Sheridan woman, 28, charged in adopte...

Sheridan woman, 28, charged in adopted baby's death

There are 105 comments on the The Indianapolis Star story from Dec 14, 2007, titled Sheridan woman, 28, charged in adopted baby's death. In it, The Indianapolis Star reports that:

Rebecca Kyrie always dreamed of adopting a child. Six months after her dream came true, she is accused of killing the Korean baby in a fit of rage.

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Foster MOther

Spring, TX

#87 Dec 16, 2007
Coco Brush wrote:
When is America going to understand that pre and post adoption 'therapy' should be required for all.?
I think 'pop' unannounced visits by agency should be required for first 2 yrs after adopting.
Pop in's are a fact for foster parents here in Texas. I tell them come in any time day or night, my house may be a bit unorganized if the children are up but it's a kids home, toys will pick up after they are in bed for the night or a nap. This is such a sad story.


#88 Dec 16, 2007
westside mom wrote:
<quoted text>
No "smarty arty" I do think the media and cps is often wrong, but I don't think they have it wrong when it comes to the cause of death of this baby, blunt force trauma that causes death isn't caused by a child tripping and falling or bumping their head on the table, and shaken baby syndrome isn't caused by picking up a baby and shaking them to wake up or to stop them from choking! To kill it takes much more force during these actions!!
You have to understand the psychology of people like this. It gives them a sense of moral superiority to publically "forgive" someone who has done something heinous. These people thrive on finding tragedies where normal, decent people are outraged and then publically preen about how they won't "judge" or they are more "understanding."

Typically such types are the first ones to cry "off with his head" if the perpetrator hurt someone close to them. But they will stand around and judge others for being horrified and outraged about something horrific and outrageous so they can feel better about themselves.

They're pathetic psychological trainwrecks. Best to ignore them.

Beach Haven, NJ

#90 Dec 16, 2007
Stubborn?! A 13-month old?

This is not nearly as isolated a case as the agency is making it out to be.

Just two months ago Melanie Leathers Addington of Iowa allegedly shook and slammed 2-month-old Tyler Addington causing permanent brain injury. It's not clear whether Tyler was her foster or adopted child.

More astonishing is that 14 babies adopted just from Russia alone have been killed by their US adopters since the 90's. That doesn't count Asian children like these two killed.

All of this is why countires are stopping the export of their babies. Hopefully the US ratifying the Hague will halt some of these egregious adoption tragedies.

Mirah Riben, author, THE STORK MARKET: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption Industry

United States

#91 Dec 16, 2007
By the way, Bethany Christian Services didn't place this baby...another out-of-state agency did. Bethany was only finishing up the paperwork. Don't be so quick to judge unless you know all the facts.

United States

#93 Dec 16, 2007
They can't get placed because prospective parents have to be licensed as foster parents in order to adopt through the foster care system. It's a whole different process. And people either don't know this is an option or they don't want to risk them going back to their parents.

We are foster parents and it has been my battlecry to educate people to become licensed so they can adopt children through the foster care system. It's not an easy process though.
browneyes0317197 2

United States

#94 Dec 16, 2007
Mom of Two wrote:
This child's death is a horrible tragedy. As my kids' pediatrician says, though, deaths like this don't happen because someone intends to do harm, they result from a loss of control. Those of you who say that a poor innocent baby couldn't drive a parent to extremes have clearly never had a kid with colic. It's easy to be rational sitting at your computer; try the same thing after nonstop crying on zero sleep. I had one kid with colic and never hurt her, but I finally understood how it could happen. This baby had medical issues and was apparently difficult, and the mother might have had some issues of her own. The combination was toxic and the results are tragic. Calling her a baby killer doesn't help anything, and just shows ignorance of the realities involved. It also shows a rush to judgment.
There is NO excuse at all!!! I am a mother of 3 daughters (15,13,2) and I helped raise a boy (21). My 15 year old had colic from the time she was 2 weeks old until she was 6 months old and I have been fighting depression since I was a teenager. If I can fight the horrible feelings that I have had due to the crying baby, horrible toddler stages of getting into everything, mouthy teenage years, lack of sleep, and depression then so can others!!!! I have no sympathy for anyone that kills a baby or child! I just pray that justice will prevail.
browneyes0317197 2

