There are thousands of suicides in India daily. 20000 kids and adults die of hunger everyday in India. There is no need for that. This is not Godly this is man made thing,
There are hundreds of ways to stop this but the people on top don't have a will and people are being made fool every day and lose their loved one's unnecessarily.

RUNAWAY COUPLE COMMITS SUICIDE: Suicide is not the solution. Two young lives lost. Horrible. This is only one life and please understand nothing justify's taking your life. No matter what. There are thousands and thousands of reasons many people think that there is no solution. Yes there is but may be not the way you want it. Some time people want it their way or no way. That is wrong attitude. If you are dead and gone by suicide your relatives will be feeling half dead all their life. You can't punish or teach anybody any lesson by your suicide. Never justify it. No situation stays the same they all change every day. Find a solution or ask some one brainy enough to help you find a solution. Talk to some one who is understanding and will

keep your conversation with him private without sharing it with anybody else. The lovers think that if we die together we will stay together in the spirit world. No. We all come alone we all go alone. When our time to go is not now the spirits stay in void. There is no time there. Time is dead. No watches or day or night. Once you are gone you are gone. There are lot of voluntary organisations there please phone them, write a letter to them, SMS them or email them and they will respond you with support to listen. Search in the google or any search engines for
Samaritans' or other hundreds of organisation they are all confidential and will never tell your conversation to anyone. If you can't find any one find a friendly stranger
To have a conversation.