Doctors: Kids' Shoes With Wheels a Da...

Doctors: Kids' Shoes With Wheels a Danger

There are 25 comments on the WUSA Washington, DC story from Jun 3, 2007, titled Doctors: Kids' Shoes With Wheels a Danger. In it, WUSA Washington, DC reports that:

Trendy wheeled sneakers that let kids zip down sidewalks, across playgrounds and through mall crowds could also send them rolling into emergency rooms on a stretcher, say doctors who blame a rash of injuries on ...

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Brentwood, TN

#1 Jun 4, 2007
I hate these things!!!

Silver Spring, MD

#2 Jun 4, 2007
How many children slipped, tripped, fell and were injured or killed without the Heelys?

Falls Church, VA

#3 Jun 4, 2007
It's bad enough to have to deal with rude people at the malls--now we have to watch out for "Heelying" kids too.

Washington, DC

#4 Jun 4, 2007
I fault the Parents who complain about the injuries, if they are stupid enough to buy them without knowing what they are, shame on them. My son is on his 2nd pair, I was reluctant to buy the first pair, but keep and eye out and he knows where he can and where he cannot heely. As for safety equipment ???? yes you should but then again I never wore a bike helmet growing up, we slept on the back window of cars going on vacation or stretched out in the back of a station wagon and now kids ride Skateboards down stairs. Come on, kids will be kids and they get hurt, thats why you have insurance and if your smart Aflac.
Tom Bleckley

Vienna, VA

#5 Jun 4, 2007
Heelys are no worse than roller skates or roller blades or bikes or skate boards or jogging or motorcycling or driving a car. Stop taking away a childs fun and if they get hurt, well thats life, DON'T give these shoes a bad name because a few kids had accidents on them. My grandaughter has two pairs and she will continue to have fun while on her heelys. Sorry for those that have been injured but I just fell the other day jogging down the mall in Washington DC, now I am surly not going to start this crap that those who jogg need to stop because it is dangerous and I am sure there are THOUSANDS of jogging accidents per year**** Do we start a movement to stop jogging and articles on how bad it is for the knees and hips and the feet ****** get a life and let the kids enjoy growing up with their heelys.
Tom Bleckley, Retired after 25 years in US Army with banged up knees, back ankles, wrists and several knots on my head but I didn't quit the ARMY.

Manassas, VA

#6 Jun 4, 2007
I HATE THESE THINGS! I have been "wheeled into" a few times from kids zipping all over stores! What about the customers being injured? What if a kid on these things runs over an eldery person and hurts them? Who is to blame then?
These should ONLY be allowed outside on playgrounds, bike paths, places where kids play; not inside malls, stores, etc!

Pleasanton, CA

#7 Jun 4, 2007
Amen, Tom Bleckley ! Kids will break bones regardless of the type of shoe they are wearing. Maybe we should just outlaw all wheeled toys, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. In fact, let's pass a law that requires all children to be placed in a big plastic bubble so they don't get injured.

As far as kids Heely'ing in stores, I have to agree that perhaps that's not the place to use them. However, of all my experiences in stores, I have to say that its usually just the rude, inpatient, consumers that bump and knock into me without any 'excuse me's'. I haven't been a victim of a Heely'er yet. All I know is my own son and nephew absolutely love them. It keeps them occupied and burning energy. I will continue to purchase them for my own family and as gifts......

Centreville, VA

#8 Jun 4, 2007
We're being over run by children, literally! The school where I work banned them months ago.

Know what else I HATE? Those gy-normous grocery carts with the volkswagen in front for the kids!

Pleasanton, CA

#9 Jun 4, 2007
Linda wrote:
We're being over run by children, literally! The school where I work banned them months ago.
Know what else I HATE? Those gy-normous grocery carts with the volkswagen in front for the kids!
HAHAHAHHAHAHA ! Those carts suck ! They're too hard to manuver anyway !
Spelling Nazi

Purcellville, VA

#10 Jun 4, 2007
I hate these things!! I've been run into, pushed, tripped by little bratlings wearing these devices in stores and restaurants. The sad thing is every time I've seen a kid running amok while wearing these things the parents deliberately ignored their offsprings outrageous behavior. It's a lawsuit wanting to happen. We, the general public, is at a far greater danger of injury from Heelys than any of the brats sporting them.
Darren Darke

United States

#11 Jun 4, 2007
LOL! How is it that a kid nowadays must wear a helmet to ride a bike but not these things? The solution is simple...make the kids wear protective equipment with these things and the fad is OVER!!!

