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#10643 Aug 2, 2012
Heavy Fed wrote:
<quoted text>
I catch it from the corrupt... in the Left and the Right!
Believe me... the fault and the reason this country is in the shape it is in... does not belong to just one side.
The Right and the Left are two sides of the same coin... but ONE POWER is flipping that coin!!!
BOTH sides are owned by the same people.
I know... I've infiltrated the Right and the Left... and found the same root.
And what a big root it has become. Now if the other 349 million Americans would wake up we could repair this country...

Since: Jan 09

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#10644 Aug 2, 2012
damn invasion wrote:
<quoted text>
That one root made sure we didn't get RP.
Ron Paul is not out yet... has HAS been nominated... he WILL go to the Republican convention... he WILL have MASSIVE support there.

It was his plan all along.

Since: Jan 09

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#10645 Aug 2, 2012
Sorry... I meant Ron Paul has been put up for nomination.

Castroville, TX

#10647 Aug 3, 2012

Crandall, TX

#10648 Aug 3, 2012
I support who ever we the people elect. It seems to me that most the people here complaining are the ones who didn't do anything to change who was elected

United States

#10649 Aug 7, 2012
Testing 8819

Since: Jan 09

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#10650 Aug 7, 2012
usa wrote:
I support who ever we the people elect. It seems to me that most the people here complaining are the ones who didn't do anything to change who was elected
Sorry, but I've been an avid Ron Paul supporter ever since I discovered the "Ron Paul Conspiracy".


Wichita, KS

#10651 Aug 7, 2012
so usa you support Obama, Perry, Bush, or anyone who gets elected. Tells me you are just a sheep with out the ability to think for yourself. that makes you more pathetic than damn invasion or anyone else on here.

Deer Park, TX

#10652 Aug 7, 2012
usa wrote:
I support who ever we the people elect. It seems to me that most the people here complaining are the ones who didn't do anything to change who was elected
The candidates are picked for us. We have no say, except to vote for the puppet we deem the lesser of two evils.

If that's the kind of crap that you support, go right ahead. No wonder why this country is going right down the toilet.

Since: Jan 09

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#10653 Aug 7, 2012
Check this out.

&fe ature=share

Wichita, KS

#10655 Aug 8, 2012
Well someone needs to wipe your azz since you don't. Your stench has become unbearable. And I may be an azzhole, as amatter of fact a professional, foreign no.

Wichita, KS

#10657 Aug 10, 2012
I sure am, and it beats the hell out of being a dumbazz like you. By the way, your stench hasn't improved, can't you find anyone willing to wipe for you?

San Antonio, TX

#10658 Aug 10, 2012

“Land of Entrapment”

Since: Mar 11

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#10660 Aug 11, 2012
^^ The White Supremacist Dyke needs another banning....Before she getss all egocentric and creates the next white supremacist mass deaths...know what I mean?
Perhaps topix is her therapy.....Quacko!!
#10662 Aug 12, 2012
damned if you do, damned if you dont

Eagle Pass, TX

#10663 Aug 12, 2012
Democrats all the way!

Deer Park, TX

#10664 Aug 12, 2012
citizen wrote:
Democrats all the way!
Did you get your Obama bucks and free TV yet?.

Wichita, KS

#10665 Aug 13, 2012
If I were a Mexican, I would still be better than you, I know it doesn't take much to be better than you. Oh well. Wasn't my momma, must have been yours, mine doesn't have a donkey. On second thought it couldn't have been your momma either, she wouldn't have had any problem serviceing the donkey, neither would you for that matter.

Since: Jan 09

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#10666 Aug 13, 2012

There comes a time in every persons life... when they must decide they don't like being kicked around, lied to, stolen from and seeing the youth of America being ground all to hell in foregin wars!!!

There comes a time when you must say, "No more! I will take no more of your deceit!".

They deceive us with propaganda... to lure us into dropping bombs on innocent civialians in their own countries... in their own homes!!

They murder innocent American children... killing an adult American who had no trial... no due process!!

They oust in an illegal war, Gadaffi who was the best thing that ever happened to Lybia and the whole of Africa...

and install Al Qaeda, our supposed enemy that THEY actually help create to fight the Russians in Afganistan!!

They have always said Ron Paul had no chance of being elected.

You and I BOTH knew that was a lie right out of the gate!!

Ron Paul is all I ever hear anyone talking about as a serious candidate for serious change!!

"Ron Paul is unelectable."

LIE!!! Ron Paul is the only ELECTABLE candidate out there!!!!!

"Ron Paul will never get enough delegates to be nominated for President."

LIE!!! If it were not for fraud in the election process... Ron Paul would have won most every primary!!

They stole the 2008 election by painting Ron Paul to be a racist--> http://heavyfed.com/id104.html

We cannot allow them to steal THIS election!!!!

We must all stand together... as one giant fist... and demand the PEOPLE be represented!!!

If Ron Paul is not justly nominated by the RNC... we begin the REVOLUTION!!


FIRST: A tax revolution... we all UNITED refuse to pay taxes!

Don't buy any products that requires you to pay a tax, don't buy or at least cut WAY down on your gasoline consumption!

Delay paying any tax you are required to pay... for as long as possible.

If just 2-3% of Ron Paul supporters do this initially... it will set off a firestorm, go completely viral... within a week, Ron Paul will be rightly nominated!!

If not... step two, we take the Revolution to the streets!!!

FIRST... let's give the delegates a chance to do the right thing... appeal to their patriotisim... it's our country's very surival that is at stake.

This is a time when heros are born... born of that fire deep inside every American... that fire that holds out through the darkness and lights the path of destiny!!!




Peace, love... and REVOLUTION!!!

Heavy Fed

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -
-- John F. Kennedy

Get the word out... LIVE the REVOLUTION!!!

Wichita, KS

#10667 Aug 13, 2012
Everyone says it can't happen here, but it can. How many like heavy fed are out there? A handfull like him are how it started in Egypt, and Syria. While I will never bear arms against my country, I can see how it could happen. The Republicans and Democrats are not the answer, they only believe in party not America. Vote ask questions seek answers. Educate yourself about those who are running for office.

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