Repugs, Tea Baggers, Westboro, Racist...

Repugs, Tea Baggers, Westboro, Racists, and Truthers are all one in the same!

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Mow Moe


#1 May 12, 2014
"A vinyl peace sign installed at a playground in Mystic, Connecticut, dedicated to a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting was stolen last week by a man claiming that the Newtown massacre never happened.

After stealing the 50-pound sign from the Grace McDonnell playground, the man called McDonnell’s mother saying he did it because he believes the shooting at the school was a hoax, according to CBS2.

According to the mother, Lynn McDonnell, the man told her that her daughter “never existed.”

Bloomingdale, IN

#4 May 13, 2014
Mow Moe wrote:
"A vinyl peace sign installed at a playground in Mystic, Connecticut, dedicated to a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting was stolen last week by a man claiming that the Newtown massacre never happened.
After stealing the 50-pound sign from the Grace McDonnell playground, the man called McDonnell’s mother saying he did it because he believes the shooting at the school was a hoax, according to CBS2.
According to the mother, Lynn McDonnell, the man told her that her daughter “never existed.”
Mow Moe, Did you get run out of the country and have to flee to the Nederlands? Perhaps he was nuts. Perhaps he wanted to recycle.
Say, How are things in the Neder world? Living the socialist dream? Do you have a basement yet?

Indianapolis, IN

#6 May 13, 2014
moe wrote:
Europe has much better health care. Their newborn babies are not dying like a third world country.
The Repugs, Reagan , and the tea baggers have ruined America. In the future, surviving people will curse their names. May these jokers burn in hell for eternity !
The offender was a registered democrat. Get your story straight


#8 May 14, 2014
What this world is becoming, or devolving to, is caused by the REpubs!


* A gun-toting maniac slaughters 20 children and 6 adults inside an elementary school. The GOP response? Loosen gun restrictions.
* Banks and the finance industry nearly topple the global economy. The GOP response? Oppose increased regulation of banks and the finance industry.
* Well over 90 percent of climate scientists present research in favor of anthropogenic climate change. The GOP response? Suggest that the scientists have joined forces with liberals in a big-government conspiracy.
* Economic inequality is increasing dramatically, especially at the very top of the income pyramid. The GOP response? Propose cutting taxes on the wealthy.
* The food stamp program has grown since the economic meltdown of 2008, which led to millions of Americans losing their jobs. The GOP response? Cut the food stamp program.
* Money is playing an ever-greater role in American politics. The GOP response? Cheer on the effort of the Supreme Court's Republican majority to increase the role of money in politics still further.
* Wages have been stagnant or falling for many years, and raising the federal minimum wage is a broadly popular way of addressing the problem. The GOP response? Oppose raising the minimum wage.

Indianapolis, IN

#12 May 14, 2014
Libtard jargon. Blah blah blah......

Bloomingdale, IN

#14 May 14, 2014
Moe wrote:
More Repug tripe:
Only 54 percent of people polled globally are aware of the Holocaust — and an alarming 32 percent of them believe the mass genocide of Jews was a myth or has been greatly exaggerated, a sweeping new survey has found.
The numbers highlight how pockets of “anti-Jewish sentiment” are alive and well worldwide, according to the Anti-Defamation League’s “ADL Global 100” report released Tuesday.
The survey found that 26 percent — more than one in four — of the 53,100 adults surveyed are “deeply infected” with anti-Semitic attitudes. The survey was conducted in 102 countries, from Argentina to Vietnam.
“This is the first survey of its kind, and certainly the first survey with this breadth,” pollster Jeffrey Liszt said in a news conference.
what does a glow-bull pol have to do with the Republican Party? Sounds like lack of history in the schooling process. Are Republicans responsible for anti Jewish sentiment in , lets say, Ukraine, or Europe for that matter.

