Yes many drivers weren't informed that IPS has opened summer school in most of it's schools this summer, That means those school speed zones are in effect not only during regular school year , But now even in the summer time, They didn't let drivers know because those drivers will be ticketed , Neither did the media or local police put out that information about summer school, Drivers slow down in school zones, Yes even now during the summer, You will get a fat ticket, even though the Media, IPS, or local police tell the public.It wont be,ong before Indianapolis is locking peoples car tires with wheel locks that owe tickets and fines. welcome to the new Detroit city of Indianapolis, Where most the municipal city PUBLIC SECTOR labor jobs are only for black and HISPANIC PEOPLE WHITES NEED NOT APPLY.YES BLACKS ONLY MAKE UP13% OF THIS POPULATION, YET THEY HOLD 38% OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR JOBS IN CITIES.