You are all being played by this phony terrorist plot and bombing in Boston. It's one giant lie and another way the Govt can tell you They will protect you But they need more expansion and you need more cops and cameras and check points It's to protect you and the kids they will say, They are already glorifying how the camera were able to identify these phony terrorist ,. How clear tjhe images were that enbaled them to nab these PEE AND PO TERRORIST AS THEY ARE BEING CALLED NUMBER ONE AND NUMBER TWO LOL.OBAMA is superman, see how fast he nabs terrorist in a single bound lol Notice there were even guns in the plot, and bombs being tossed out the car window of the car they stole lol, Again most terrorist that come to America that truly want to creat havoc are very well financed, You really believe They would need to rob a 7/11 lol or carjack someone because they are on the run lol, This is a Holywood movie indeed lol .John Candy The Boston cirt police commissioner . That is indeed him playing the part, He didn't die, They recycled him as they have done many former actors who are part of the govt plan and lies to the public.You ever see the movie Nighthawk with Sylvester Stallone and Billie Dee Williams and lets not forget Bruce Willis in his Die Hard movies. terrorist guns and bombs coming to America lol.This is just like the movie Knighthawks , Where Rutger Hauer the well financed GERMAN TERRORIST brings havoc to America as he is also on the run lol. Then images of Rutger do him in as SLY rambo stallone is able to nab the terrorist by some simple earasing of a beard and mustache lol and making a new nose on the terrorist face lol. wake up people you are truly being played and had, govt and hollywood and yes most the media has created a fantasy land of plots twist and turns t o keep you glued to the tv set and go and watch their movies made in hollywood about their unfolding plots played out, really you want evidence checkout WELLAWARE1.COM