Bloomingdale, IN

#15 May 14, 2014
Moe wrote:
Repugs advocate for the death of Earth:
New studies in Science and Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) find that glaciers in the Amundsen Sea region of the great Antarctic ice sheet have begun the process of irreversible collapse. That by itself would raise sea levels 4 feet in the coming centuries.
antarctica_amundsen_sea_sector -1But more importantly these glaciers act “as a linchpin on the rest of the [West Antarctic] ice sheet, which contains enough ice to cause” a total of 12 to 15 feet of global sea level rise, as the University of Washington news release for the Science study explains.
What most of the media has failed to emphasize is that 1) this is not a worst-case scenario and 2) failure to curb carbon pollution ASAP will result in vastly higher levels of sea level rise that devastate the world’s coastlines.
This message warms my heart. i almost wish Luxembourg was on the coast. I will give up soft drinks infused with the carbon based CO2 to help stop this affront against mankind.
Moe Mow

Dallas, TX

#17 May 15, 2014
SPLC's Mark Potok: The far-right's conspiracy theories continue to impede our country's ability to have a rational conversation about urgent issues like immigration reform, public education and protecting the environment.
Moe Mow


#18 May 15, 2014
The Creeping Danger of Conspiracy Theorists

The results are in: we’re a nation of idiots. The Republicans are bringing our collective IQ down.

Well, that might overstate the case a bit. But some of the latest polling data does seem to show that at least 30 percent of American citizens—and maybe lots more—are as dumb as a bag of inbred hammers.

The poll in question is a delightful one put out this week by Public Policy Polling, a concern ranked by Fordham University as the best out of 28 organizations for the accuracy of its national pre-election estimates in 2012. This time, the folks at P.P.P. decided to have a bit of fun, and rather than polling about which political party is up or down, opted to ask Americans about their beliefs in conspiracy theories. I can just imagine the laughter at the P.P.P. offices when they started putting together the questions.

The results, though, were no comedy. More like a horror movie—and one with a plotline that goes beyond any level of belief.

How many of you think Barack Obama is the Antichrist? You know, the fella (or fellas, depending on which part of the Bible you’re reading) confronted by Jesus in the Second Coming? Twenty-six percent of Americans either believe that the president is preparing for war with the Messiah or aren’t sure that he isn’t.(Of course, since Obama has been in office for five years, these yahoos should really start to wonder what’s taking Jesus so long to get back to Earth to confront the demon president.)

Bloomingdale, IN

#22 May 15, 2014
Ralph wrote:
<quoted text>
Satan is the great deceiver. He preys on the hearts and minds of the weak and lost. Those people are the democrat liberals.
So many Ralph's, so little time.

Indianapolis, IN

#25 May 16, 2014
Moe wrote:
<quoted text>
No the retarded are the republicans. How can one advocate for those who are against your interest such as the rich 1% tea baggers.
The 1% are the libtards
Fire Brand

United States

#26 May 16, 2014
Russell Brand will carry the flag for the revolution!

Bloomingdale, IN

#33 May 18, 2014
Moe wrote:
How to deal with a tea bagger who is packing a gun in plain site in public.
Most of you have heard by now of the terrorist actions of the tea baggers. They grab an AK 47 and go to a little league game. They grab a 1914 45 auto and go to a soccer game. Of course the normal people there are terrorized and usually call the police. Who knows if this kook is going to start killing like at Sandy Hook or at that theater showing Batman.
Last night, I was in a grocery store shopping. Some loonie was walking thru aisles with a big pistol sticking out of the back of his pants. Of course, people were terrified and the crowd split the why Mose split the Red Sea.
Well several of us concerned citizens met in a back aisle. We discussed the problem and made a plan to deal with it. One of us, would tackle his legs. Another would throw bleach in his face. Another would grab the gun and wrestle it away. And lastly one would crush his skull with a gallon can of beans. We would walk causally up and on the code word “lets roll” we would all put our plan in effect at the same time.
We got or supplies together and went to track this crazy down. When we got to the aisle where he was at, two police officers, one male and one female, had subdued this character and boy was he worn and torn for it. Thank God!
We have to do something about these looney tunes terrorizing the USA and calling it
Hi Moe. First it is a model 1911 .45, or perhaps a model 1911A1, not a 1914. When I was a manager of a grocery store we had a guy with one patch over his come in with a gun on his hip He had a beard and looked scruffy. I called the local police. He turned out to be a town marshall from a town in another county.
I am glad I didnot hit him with a galon can of beans.

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