We are looking forward to staying in Co.louth once again this summer but dreading the bus service route between drogheda and baltray!.. so just wondering has the bus service improved?, as we are tourists , do not drive and need bus route drogheda baltray drogheda ( every day),last summer, the evening bus ( 6.30 pm) left us, at the bridge in baltray, most of the time raining cats and dogs, so by the time we got to the village with our shopping bags , we were drenched! same performance on the outgoing bus at midday we have to walk to the bridge to catch bus to drogheda.... and by the way fare quite expensive to be dumped at the bridge when it can come in perfectly to the village as it did years ago. What has the CIE to say about this surealistic situation???..why does the bus not enter the village? Why is there not a return fare ticket? or a monthly ticket like all other euopean countries?