your eyes. We adults concentrate on only the negative things that young people do, it was refreshing to see that in our circle nothing mattered. It did not matter if you were young or old (I held hands with the young man who stepped out and said a prayer). It did not matter if you were a jock or nerd, rich or poor. Everyone felt the same pain. Whiteland lost 2 good kids today and it will take some time to heal, but remember one thing...Cody and Justin might be gone physically, but if you keep them in your hearts they are never far away. I wish the best for Amir. I hope that his body heals quickly and I hope that his mental wounds will heal also. NOBODY should hold no ill will against this young man, what happened was a tragic accident but it was just that an accident. I pray for all 3 families...may God surround those who remain behind and speed their healing.

Lebanon, IN

#31 Mar 1, 2008
The government should up the driving age to 18, or a Highschool graduate. 16 is too young, they are still a kid. Parents need to think of the children instead of how easy it is once a child is driving. Seems like the majority of children that get killed in car wrecks are driving fancy expensive cars. I could not hot rod the Pinto I was givin to drive at 18, not sixteen, and then it was my moms and I had to ask to drive it. Once I graduated from Highschool and got a job, I bought my own, I paid the payment, the up keep. I appreciated it and took care of it.

Shauck, OH

#32 Mar 1, 2008
I will miss cody and justin! Ive known them since sixth grade!
Stifflers Mom

United States

#33 Mar 1, 2008
GIJOE wrote:
Bet the parents buy a Geo Metro for their next kid.....
Way to think parents!
None of them would have survived that impact in a Geo Metro and yes, a Geo will run 70MPH too. It has nothing to do with the kind of car the kids were in. Its most likely inexperience of the driver and nothing more than a tragic accident. Don't turn this into judgment day for the parents.

United States

#34 Mar 1, 2008
My thoughts and prayers go out to the famlies of these young men that were killed and to the driver of the other car.

Noah Webster gave a name for one word, ACCIDENT, if you didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident. It doesn't make your heart hurt any less, but try to accept this as it is an accident.

May God bless each and everyone of you involved and comfort the families. Lord, give them strength to meet each new day. Let them keep the good memories fresh and dull the bad ones, so that they can go on.

I am so sorry!

Florence, KY

#35 Mar 1, 2008
I'm disgusted by some of these comments. First off, when you are 16, you only have 3-6 month probationary period on your license. I only know this because we just got finished going through this with my brother. It is very possible that the driver was finished with his probationary period.

For those of you telling him to sue - stop. We live in a "sue happy" world and it's pathetic. When Dale Milligan and Alisha Beard died, the driver of their vehicle couldn't even get a warning. He was going 72 MPH in a 55 and was not wearing a seatbelt. 2 months later, Adam Cox (the driver) was driving a brand new car and acting completely care free. My daughter had to sit back and watch all of it and do nothing. I certainly hope these students and parents do not respond the way my daughter's friends did with Adam. Their whole lives ended up being torn apart.

Someone posted a comment about going to the accident site and explaining what she saw. That is so helpful for these individuals. I hope the news/local media stays out of it and lets them grieve.

When Alisha's funeral finally came around, her mom was the one to give her eulogy. My daughter and her friends found great strength and pride in this. At Dale's funeral, we were all left with one thing, "Your life is like a book, would you read it?" So many people could have taken that out of context and all 800 of us that were there realized what was truly meant by it. 2 months later, the students of Hamilton County rallied together to create forums with the Hamilton County sheriff. These students get up and talk, victims parents get up and talk, and no one walks away feeling invincible.

I wish peace upon these families. But first, I urge you to grieve. And be sad for as long as you possibly can... Once you get mad, it's like starting the whole grieving process over again... only with a vengeance.

Florence, KY

#36 Mar 1, 2008
One more thing, I urge everyone to visit: wwww.whenyoudrive.com
Karina Mena

Plymouth, MI

#37 Mar 1, 2008
may god be with them =[
i am so sorry for what happeed to them.
God will hear all of our prayers and help their familiez :(

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Mar 1, 2008
My prayers to all those affected. Stop putting blame on the parents of the driver for allowing him to drive a Camaro. It could have happened just the same if he were driving a Geo Metro.

Ft Mitchell, KY

#40 Mar 1, 2008
Please,every teen, who's gotten mad at their mom ,for yelling at their friends for driving too fast with their kid in the car....Go give her a hug and thank her.She loved you enough to not care if you were mad...she wanted you home alive.

Indianapolis, IN

#41 Mar 1, 2008
When did the 3rd person die?
The Real Deal

Indianapolis, IN

#42 Mar 1, 2008
Same old story. One that repeats itself year after year. Teen's parents support the teen driving a "hot rod". Teen makes a series of bad decisions. Teen's actions take the lives of other teens. Very sad. Be a responsible driver requires maturity. To clarify, maturity is not the act of showing your friends just how fast your car can travel in a straight line. Of course, being 16 and lacking maturity is normal (before the children object, I can only suggest that you gain some life experiences before answering this point). It is too late for his parents to make better decisions, but not other parents. Think about this ccident before you put your child behind the wheel. Make better decisions. You might save a life.
Curt an emt in columbus

Munster, IN

#43 Mar 1, 2008
Grim Reaper wrote:
keller and keller or ken nun,sue sue sue,the parents of the driver are resposible
You know you are an idiot these parents have enough to deal with people like you should just keep their mouth shut. Like you didnt make mistakes when you were that age i cant believe that because you did now by opening your mouth. you are a dumba##.To the parents just remember your sons are with god now and in a far much better place I am so sorry for your loss I will b praying for you
Indy Indy

Crawfordsville, IN

#44 Mar 1, 2008
I read articles like this time and time again and it only reinforces a quote I have heard for years, "Only the GOOD die young". RIP guys.

Plymouth, MI

#45 Mar 1, 2008
first of all many people that have posted a comment on here are ignorant heartless!
the parents are def not resposbile for anything. if you put 2 and 2 together and realize this was an ACCIDENT. Im sure all of you have been in accidrents some are bad some are good but you can really control what happens. what is meant to happen will happen.
Amirs parents bought him this car beacuse every 16 year old has a dream car and a Camaro was his dream car. ANY car can go fast so even if he had a van it couldnt of prevented this beacuse you can never stop something from happening if it was meant to happen.
some people need to wake up and just pray from these kids and thier families and quit pointing fingers at who is to blame.
George Orwell

Tyrone, PA

#46 Mar 1, 2008
Why don't these kids ever learn from the mistakes of others?

I don't have any kids, but if I had any (whether they could drive yet or not) we would read these articles in the paper every time they happen. I would underline or highlight the terms "excessive speed" or "was not wearing a seat belt" and then go to the end where they tell when the funeral is.

Sooner or later, I think they'd get it.........
PM Senior

Crawfordsville, IN

#47 Mar 1, 2008
First of all-may God be with all of these boys' families & friends. Second of all--Shame on you if you used this forum to scold the actions of their parents and the teens themselves. Lives were lost yesterday morning and that shouldn't be overshadowed by the fact that an ACCIDENT occurred yesterday. If you want to talk about or fix your issues with teen drivers today, I suggest you contact your local Government and give THEM a piece of your mind and not to those who are grieving. One of my friends happens to have been a very good friend of Cody & Justin's and I know for a fact he wouldn't want to read all of these disgustingly inconsiderate comments by people who have too much time on their hands to judge others for their mistakes.

God Bless Cody, Justin, Amir & their families.

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