Really hope "UAE companies" corporate leadership and KEY decision makers focus on TRIPURA which (is an excellent business prospect between rest of India and SE Asia - as part of continued LOOK EAST POLICY from Center) and in need of investment and world class infrastructures!

Few facts on TRIPURA:

1.Second highest populous state in NE with around 90% literacy.

2.Established industrial zones

3.Upcoming internet highway for seamless internet access.

4.Upcoming Software technology park, Textile park, Food park boundary with Bangladesh and improving business activties e.g border huts, Integrated check posts, land custom stations.

6.Connectivity through Bangladesh (rail, water, road) to reach rest of India and (prospective gateway to) Southeast Asia

7.Fast developing social infrastructures

8.On the verge of becoming a major economic melting pot (improved visa pact, improved people to people bondings,healthcare MoU) with people from all strata of life from Northeast, Bangladesh, Myanmar, SE Asian countries!

9.Upcoming Indian institute of information technology (IIIT)

10.Upcoming international Airport for imrproved connectivity to outside world especially SE Asian countries.

11.Huge scope and prospect to help TRIPURA build up world class infrastructures in industries,healthcare,educatio n,services,tourism, Lifestyle and recreation, Sports.

12.Huge number of people already working in MNCs in metros and can be real beneficiary for those willing to return back and work from home and at the same time guide and train young talented population as per global competitive requirement!

13.Huge number of educated youths ready to prove their mettle and be as competitive as it can be compared to other developed part of India and world!

I strongly believe TRIPURA govt (in close co-ordination with Center, other concerned dignitaries and all corporate vissionaries) can certainly achieve this sooner rather than late .. which would definitely give its people a better employment opportunities, a better healthcare, a better access to quality education, a quality lifestyle, and last but not the least a confident and connected TRIPURA leading India's charge towards contributing to a more stable and stronger global economy!!