20,000 bid farewell to troops ultimat...

20,000 bid farewell to troops ultimately bound for Iraq

There are 83 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Jan 3, 2008, titled 20,000 bid farewell to troops ultimately bound for Iraq. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Micki Wood expects to feel down for the next few days. She'll cry some. She'll want to be alone.

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Indianapolis, IN

#22 Jan 3, 2008
We chant "support the troops" as we permit our war criminal president to send them off to get killed and maimed in his bogus war. Some "support."

Louisville, KY

#23 Jan 3, 2008
It doesnt matter if you agree or disagree with the war. We must support out troops. They are doing a service that ovibiously most of us are not brave enough to do. I pray that they come home safe to their familys very soon.


#24 Jan 3, 2008
Realitybites wrote:
The Star should be ashamed of itself for banging the drum of ignorant, blind patriotism. What's esepcially sickening is yesterday's pitiful spectacle of knee-jerk patriotism and self-indulgent pride over the systematic abuse of these weekend warriors by their incompetent "leaders" Hoosiers, WISEN UP! Your loved ones are being sent on a fool's errand by a totally inept, incompetent, delusional, and corrupt "Commander-in-Chief" and his rich, heartless cronies. Iraq has been, is, and always will be "Bush's Folly." It's now a horrendously costly side-show in a bogus "war" on terror. Your loved ones are off to do absolutely nothing to make America even one bit safer in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and at a cost that is bankrupting our own country morally and economicially. The real fight, that Bush and other dumb, chicken-hawk rich men ran away from to glorify themselves in Iraq, is in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is where we are now utterly losing the so-called "war" on terror. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda loathed Saddam Hussein and all he stood for. Our hapless troops and your hapless loved ones are now being shoved into the middle of a civil war liberated, created, and ruinoulsy stoked by the Bush administration. Whatever sacrifices they may make will in no way, shape or form make anyone here at home any safer at all. Indeed, by now becoming part of the problem rather than part of the solution, your hapless, ignorant, and ill-informed loved ones will only make the situation worse. The Iraq disaster is costing our country 1.2 billion dollars *a week* to fight. Money that would be infinitely better spent right here at home where poverty rates, especially among weekend warriors, are going up and up. And remember, all the money we are wasting to put your loved ones needlessly in harm's way is money that we are borrowing (largely from the Chinese). There is absolutely no reason why anyone here at home should be supporting so watesful and so foolish a crusade as this one. Soldiers! Refuse to go, refuse to fight and die for fools. You are being treated like the poor, dumb servants that these incompetent rich men have always relied upon to clean up after them. Have the courage, once in Bush's Folly, to tell everyone how useless, pointless, and wasteful your deployment really is! Speak up so that one day your own children won't be similarly abused by America's wealthiest and dumbest bufoons.
Excellent and informative post!
We deserve it

Duncan, OK

#25 Jan 3, 2008
Point blank, when will this war end?

Louisville, KY

#26 Jan 3, 2008
Be safe and thanks for our freedom, you rock
army wife

Indianapolis, IN

#27 Jan 3, 2008
Regardless of the fact you do or do not support this war, you, as a human being and an American, have an obligation to support your fellow human beings and Americans as they are being sent into harms way.

You can say what you like of the war. Your freedoms encourage that, and our history is filled with the bloodshed that affords you such luxuries.

What most of you naysayers do not understand, and most likely never will, is the fact that these men and women VOLUNTEERED their lives. They have to go, and they have to carry out orders, regardless of their own thoughts upon the war. And they are proud to do it, to belong to tradition, and to uphold something most of us will never understand.

Those of you complaining, those of you trying to force your opinions on everyone else - why don't you go to Iraq and find out for yourself, instead of reading filtered and biased news articles and reports.

I support my troops, regardless of how I feel about the war. I support my husband and my friends, and I wish them all a safe journey. I can't wait until they all come home again.

Milford, OH

#28 Jan 3, 2008
Good luck to all soldiers. My friend just left for GA with the troop as well.

Milford, OH

#29 Jan 3, 2008
I just saw the posting from the religious fanatic up above. It's reallly frustrating when most Christians break the own laws that they abide by (priests engaging in disgusting activities, and also having sex before they are married). There are many issues in which many religions feel they are perfect, but noone is perfect. Soldiers are not going to war more than likely because they like to, they are doing it for the security of the nation and other individuals. If you are to get mad at someone it should be yourself for being selfish.


#30 Jan 3, 2008
just me

United States

#31 Jan 3, 2008
chi-chi wrote:
dis iz a boring topic. indystar sucs
You're a boring troublemaker. But you have that right because SOLDIERS MADE IT POSSIBLE!
Ray Robison

Mclean, VA

#33 Jan 3, 2008
God bless all these soldiers and their wonderful families for standing up to protect this nation from terrorism.

