Evidently, The Mozlem Brother sympathizer commander in chief Obama is busy preparing speeches the elections in November which may explain the fact that Obama will not condemn the Iranian effort to use Hezbollah to send drone over Israel. Obama is not doing much about the Iranian and Syrian regimes using Hezbollah to use Scud missiles with chemical and nuclear warheads to attack Israel and kill as many Jews as possible. Yet Obama rushed to send 150 US troops to Jordan to ‘help’ the Kingdom in case of chemical, biological or nuke attack. Obama is looking to use the 150 US troops to cover his negligence to do anything in the Syrian disaster after remarks from Mitt Romney and before the coming debate next week. All signs are that Obama became senile during the recent months and he cannot care less about the dangers of all out Jihad war in the Middle East against Israel. Obviously, Obama is missing in action and does not serve the interests of the American people and its allies including Israel. Is America out of the Middle East altogether as told by VP Biden who expressed his wish to cut and run and run away as fast as possible? Did Obama left the Middle East to the Iranian regime axis of evil with Syrian regime and Hezbollah terrorists together with the Russian regime that controls the air space over Syria and Syrian ports?