Zionist race baiting Jews at it again.

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The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#1 Jun 15, 2013
In the headlines everyday a race baiting story is displayed, Once again the Zionist Jews continue to try and cause racial tensions between black and white and Hispanics. Generally it's always white vs black. That makes for a better story always depicting whites as racist, bigoted hateful prejudice people. Yes it is those Zionist phony non-practicing Jews at it again.That's why they want all guns removed so white people can't protect themselves when the race war goes down that the same Zionist Jews with now the Trayvon case are doing all they can to fan the flames, Look at any face book page of most black people on face book, They have a tribute page for Trayvon, They are posting no justice no peace, We heard that after the OJ trial, Then the riots began until they got what they wanted. Up pops the good caring Jews to bring money and hope to those poor ghetto south central black people. They are really good at playing white against black or black against white. They always have the Klan, skinheads , or Nazi to pullout of the rabbits hat . And say see nothing has changed. They keep affirmative action in place as great divider, They know blacks have all the same opportunities as whites and every race in America now to succeed . They play the divide game at every angle. The goal is to start a major race war between mostly whites and blacks. Yes some Hispanics will be killed, But they are now the new voting block and slaves the Zionist Jews already have under their thumbs by giving them free citizenship and other freebies in the welfare dept.Call a JEW Gentile and they will demand you be nailed upon the cross.Also pitting straight against Gays, But 99% of the time it's of course always straight white people who are homophobic in the Zionist Jews headlines , They don't point out in many middle eastern countries homosexuality is not even tolerated one bit, They could be stoned to death or jailed for life if caught in a homosexual act.Yes homosexuality exist even in those middle eastern nations, The gays there know better than to push too much. They are outnumbered by a strong belief against their chosen lifestyle behavior choice.The Zionist Jews still have China as slave trader partners, China is becoming more powerful and resistance to following the rules the Zionist Jews have in place for business. Now India shall be the new big trading partner with the USA . Mexico, Canada, and South America will merge with the USA as a newer Super economic force to compete with China . Now everyday in the headlines also reported is the dwindling power Gentles have and how they haven't bred due to the Zionist Jews taxing them to death taking all the income they need to have bigger families. Unlike the Hispanics and Blacks that have been given free food and homes and apts to thrive and grow their races to the amount the same Zionist Jews can manage and control with more freebies.The goal is to totally get rid of the white working middle class families.
Simon Wiesenthal

Noblesville, IN

#2 Jun 15, 2013
Anti-Semitic Pig. Why don't you goose-step over a cliff somewhere. When your sick diseased soul is in hell, maybe you will get to ride on a transport to Treblinka and go through six-million agonizing deaths in the gas chambers for all eternity. You deserve it you bastard-swine.

Since: Feb 10

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#3 Jun 15, 2013
i hate dem jews
i wish they'd burnt all of them in the ovens
then my life would be so much better today
darn that Hitler
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Jun 16, 2013
How thoughtless of you simonite not to mention all the other millions more killed in WW2 that weren't Jews. How about 7 million Ukraneians starved to death in less than one year, How about The many Polish that weren't Jews, How about The Batan death march . I love how Zionist Jews have managed tio make WW2 a war where only they suffered or peoples were killed.Isn't ironic that a few years after WW2 The Jews manage to get their own country. Yet those Polish people who were invaded got the raw end of the dean and had to suffer under communism for another 60 years.So I guess people who weren't Jews fought and died to save the Jews Those chosen people who were never actually the chosen ones, If you really break down the scriptures and when they defied God after Moses led them out of Egypt and those Jews while Moses was up on the Mtn speaking to the burning bush, They were worshiping a golden cow. Moses furious threw the ten commandment tablets down at them. God was angry. He kept them in the desert for 40 years lol.Then came the years of Jesus Christ , The tre real practicing Jew unlike many of today, The same Jews descendants of Moses and Abraham made sure Jesus's fate was sealed on the cross. That then and there is when God said You are no longer my chosen people. That is when God said the Gentiles would be the new chosen people led by Jesus.Poor Simon you need to learn your bible and commandments .Think about WW2 Isn't it funny that even Hitler didn't really want anything to do with being in Africa or the middle east yet alone in a place that would soon be called Israel, It is almost as though WW2 was planned by the Jews all along, Hitler was a mere actor playing the evil bad man who hated Jews, Yet we know Hitler himself was half Jew lol. Ever notice How much Walt Disney looked like Hitler mmmmmmmm

