Cymbalta leads the way for Lilly

Cymbalta leads the way for Lilly

There are 412 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Jan 31, 2007, titled Cymbalta leads the way for Lilly. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Notch up another blockbuster drug for Eli Lilly and Co., thanks to the robust market for antidepressants.

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Sudbury, Canada

#412 Apr 28, 2011
I took cymbalta for 9 months, gained 45 pounds, and weaned myself off slowly. I still have a whole bunch of pills that I will be taking to the pharmacist to be rid of. It is a horrible drug for me, I was happy......but there were all if not more of the above side affects. It kills me to have gained the weight. Now to lose it, and try to be happy. good luck everyone

Bayville, NJ

#413 May 6, 2011
i was on cymbalta for two weeks and experience a full blown panic attack never in my life it felt so severe. my docter told me i had this probelm from a car accident but not this bad. its been more then two weeks off and well the full blown panic attacks i have while driving is scary and i am barley driving. I thought i would be back to normal after 2 weeks but sad to say i am not. I would love to know who else is having this problem. my husband has been stressed to the max. I am under care of docters but my docter said give a bit of time. I wanted to share that gaba herbel is helpful not a strong gram a low one i will be taking the low dose today the other was strong. those whom take xanx its not a fixer for aniexty it cause rebound aniexty. remember that cymbalta messes with brain chemcials many meds do this. so your brain needs to get back. i admit i am scared if this does not go away the full blown panic attacks. do not take gaba with xanx find a good docter. and yes breathing exercise help. just go to you tube and type in guided medation and you will find videos keep at it. i barely ever write comments but i want to be helpful. some of the people comments i read are sad. i pray for all you,

Since: Feb 07

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#414 May 8, 2011

Since: Feb 07

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#416 May 8, 2011
Psychiatry "No Science"


Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, Introduction

Bronx, NY

#417 May 15, 2011
I am so glad that all this info is out there and that people take the time to write about it. I have been on cymbalta for depression and anxiety for 3 years but for the past two years I have gained 40 lbs my blood pressure has skyrocketed and my sleep is interrupted with nightmares. I do believe that it helped in the beginning but now I feel that I would be better off with out it. I am also in recovery from alcohol and I have relapsed with it because of severe anxiety. I would like to see what it is like to be medication free because I am thinking the side effects now are worse than my symptoms at this point. I am 48 and I do not feel that it is physically good for me to stay on the medication. I do have arthritis so I am concerned about increased pain not being on cymbalta because they prescribe it for that as well. Has anyone noticed increased pain form arthritis or myalga?

Since: Feb 07

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#418 May 15, 2011
IMO: anxiety is a side effect of the drugs. People on the forum state that cymbalta doesn't relieve pain and is a false advertisement. Neurotin has a lawsuit and doesn't relieve pain also.

IMO: Caution on getting off medication: Contact a General medical doctor not a psychiatrist.. Have friends watch your behavior 24/7 for a month. Many susicides and eratic behaviors from the drugs.

Good luck..

Since: Feb 07

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#419 May 15, 2011
The link between Psychiatry, drugs and Suicide

Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.


One has to ask the question "Why are so many murders and suicides taking place by people who are on supposedly 'anti-psychotic' or 'anti-depressant' medications?" If drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft, Ritalin, Xanax, Paxil, Thorazine and other related "anti-depressants" are actually an effective treatment, one would naturally expect suicides, murders and violent behavior to be decreasing, yet this is apparently the reverse of what is happening.


"...virtually all of the gun-related massacres that have made headlines over the past decade have had one thing in common: They were perpetrated by people taking Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil or a related antidepressant drug."


[The above link reflects the murders and killings that happened to innocent people because of psychotropic drugs.[b] The profession has no credibility and has deliberately harmed the people including their children!
It should be noted that many of the psychotropic drugs have the FDA black warning label.

Gladesville, Australia

#420 May 24, 2011
I love cymbalta... I have suffered from anxiety for years... Although managable i recently lost my partner due to death and my anxiety come out 10 fold... Whatever symptoms i have when i come off cymbalta i will take with a grain of salt because if i hadnt got help from it i dont think i would be here typing now.

Since: May 11

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#421 May 25, 2011
I was on Cymbalta for almost 3 years. I kept trying to get off of it but couldn't because of the withdrawals. I finally did some research and discovered that the easiest way to get off of it is by getting on another SSRI like Prozac. I stopped taking the Cymbalta then started Prozac the following day. For one month I took it everyday then I took half a dose everyday for the next month. After that second month , I stopped the Prozac and had no problem. I hope you people having a hard time getting off this drug do as I did. No problem at all. Good Luck

Indianapolis, IN

#422 May 25, 2011
Does this mean Lillys will lower the price of insulin, so I don`t have to give them so much of my paycheck ,so I can remain living ?
the real soulkaptoz

Chagrin Falls, OH

#423 May 25, 2011
this is a repub med and it has really helped me. Mitch helped in the discover of this drug.

Since: Feb 07

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#424 May 25, 2011
The public needs to recognize that they can refuse to take a mind drug from the GP and psychiatrist. Don't be hoodwinked that the drugs serves any purpose other then to addict you or turn you into a zompie.