Dayton, OH

#12 Jun 4, 2007
Whatever truly happened to "Kids will be kids?" In my day, we didn't have to use all the safety stuff and we are all still living. I do agree, safety is important, but at some point you have to let a child "venture" out on their own. As long as the wearers of these shoe-skates are being respectful to the people around them, I say go for it! Let em' ride.
Darren Darke

United States

#13 Jun 4, 2007
Yeah mts, I agree with you. I dont know how old you are but when I was a had places to be kids. You didnt do wheelies in the mall, or endos in a department store. You went outside, with the rest of your derelict friends and played you against nature. These shoes are worn inside and at great risk to not only the wearer but the public as well. My daughter has some...and she cant wear them in the mall....but I see kids running into kiosks, the food court and even down steps in these things all the time....with not so surprising results. Its just a matter of time. Remember when everyone had those inline skates? Well as soon as the law made it necessary to wear safety you really see anyone one those things anymore???

Washington, DC

#14 Jun 4, 2007
Is there enough crying or what? Like everyone else said...let kids be kids. Kids can and will do all kinds of dangerous stuff at the mall whether or not they have wheels on their heels. If they dont have a good sense of balance/direction then the parents should understand that and not allow them to wear the shoes.

I've seen many kids wearing wheelies and they only go about 5 miles an hour. If they run into you they're morelikely to hurt themselves than hurt you. It's the same thing as a kid walking/running too fast in the mall. Dont have wheels on the feet? Guess what...they're gonna do what they've always been doing and run around everywhere any ways.

Bristow, VA

#15 Jun 4, 2007
WHO CARES. People get hurt. People heal. Thats life. I am so tired of these groups telling we what to do in the name of safety. Worry about you're self. I'll worry about me.

Washington, DC

#16 Jun 4, 2007
I'm all for letting kids be kids, but I hate these things too. They give kids the ability to rollerskate in inappropriate places. I can't tell you how many times I've been slammed into or had to duck out of the way at the mall or grocery store. You wouldn't allow your child to wear rollerskates or bring their skateboard inside the grocery store would you?

Portsmouth, VA

#17 Jun 4, 2007
They may only be going 5 miles an hours if the run into most people they probably would not hurt them. But I can tell you from experience that Kids do not pay any attention to who or what is around them especially when they are skirting around corners and in an out of people. I personally have a neurological movement disorder and have great difficulty getting around. When these kids dart in and out of people it can be extremely dangerous to people who have difficulty getting around. I could have a neon sign on my head and it they would not notice me or steer clear of me. I do my best to keep alert of them in malls and stores but when they come up from behind I just can't seem to see them comming. I have fallen before because of this. It like a Hit-And-Run in the Grocery Store, Me and whatever ends up in my way when I fall comes tumbling down. I'm not saying that Kids can't be Kids but PARENTS YES I MEAN PARENTS!! talk to your Children!!! If you are going to encourge them to Heeley wherever they may want to, you could at least tell them about the unfor seen hazards they create while having their fun. They could at least stop to see if the person they have run down is OK they could even be so polite at to see if they could help pick up the mess they created. Can't a person with a disability at least feel safe in the Grocery Story???

Washington, DC

#18 Jun 4, 2007
Although the protective gear is a great idea for those who wear the heely's but what about the people the run into and over...hell wear need protection as well lol
Darren Darke wrote:
LOL! How is it that a kid nowadays must wear a helmet to ride a bike but not these things? The solution is simple...make the kids wear protective equipment with these things and the fad is OVER!!!

Fairfax, VA

#19 Jun 5, 2007
I'm a parent of teens. I think kids should have fun most all the time beacuse they are kids. However, these shoes do and can put kids at a greater risk of injuries. Parents should monitor where the kids skate with these shoes just as they do with bikes, playground equipment..etc.

Some parents just buy them for the peer pressure that their children may face in the neighborhood, schools, family memebers...etc.

I really beleive they should not be worn in malls, stores or anyplace where others may become irritated or annoyed by children who are not polite while wearing them. Parents!! come on now...teach the childrens to be polite.

Pleasanton, CA

#20 Jun 6, 2007
WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH ! Good Grief, I've never heard so many whiners in such a small forum. Don't like it? Shop online ! Times are changing, shoes will change...... You want something to whine about concerning public places? How about all the non-english speaking employees that can't offer customer service because of the language barrier? How about all the non-deodorant wearing middle-easterners whose smell offends me so bad I want to gag? Let's start a new forum because this one is getting old ! Heely's rule, get over it !

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