Since: Feb 10

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#5 Jun 16, 2013
they're not even jews at all
they're white converts from eastern europe who converted to judiasm under king Bulan
they're just white trash from eastern europe
read yo bible jews are NOT white period

Kirkland, WA

#6 Dec 24, 2013
Simon Wiesenthal wrote:
Anti-Semitic Pig. Why don't you goose-step over a cliff somewhere. When your sick diseased soul is in hell, maybe you will get to ride on a transport to Treblinka and go through six-million agonizing deaths in the gas chambers for all eternity. You deserve it you bastard-swine.
Typical Jewish response.
Take your six million lies and be gone.
The world is tired of your phony victimhood and vile propaganda.
son of sam

Avon, IN

#8 Dec 24, 2013
What gets me is that nothing is ever said about all the native Americans that were massacred
The Patriot of Honor

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Dec 24, 2013
Give a Jew a camera and newspaper , They can make anyone beliueve their lies. Like the Holocaust , The ovens where they said Jews were gassed , Funny the locks were on the inside. How do you lock people in from the inside?. Yes some jews died, Just like you see in Syria , Or any country in a civil war or world war. How many do you think died in Bataan ,We have been programmed to be told over and over about the supposed 6 million jews who died in the Holocaust . Yet many millions more actually were killed in world 1 and world war2 .You don't hear Jews talk about that, Instead we are bombarded with movies about the Holocaust , Now Jews even have hate crime Protection . Pearl you have been greatly deceived and have fallen for that old chosen people, They lost that respect with Moses in the desert . Then they truly lost it when they killed Jesus Christ a real practicing Jew, Who came to fulfill to Gentiles That they are now the chosen ones God praises and welcomed into Heaven. Jews were angry that god would do such a thing.If you know your bible , Then you also know The same Jews killed every Prophet before Jesus also.Yes people died in wars from typhoid and TB and starvation, You seem to forget we bombed trains that brought food into those nazi camps where some jews were held captive., Explain how if Jews were so wiped out literally , How is it within three years after the war They have their own state? How is it they now control this world in every aspect of power.I do my homework, I know who starts the wars and trouble. Who really carries out genocide upon the masses.
The Patriot of Honor

Indianapolis, IN

#10 Dec 24, 2013
Tell me when was the last time a Jew has been denied a job in America or a loan or freedom of speech. How is it they now have hate crime protection, Yet straight white people dont have hate crime protection. PEARL wake up already and see how you have been duped and lied to by that same lying JEWISH ZIONIST MEDIA CONTROL.. Okay Pearl why is it that Jewish kids can have their very own schools and practice how they want too, That means religiously . Yet Christian schools can't. They are now telling Christian schools and Hospitals they have to pay for abortions, That is something they don't believe in.Tell me this Pearl again, How is it Jews control everything, I say this in reference to the supposed mass holocaust of Jews during world war 2. How can a people comeback so fast and even more powerful. The only way is it was all a farce and fraud.MANY WARS ARE BEGUN TO GAIN MORE POWER, MANY ARE BEGUN TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THE OTHER SIDE STARTED IT ALSO.MOST THE VERY WEALTHY JEWS DURING WORLD WAR 2 WERE ALREADY OUT OF EUROPE AND IN AMERICA AND IN ISRAEL SETTING IT UP TO BECOME A STATE.THIS WAS ALL PLANNED BY THE ZIONIST JEWS. MOST TO MAKE GENTILES LOOK LIKE EVIL PEOPLE. CALL A JEW A GENTILE, THEY WILL HISS AT YOU LIKE A SNAKE, THAT IS LIKE CALL A PEURTO RICAN A BLACK PERSON. OR CALLING A MEXICAN A HONDURAN LOL. THEY DON'T LIKE THAT. AGAIN PEARL IN LESS THAN 20 YEARS THE SUPPOSED WIPED OUT JEWS WERE ABLE TO COMEBACK AND TAKE OVER WALL STREET , ALL THE MEDIA AND NEWS PRINT AND MOST BUSINESS AS IN FORTUNE 500 , HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE NOW EVEN THE NATIVE AMERICANS WHO WERE WIPED OUT DID THAT NOR THE AFRICANS ENSLAVED .JAPAN WAS WIPED OUT BY TWO BOMBS, YES THEY MADE SOMEWHAT OF A COMEBACK FINANCIALLY . THEY TOOK A DIVE IN THE 90'S.HOW WAS ISRAEL SAFE FROM THE WORLD MARKETS CRASHING?EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD NEEDED A BAILOUT EXCEPT ISRAEL.

Since: Feb 10

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#11 Dec 24, 2013
im just tired of them jews

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