Obama's voter fraud team are now going to be stymied and hindered as HIGH WINDS BLOW sending their buses (packed with union members voting in the place of Fake People) into ditches, as HIGH FLOOD WATERS wash their phony ballots into the sea, and as lightening consumes and fries their rigged voting machines!

"Obama Admits to Democrat Voter Fraud, a Racist Party of Organized Crime"

God is Angry with Obama because ... he is promoting the butchering of innocent babies in the womb through abortion on demand and is forcing ever US Tax Payer to pay for them; he has ignored the plight of the state of Israel by supporting radical Islam within the Muslim Brotherhood; and he supports the filthy, nasty DEATH-style of Homosexuality which destroys the family unit, creates more pedophiles, and lowers our nations population by way of deadly STD's and mass sexual dysfunction such that radical Muslims can over populate inside America to one day take it over just like they are doing within Europe.

Obama is an Abortion Extremist. Barack Obama has killed more Americans through Abortion than Osama Bin Laden could have ever dreamed of. Liberalism is Domestic Terrorism. Both Planned Parenthood and Obama help fulfilled the Islamic Agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists by reducing America's population through blood shed without regard to how the Islamic Extremists are multiplying to replace them. Shame on anyone who votes democrat.