United States

#95 Dec 16, 2007
Kristina wrote:
What happened to innocent before proven guilty? Everyone is ready to persecute this mother without all the facts being represented accurately. This baby girl had health issues that these parents were taking very seriously and seeking medical treatment for. This family has been through enough without judgement from the media and community that have very little insight into this matter. Stop and think about how you would feel if you lost your child and then were wrongly accused of causing harm to the child.
I guess that you didn't read the whole article. Here is the proof that I copied and pasted, ""The recently obtained results of an autopsy show she died from “blunt cranio-cerebral injuries” associated with shaken baby syndrome.""

That right there proves guilt.

Also, why would she tell her son not to tell what happened to sissy, if she's not guilty?


#96 Dec 16, 2007
It is sad that this woman lost control. No, she didn't decide one day to become a baby killer. She's not a person who planned to get a baby to murder. Nevertheless, if she did what is accused here, a baby killer is what she has become and she must suffer the consequences.

Don't for one minute say someone like this could not control herself, however. Ask yourself this question, would she have done it with a cop standing right there? Of course not. Yes, she lost her temper and no she didn't plan for it turn out this way, but she thought she would not be caught when she hurt the baby because she didn't know it would hurt her that badly.

She undoubtedly did what she did in a fit of rage, but a rage that could have been controlled if she thought she'd get into trouble.

She deserves serious consequences for her actions and she'll get them.
browneyes0317197 2

United States

#97 Dec 16, 2007
Milk Chocolate Colored wrote:
<quoted text>
I hope each discover that each of us is a little to blame. We elect idiots and jerks to represent us and then complain about the consequences.
Remember some of these words on election day. We need to take back our rule.
In what kind of State does a kook like Judge Payne and the transvestite Judge Shepherd rise to power? This is a reflection on us. We need to channel our anger toward the right people.
A black couple allegely kills a baby and no one jumps to their defense. A white couple kills a baby and half the postings here want to come to her defense. Why? This is a cyber-trial of feelings. No evidence need enter. Only are values and feelings.
It seems we in Indiana value a White Mom more than a Black Mom.
I'm against anyone that kills a baby or child. Race is not a factor in it for me. I have spoken against them both on both forums. I see what you mean, though.

United States

#98 Dec 16, 2007
lucky wrote:
I worked with David while he was a nursing student and I donot think that he ever would tell her how to get away with this crap. I fon't know what happend but I can never remember andything about David's wife being said negative. SOmeone wrote about her having depression and that the child should have never been placed in their home. Do you even have a clue how many people take antidepressants, honey the majority of your DR. s and nurses do and lots of other people we live in a stressful environment and just because someone suffers depression DOES NOT mean that theyare incapable of caring for others. depression is an illness as diabetes, or heart disease. It's sad that this happend but only she and God know what happend and HE should be the only person judging here. I feel fo r David and his family I hope you make it through. GOD be wiht you
browneyes0317197 2

United States

#99 Dec 16, 2007
Cottey-Motsinger 08 wrote:
Vote in 08!
Stop child murder!
Stop racism!
Stop corruption!
Elect honor and integrity!
I totally agree with you on these issues!!!!

Noblesville, IN

#100 Dec 16, 2007
kristina wrote:
Oh, excuse me- were you there? think you have all the facts...well, you are wrong.<quoted text>
I'm sure that you were not there either missy.
I am sure with your brilliant insight that your far smarter than anyone else commenting here. I would bet you $10K that this woman pleads to a lesser charge or is convicted,
care to bet ?

Noblesville, IN

#101 Dec 16, 2007
kristina wrote:
Oh, excuse me- were you there? think you have all the facts...well, you are wrong.<quoted text>
If you really believe all the crap you are posting, well let me tell you that YOU are the one who is wrong and to even suggest the mother is innocent is another disgrace to the deceased child, maybe you should rally in support of Ms. Bailey & Mr. Green for torture and killing of Tanjanay?

