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#1 Jan 11, 2018
Is she still married I heard she was is there any truth to it

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Jan 11, 2018
I only know she was a teen when she killed the young girl, Yes she is getting out today after 24 years in prison.
That is the deal struck in her parole after serving the time slated until her release.
I know most will say she should never get out of prison. I agree but she didn't make the law or rules, She server her time that being Lori Tackett .
I understand the pain the mother is going through also, I lost a cousin to murder, His killer only did about a couple of months in jail and was released , Even though he lied and his witnesses lied of the murder of killing him.
They jury saw my cousin was in prison himself for 7 years for running into a man with his car which he did after a night of drinking and getting into a fight with the man at a bar.
Yes he was killed at a bar celebrating his birthday with his sister,
He was killed because the waitress there was flirting with him whom she also happened to be the girlfriend of the bar owner who by the way killed someone years back in the same manner.
I understand the pain of losing a loved one .I can say justice wasn't served in my case of losing my cousin.
We have to move on the best we can , We also know Miss Tackett will have to live with the crime she committed I mean murder.
Convicts Take Notice

Greenwood, IN

#3 Jan 11, 2018
I believe this b*tch should've received the death penalty. She most likely sucked her way out of it. She probably spent a lot of time in prison on her knees sucking guards and officials for privileges. That's how white-trash lives behind bars. Unfortunately,most relatives of murder victims are weak minded. Any murderer getting out of prison should be killed by a relative of the victim. This is allowed by many countries. It is incumbent upon society to get rid of the inmates once they are let out. Rabid animals have no place in society and they must be destroyed. Forgiveness is futile. A murderer must be exterminated as if they are a rodent.. We treat inmates way too well in America. They should not be fed well and/or receive medical and dental care while in prison. We are wasting money on them. We comfort them and coddle them. They are allowed to acquire an education.Why? Dangerous felons should be written off and put out of commision.Permanently. Prisons should be a living hell,not a facility with heat and air conditioning. Prisoners receive better food than our troops and that is wrong.

Trust me,Lori Tackett is laughing at everyone. She is most likely still proud of herself for killing someone. That's how white-trash such as Lori Tackett thinks. There will be no price to be paid in the afterlife.Someone should pay the b*tch a visit. And a good jury would never convict a person for taking vengeance upon a convicted murderer. Felons should have absolutely no rights and protections.None.

As far as laws,you can do more time for having some pot on your person, than committing an egregious murder. Again,murderers are given comfort,are coddled and given every opportunity within the law(s). Victims and others? Not so much.

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Jan 11, 2018
No Shari Miller was ever involved in any murder in the state of Indiana. Wtf?!? Hahahahaha you old coot you’ve finally lost it!
Convicts Take Notice

Greenwood, IN

#5 Jan 11, 2018
To clarify,here are the white-trash convicted of the murder of Shanda Sharer in 1992.

Lori Tackett (Never bathed in her life) Always smells like a wild and wet animal. At least those are the rumours among the inmates.

Hope Rippy (Probably flirted/gave favors with officials for early release. She's moving to Marion County).

Toni Lawrence (Got out of prison extremely early). I could be wrong,but I believe she's now doing porn as a toilet slut. I could be wrong.

Melinda Lovelace (Most likely will do fetish porn when released because she's too stupid to do anything else). Besides,she has the name for porn. Hopefully,she'll fatally choke on something during filming and leave this earth permanently.

The above are known as convicted felons. They are also total white-trash. I wonder if any of these trashy broads slept with their lawyers during the trial? They probably did. Lawyers and murderers have no scruples.
Convicts Take Notice

Greenwood, IN

#6 Jan 11, 2018
I'm losing it too. Correction.

The correct name of the last white-trash convict is MELINDA LOVELESS. Not Lovelace.

Her surname is so apt.

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Jan 11, 2018
What does any of this have to do with a Shari Miller? Who is Shari Miller?
Convicts Take Notice

Greenwood, IN

#8 Jan 11, 2018
Shari has nothing to do with any of this. Somehow,the original subject of discussion was lost in the second post by Healing Time. I've commented with regards to Laurie Tackett mentioned in Healing Time's post.

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Jan 13, 2018
It's like this the justice system failed but it is what we have and what handed down the sentences according to plea deals arranged to get the main culprit and leader of the torture and murder of Shanda Sharer .
I would have questioned why an 11 year old was hanging around much older teenage girls in the first place and being in a small town it was known the older girls were lesbians for the most part.
Back to the crime and sentence of these girls now ladies.
The plea was offered and handed out to the other girls, The lesser one of the killers did very little time I believe she was 14 and according to the plot she didn't do any of the death blows or gasoline,
Yes they were all involved she did nothing to war little Shanda about what was going to happen to her.
There is also a rumor the girls were into witchcraft and Shanda was a sacrifice to the devil They had a witches coven where they met.
I know of murder and victims. I worked with a killer who helped torture and kill Sylvia Likens .You had older adults influence on a ten year old boy at that time.
Even at 14 a young teen girl can be greatly influenced and wanting to be liked and accepted by the other girls.
Shanda was a very beautiful young 11 year old girl , I think the main culprit was very jealous of her and knew she could take her gf from her on which the gf liked Shanda.
Aside from that gossip it is known again more so than rumor they wanted Shanda as a sacrifice that is why she was lured and befriended into the group to be sacrificed.
I don't agree with many plea deals many prosecutors use them just to win a case and get a notch on their belt.
They say it was to get the main person or persons responsible or evidence they didn't have to get a good conviction or life sentence over death, It also comes down to how much money they are willing to spend on the case.
The laws set up by our courts also lessen harsher sentences especially for young teen killers.
They blame on how they were raised for why they became killers or abusers and such and such.
I haven't heard anything bad being done by the others who got out of prison years back after they helped kidnap and torture and murder Shanda.
I could say the older influence by the main two lesbian gf's was why they did what they did back then, Yes they will always have to live with what they did and dream about it nightly seeing the young beautiful Shanda's smile .

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