Russia will take Alaska and Canada first

Russia will take Alaska and Canada first

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#1 Apr 15, 2018
The easiest invasion will be through Alaska and Canada m Many on thge leftcoast will gladly accept Russian invasion. like Bernie Sanders.
This invasion will happen due to USA and NWO globalist bombing Syria and killing Russian soldiers .
China will cease Taiwan and the Philipines.
Russian troops will cease California , I predict most the eastcoast wont resist
. Many for years were always communist sympathizers The funy thing though ANTIFA communist will find out they aren't going to be allowed not to work lol inside joke
Why this invasion will happen and why it will be allowed.
Trump is playing high stakes poker with the NWO and globalist Yes he gave orders to bomb Russia to say to the globalist okay you called my bluff you've got me now , as the go ahead for RUSSIAN invasion happens into the USA.
It is an invasion and it's not, meaning the deep state against Trump set up by globalist NWO has t be stopped and so does the inner workings on the pentagon and cia and fbi AND MSM ties to the NWO theme and mouthpiece .
The congress as we know it has been corrupted for years, they dont represent the people back home ,.Mexico will take Texas again with Russian troop and weapons, nukes codes will be thwarted in the USA not to launch strikes.
This has to happen to restore the diginity and honor to the USA.
Trump has those launch codes and Putin now has them also , Yes Trump made an alliance with Putin because Putin showed him the NWO plans and globalist .
Tump knew his family would be attacked and he himself.
Just read the writing on the wall when the top leftist MSM are now for wrold war 3 whats does that say and whose in charge.
China will also take South Korea and Japan along wqith Thailand , Cambodia ansd the other Asian countries,
This all has to happen tos top the military war complex plans of agenda 21 and half earth wipeout population with nukes.
They want to do this, Trump knowsd this and Putin doesm They had to make Putin look like the bad man years back to when they said he used a chemcal agent against another copuntryus leader.
They also had to ramp upo angst agaisnt Trump for winning the white house as in the leftist groups against Trump,
This was all to put pressure on Trump locally.
I mean come on really leftist Democrats now accusing a Republican of being a communist and blaming Russia lol Now bipartisan support of strikes on Syria without any real proof of a gas attacks by it's leader.
WarDepopulationc ide

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Apr 15, 2018
I said killing of Russian soldiers in Syria that was a bit of an error , No Russian troops in Syria .
That is media MSM bogus reports .
You have to ask is Putin and Trump on the same page as NWO GLOBALIST and the whole Syrian civil war is part of the plan to launch nukes to depopulate earth and takeout many leaders. and North Korea as well .
I myself hope not, Most the time Trump doesn't stick to any script like you see congress does and MSM and Hollywood or leftist academia Professors .
The way MSM seems to be pushing the whole Trump and Putin are in bed together means yes some of them know Putin knows the true plans and intentions of the globalist NWO thugs.
Just go back to the 50's when communism was applauded by the same libersals now slamming Russia it was the Utophia of living and democracy lol free healthcare free housing everyone employed lol.
Now Russia is in the sights of liberals lol They are calling anyone associated on the right with Russia fascist lol
Do you feel like this is the twilight zone lol
You have Andersen Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough ANDREA MITCHELL wolf blitzer ALL CALLING FOR WORLD WAR 3 AND INVASION INTO SYRIA.,Recall the days of Bill Clinton
and Reagan Russia was amazing according to the l;eft, You heard anyone on the right is a war monger and wants world war 3 and They are a bunch of Joe Mcarthy's and John Birch society anti communist lol
Has the page flipped you got ANTIFA Hillary and Obama lovers waving communist flags and sickles calling Trump a Russian agent lol and spy.
You had Bill Clinton stand down against China after Tiannaman sq and against Cuba as he supported returning a Cuban boy back to be raised as communist lol. Lets not forget they applauded a former Russian
President Gorbachev got the nobel prize for the environment lol The same man who was President when the Chernobyl meltdown happened lol .
Yassar Arafa a huge terrorist also got applauded and got the nobel prize for peace lol, I ask is the Syrian leader worse than Arafat was? Arafat a known terrorist who Jimmy Carter called a friend and freedom fighter lol
It is very bad when once the vil Russian has more credibility and respect then USA AND UK.
wake up people pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Stop looking at video footage and assuming it muts be true and reason to invade or bomb other countries.
Morew prrof back to the Vietnam war who did the left support like Hillary and Jane Fonda backing the communist against they're owN country USA LOL Now Hillary Clinton is anti Russian lol
It's like watching the Simpsons lol
Will Hillary say I still love communism just not Putin lol.
On the contrary people this is unfolding fast and very dangerously if it unfolds the GLOBALIST WAY and NWO. unless Trump does the right thing and sides with Putin completely to save the USA AND WORLD.
If I was Trump I would stand with Putin all the way including if it meant allowing a Russian invasion to thwart inner deep state plans and NWO GLOBALIST PLANS.

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