Liberal Democrats and Jewish Elites under dictator Obama and self hating Mozlem Brother sympathizer leftists of Israel failed to get enough political power to push Israel over the cliff and surrender Jerusalem to the Hamas terrorists in their ' fraudulent peace' Horah. The final results of the election 2013 gave the Right Wing and Religious Parts majority of 61 MKs compared to 48 left and Centrist MKs and 11 Arab MKs. The recent addition MK to Bait Yehudi is very good news for PM Netanyahu who will not need the liberal votes to President Peres in choosing him to make the coalition. PM Netanyahu will not be forced to change his agenda to appease Yair Lapid who does not have a well established agenda since it is his first term with new party and new young MKs that never were member of the Israeli parliament before. Thank the Lord for the Israeli military that their votes added one MK to Bait Yehudi while removing one MK from the Arab party which made Israeli new government under PM Netanyahu more stable and less susceptible to liberal pressure from Americaís liberal Jews and their Mozlem Brother scholar Messiah Barack Hussein Obama. PM Netanyahu can build new government either with the right and religious MKs with possible addition of centrist Yair Lapidís Party that will make it stable. Socialistic liberal Shelli Yechimovitz who keep trying to work with the Mozlem Brother sympathizer Arab parties to create block against PM Netanyahu will failed to provide support to Obama and the liberal Jews of America who prayed for the fall of PM Netanyahu and the fall of Jerusalem to the hands of Mozlem Brother terrorists of Hamas and PLO under Iranian regime sponsorship with much sympathy of Barack Obama.