No civil case against Zimmerman

No civil case against Zimmerman

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The Ultimate KAPTOZ

Indianapolis, IN

#1 Jul 15, 2013
It's not going to happen. The DOJ just last year looked into a possible civil case against Mr Zimmerman , They found no evidence of racial profiling or ill will on Zimmerman's behalf ,The jury of his peers decided the same thing also, This was a clear cut case of self defense . All big Trayvon had to do was call the police as well and report he was being followed by some stranger. No he was high on weed and who knows what else. He bragged about being a thing to friends, He was a violent teenager.This whole thing now Obama acting like he may have his DOJ look into possible civil suit against Zimmerman is a huge ploy, He already told the people to calm down and honor Trayvon his son's memory . This is just to get the thugs and angry black masses to chill, They will drag out the possible civil case until another thug is killed, Then they will make that thug their new hero and face to have a reason to kill white people. meanwhile the numbers are sky high in black on black murder in every major city in the USA ALL ON OBAMA'S WATCH.

Since: Aug 12

Brownsburg, IN

#2 Jul 16, 2013
There will be a civil suit against George Zimmerman. After OJ Simpson was acquitted the Goldman family sued in civil court and won a multimillion dollar judgment. The homeowners association which employed Zimmerman has already reached a cash settlement with the Martin family. The Martin family will almost certainly go directly after Zimmerman next.

You are confusing a "civil" case with a "civil rights" case. Although the federal government has the option of filing suit against someone for violating civil rights that seems to be unlikely in this case.

“Reality is better than truth.”

Since: Nov 09


#3 Jul 16, 2013
Gee, I wish I had a kid for someone to kill...I could use some easy cash.

Funny how "priceless" life is until you get a chance to profit from it.
The Ultimate kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#4 Jul 17, 2013
Yes they can file a civil case against Zimmerman, The thing is it doesn't hold water, In Florida under The stand your ground law. You get immunity from prosecution, Zimmerman's lawyers waived the stand your ground , They knew the judge wouldn't accept it, They went for plain ole self defense. Those idiots out there that are angry black and very uneducated. George the Hispanic man trial that he was acquitted for, Was base on self defense. Now in the civil case, Once they implement the stand your ground rule. The judge in that case will explain to Trayvon's lawyers , George is exempt from all prosecution =)George has no money anyways.George can automatically any monies he makes can sign it over to his brother or parents , =)

Since: Aug 12

Brownsburg, IN

#5 Jul 17, 2013
The Ultimate kaptoz wrote:
Yes they can file a civil case against Zimmerman, The thing is it doesn't hold water, In Florida under The stand your ground law.
To label your knowledge of the criminal justice system as limited would be an understatement.

While it's possible that a civil suit would be dismissed on the basis of Stand Your Ground that's hardly a sure thing. Considering that there is concrete evidence that Zimmerman chased after Martin it could be ruled that Martin was entitled to stand his ground against Zimmerman.

And OJ Simpson tried to sign money over to his kids in an attempt to avoid paying his civil judgment. The court invalidated the fraud and confiscated the money.

Fishers, IN

#6 Jul 17, 2013
Pontificating wrote:
<quoted text>
To label your knowledge of the criminal justice system as limited would be an understatement.
Your statement is itself an understatement. To dignify almost any of the paranoid-schizophrenic rants of the OP with the term knowledge, is a disservice to the word knowledge.
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#7 Jul 17, 2013
Your level of lack of the law is truly evident. His lawyers didn't introduce stand your ground, because they knew the judge was a liberal twit who wouldn't allow it in her courtroom , They avoided it all by just standing by self defense. The jury saw all the facts and evidence and witness testimony , they concluded Zimmerman ACTED IN SELF DEFENSE. There were witnesses that saw Trayvon thug on top of Zimmerman punching him and banging his head into the pavement. I love how Liberals Like pont always have no logic of laws or rules especially when they lose.They always want to rewrite the rule book of law and Justice.This isn't one hour perry mason show Pont.Had Trayvon been so worried he was being followed, He had a cell phone that he could've used to call the cops also, He didn't did he, He was also seen peering in peoples windows prior to his ambushing Zimmerman. He also had a criminal record for smoking weed and stolen property.It took him 45 minutes to go down to the store just to buy an ice tea and skittles?
The Ultimate Kaptoz

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Jul 17, 2013
First of all there was no reason for OJ to face even a civil suit and have to pay damages, The jury decided he was not guilty He was acquitted of all murder charges.I'm no fan of OJ But once we begin to bend the rules of justice and a sentence a jury hands down, What laws and Justice to we have. Now it's like the gays wanting to marry. A referendum was passed by the people of California against gays marrying, yet a court overturned the voters. Typical of liberals when they lose in votes or an election period, Or when they can't stand the outcome of even a referendum. That more or less told people who vote Don't bother because a court will overrule the people.I truly can't wait til we have another civil war in America to slap down all these liberal scums once and for all, It should had been done after the American revolution, We shouldn't had let them return to England and up to Canada.Just to keep New jersey from being burned to the ground haha Look at what Jersey became LIBERAL HAVEN OF SCUM AND CRIME LIBERALS.
Guy 3

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Jul 17, 2013
The DOJ is just another phoney government agency to keep the angry blacks happy. Eric Holder has no business commenting on the Trayvon case whatsoever. Barry Obummer has no business in the case either. They have worked so hard to divide this country instead of bringing us closer as a people. Obamas liberal media is to blame as well.

Since: Aug 12

United States

#10 Jul 17, 2013
If Stand Your Ground wasn't introduced by the defense for tactical reasons in the criminal case how can you assume that the issue is strong enough to warrant dismissing the civil case? There is no chance that a judge will make that ruling.

There's no need to debate the merits of following a criminal case with a civil case. That's the way that the law is written and it would probably take a constitutional amendment to change it.

Montgomery, IL

#11 Jul 17, 2013
If anymore charges are filed against Zimmerman we should protest! We need to make big signs with our hero Zimmerman on them!

Since: Aug 12

United States

#12 Jul 17, 2013
I would agree that at a minimum it is unethical for Obama and Eric Holder to make public statements about this case while it is still in progress. Zimmerman has the right to be tried by a jury of his peers without the president and his cronies getting involved

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