Nashua, NH

#103 Dec 17, 2007
browneyes03171972 wrote:
<quoted text>
There is NO excuse at all!!! I am a mother of 3 daughters (15,13,2) and I helped raise a boy (21). My 15 year old had colic from the time she was 2 weeks old until she was 6 months old and I have been fighting depression since I was a teenager. If I can fight the horrible feelings that I have had due to the crying baby, horrible toddler stages of getting into everything, mouthy teenage years, lack of sleep, and depression then so can others!!!! I have no sympathy for anyone that kills a baby or child! I just pray that justice will prevail.
Ditto to most of your post. My daughter(now 18)was born with a premature esophagus, asthma and a very bad case of colic. My daughter was hospitalized 7 times in 17 months, the first time was 3 days after her birth release from hospital. I lived where I had almost NO help, husband had to work to pay bills, I also had a 3 year old son(now 21) and family was 1000 miles away. She screamed constantly!!!! IF/when she slept, it was for maybe 15 minutes at a time and that was good for her. Things eased up a little when she was about 5 months old. All that time I felt like I was going crazy but NEVER once even thought of hurting her.
There is just no excuse for hurting a child!

United States

#104 Dec 18, 2007
Horrible, horrible story. May this little girl rest in peace, and may justice be done.

In my opinion, debating the innocence or guilt of this woman is fruitless at this point. The time for that is when her trial unfolds.

But looking carefully at what happened here, at the potential that this child was murdered, is something we CAN and SHOULD be doing right now. Adoption polarizes, which unfortunately allows bad practices to continue while those on either side of the issue argue. And in the meantime, people are approved to adopt who know nothing about it, have a warped image of what adoptive parenting means, don't understand their special responsibilities as adoptive parents, are unwilling to accept those responsibilities once they do learn about them, and perhaps even believe that if things don't work out they can always back out of the relationship.

Unfortunately, finding and squelching entitlement isn't part of the normal home study, nor is ensuring that prospective adoptive parents have the humility to face the challenges that will inevitably come. They should be.

United States

#105 Dec 18, 2007
I should have added - I'm an adoptive parent of two Korean children, one in college and one in high school who believes that questioning adoption practices and working to make them ethical and just is the responsibility of every adoptive parent.

Kokomo, IN

#106 Dec 18, 2007
Ralph wrote:
Is there something wrong with using proper spelling, punctuation and capitalization in these posts? Have our schools failed to teach these things or has our culture really become that lazy?
Are you kidding me a helpless baby dies and all you can think about is grammer!!!!!!

Since: Jun 07

Batavia, OH

#107 Dec 26, 2007
Unfortunately, the "truth" (whatever that might be...) in this case will never be known. There needs to be thorough scrutiny of not only this woman and the adoption agencies and procedures here in the US, but those agencies facilitating the adoptions abroad.
God bless that poor, innocent baby...

Marietta, GA

#108 Dec 26, 2007
As a mother and a prospective adoptive parent, this is the type of story that breaks my heart and sends chills down my spine. I can understand why people would question the process of screening and educating adoptive parents, and certainly there is much to learn and improve in the field of adoption. But for every story like this, there are countless other adoptive children and families who are living happy, healthy lives with tremendous blessings and opportunities they (both the children and their families) would not otherwise have had. How many adoptive children have actually been saved from just this type of tragedy by virtue of the fact that they were adopted into families who genuinely wanted children and were prepared to raise them - rather than being raised by a reluctant parent without the resources to care for a child? That is a statistic that we will never be able to quantify.

As far as the Russian children that have been killed by their adoptive U.S. parents over the past decade... the murder of any child is tragic, and when it occurs at the hands of a parent it is the worst kind of cruelty and betrayal. But the number of international adoptees murdered by American adoptive parents pales in comparison to the number of American children murdered every year by their biological parents. There are also thousands of women who suffer from postpartum depression every year in this country (I was one of them after our son was born), and sometimes the results are tragic but in the vast majority of cases those mothers who receive treatment and support do NOT harm their children. In and of itself, a diagnosis of depression should not preclude someone from maintaining custody of their children, nor should a history of depression (assuming it has been treated effectively) necessarily keep someone from adopting. Most people who have depression do not become violent or harm their kids.

Highland Park, IL

#109 Jul 31, 2008
I have seen this mom in action. If it walks like a duck .

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