Ray Robison is the author of Both In One Trench: Saddam's Secret Terror Documents'

Just saying


#34 Jan 3, 2008
carriesgranny wrote:
The fact that you have the freedom to sit at home writing your anti-American nonsense without reprocussion while others protect your freedom to do so may be part of a bigger picture beyond your comprehension.
USA mom
I fought for President Johnson and his personal war and these guys are fighting President Bush's private war. No difference. I wish them well but they are not fighting for our freedoms, their fighting for Bush.
We shouldn't load a rifle until Congress declares war. Then kill 'em and walk away.

United States

#35 Jan 3, 2008
GetOutOfIraq wrote:
Sending these brave troops to George Bush's stupid, wasteful, trumped up debacle in Iraq is wrong. Don't bother to tell me they are keeping me safe and defending my rights by doing battle in Iraq. All they are doing there is ensuring that Bush's cronies get rich.
Explain the conspiracy to me please. Who exactly, is getting rich and what is their relationship to Bush? I want to understand the liberal conspiracy but I never hear much than "war for oil." Give me the details of the conspiracy. Educate this poor ignorant conservative please.

United States

#36 Jan 3, 2008
Not a “noble cause”,“soldiers have no choice,”“war monger,”“immoral war,”“debacle”“Bush’s cronies get rich,”“illegal wire taps,”“if there really was a god…”,“pro war monger”,“cowards”,“ignorant blind patriotism,”“weekend warriors,”“incompetent leader,”“delusional”“heartless cronies,”“chicken-hawk rich men,”“so-called war on terror”,“poor, dumb servants,”“lies”,“fabrication, ”“occupation,”“war criminal,”


Ed. Note: Notable, but not surprising, how not a single one of these lefty wackos spewing cliches says thank you to these troops. This is the modern democrat/moveon party.

Since: Dec 06

Greenwood, IN

#37 Jan 3, 2008
Craig wrote:
Why is the deployment of this unit so worthy of front page coverage when others have also left for Iraq? Because they didn't have a grand sendoff from the Dome. Is their sacrifice less important to the Star?
Also the Star continues to beat the drum of false information reporting that this is some noble cause to defend America. It is not.
Yes, these soldiers are brave but do they really have a choice of going? What options to they have? And war mongers like the Star continue to insist this is a fight for democracy. This is George Bush's immoral war based on information this administration knew was false. Yet we continue to "support the troops" by sending them into harm's way.
Your coverage of pro war sensation is immoral itself. Bring the troops home, NOW!
Thanks for your diatribe. Frankly, it's tired and stale like week old bread.
A human

Virginia Beach, VA

#38 Jan 3, 2008
A request to our 'brave Hoosiers',
Please don't do the following like your fellow 'brave soldiers' did:

- Killing of unarmed, innocent Iraqis
- Raping of 14-year old Iraqi girls
- Blowing heads of innocent Iraqis like those Backwater contractors

I hope you all come back safely and I hope you don't harm innocent people occupied by US.
Johnny Cox

Indianapolis, IN

#39 Jan 3, 2008
Elect Ron Paul president, then we won't be over there.

A Big Draft

Marysville, OH

#40 Jan 3, 2008
My prayers are these men and women.

That said, this is nothing but one giant "draft". Where else can the army get 3,400 men and women for this "war" at one time?
They are off for several weeks of "training" ( sounds like the "basic training" of olden yrs ?)), and then off to Iraq.

Instead of a big "dome" send off, there should have been protests in the street to end the idiocy of this mess in Iraq. We don't need to be sending more people to Iraq. We need to be drawing down the troops.

Since: Dec 06

Greenwood, IN

#41 Jan 3, 2008
Onboard wrote:
God Bless all the Soldiers, keep them
safe & in good health & we thank them for their service. I trust all the
dependant allotments have been
processed. When the military gets it
wrong, they don't want to admit it &
can put families is dire circumstances
for long periods of time.
Gee, thanks for the bad news. Do you LIVE just to say stuff like this that has NOTHING to do with the story???? Get a life.

Since: Dec 06

Greenwood, IN

#42 Jan 3, 2008
A human wrote:
A request to our 'brave Hoosiers',
Please don't do the following like your fellow 'brave soldiers' did:
- Killing of unarmed, innocent Iraqis
- Raping of 14-year old Iraqi girls
- Blowing heads of innocent Iraqis like those Backwater contractors
I hope you all come back safely and I hope you don't harm innocent people occupied by US.
Why do you feel the need to bring up this crap?

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