The above post from Jacknive may be helpful in weening yourself off the toxic, personality altering mind drug. A warning should be that you need to know what you are doing in getting off the mind drug. You may want to contact a GP, MD as the withdrawal effects can be dangerous to go alone. Seek that help.

Little Rock, AR

#425 Jun 6, 2011
Lydia wrote:
I have been tapering off of Cymbalta with absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS at all! I was taking 60mg daily. I have decreased it by approx. 12 mg a week, and am currently at approx. 24 mg. I have two weeks more to go before I am completely off this drug. In addition, I have greatly increased my veg/fruit/whole grains and added 1 tsp. lemon flavored Omega 3 fish oil to my diet, three times a day (2400 mg. EPA). I also walk as many times a week as I can - weather permitting. I take take a few daily supplements, as well.
<quoted text>
How do you taper off that slowly when the pills don't come in those doses??

Dallas, NC

#426 Jul 28, 2011
I am starting on my third week of being off cymbalta...i feel like I am going to die and would gladly die, but just don't want Eli Lily to have killed me and me not be around to sue their a##ses..this is horrible...this is nothing but pure withdrawals, no psychiatric symptoms or depression off of it, just nauesa, vomiting, diarrhea, flu like symtpoms, etc...i really wish i could fed x a box of this never ending diarrhea to eli lily to show my appreciation for their latest ad that says it is IS NOT ADDICTIVE...yeah, then why am i in full withdrawals if it is not addictive??? this drug is not worth it...made me manic and impulsive...and basically ruined my more meds for me, i trust drug companies absolutely not and have no respect for their legal pushing and will ease your pain and elevate your mood just like cocaine or heroin...

Dallas, NC

#427 Jul 28, 2011
some things that have helped for any of you withdrawing from this 3s help the brain zaps...benedryl helps some with the nausea and flu like symtoms...i always thought acupunture was a crock until i, out of desperation, tried it for these withdrawal helped a lot...good luck for anyone going through this hell....and for you suckas who think it is great...cocaine used to be legal too...

Knoxville, TN

#428 Jul 28, 2011
I am on day 5, I honestly don't know if I can go on I have never been addicted or abused anything until now. This is the worst drug I have ever taken. I have tried before unsuccessfully to come off of this only to have my Dr insist I continue to take it or he would stop seeing me. I have a new Dr now after 6 years ( only 3years on Cymbalta ) For the past 5 days life has been a living hell, I have angered many people in my life and am too embarrassed to tell them why, I never thought I would know what true addiction was until now. If your not already on this medication for the love of god please don't start, if you are on it the only way I can see to get back at lily is to stop taking it and hurt them in where it counts to them the wallet, Best wishes to everyone

Dallas, TX

#429 Jul 29, 2011
I am on day 3 of going cold turkey. All I want to do is cry. My back is killing me. I am so stressed out. I can't tell my boss, because she will nit understand. So I sleep all day til. I have to work. I go through the day in complete pain. And count the minutes til I can go home. I do not suggest this medicine. I have been other antidepressants, but this has the worsest withdrawls. Wish me luck:)

Jordan, MN

#430 Aug 5, 2011
DO NOT COLD TURKEY CYMBALTA, it is not meant to be stopped that way! Of course you will have side affects, the very same side affects as when you started them(headache, body twitches, brain zapps, ringing in the ears, vision problems, memory loss, forgetfulness, sweating, foggy brain, dizzy feeling, eye strain, neck stiffness) plus if your depression still exists you'll crash. BE SMART, LOWER THE DOSE 5 mg per week(7 days) until your down to almost nothing. This will mean you'll have to open the capsules and divide the beads according to your prescribed dose. Go slow and it's much more manageable, easier and HEALTH SMART!
If a doctor tells you to stop cold turkey, run as far away from that Doctor as possible..... their not a competent Doctor!!

Virginia Beach, VA

#431 Oct 15, 2011
I have been on cymbalta for about 3 years now and since about a month or 2 ago ive been trying to ween myself off (due to the fact that I want to have a baby and will not be on this awful drug). I've had horrible withdrawal symptoms like many of you! It started with the worst migraine headaches for 2 weeks staight! Those were followed by dizziness and nausea. My brain is so foggy and i cant concentrate at work. I keep hoping tomorrow is better and wondering how long it will take to get off of this drug all together! Currently i'm removing beads from a 30 mg capsule, since the doctors dont really have any good advise on weening off of this AWFUL drug. Once i'm off i will never ever get back on it and will never recommend it!

Baltimore, MD

#432 Feb 12, 2012
Don't start this drug no matter how desperate you are. I have fibromyalgia and suffer with depression. My doc put me on this and the sad part is it did help my problems, but the side affects were were awful. I had insomnia, stomach pains and sexual problems. I weaned off of it recently and I feel dizzy, feel like I want to vomit, still have insomnia, and now I'm having hot flashes. I'm not sure if it's related to the drug, but I also have the worse scalp sores that won't heal. It would be nice if doctors would advise you upfront about these problems. After all they should know these things. So please take my advice, and don't start this drug. It's not worth it. I know I will do alot of investigating before I ever take a new drug in the future.

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